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Support Selvi and her group to buy fabric for garment unit


Selvi, Pavithra, Sudha and nine other women have come together to form Sunrise Group. Amidst three lakh garment workers in Bangalore, this group stands apart for its structure. Instead of choosing to work in one of the factories, women in Sunrise chose to start their own enterprise. The enterprise set up gives them flexibility, freedom and above all share in their profits. Women meet regularly to discuss the enterprise and personal issues. Being their own enterprise, they are able to take decisions regarding their timings and prioritize their responsibilities. They take turns in taking leaves and collectively manage their work – life balance.

The group has been doing work on labour contract for apparel and home linen, where buyer provides the fabric. In order to increase their business, Selvi (group leader) needs loan of Rs. 5 Lakhs to buy the fabric and start marketing. The loan amount will be utilized to buy fabric and working capital. Over time, the women want to establish their own brand and sell their apparel.

Rs.28,550 raised

Goal: Rs.2,500,000

Supporters (11)

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Anitha lent Rs.500

All the best Selvi

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