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Support to make education Innovative, Creative & Research oriented.
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Is there a problem with the current educational system?

The present education system is extremely repetitive and strenuous on the child and it creates burden on learning.
The burden of books, syllabus and the deadline of exams have given rise to rote learning and increased level of stress among students of all age groups.

The above quote rightly indicates that our modern schooling is not able to give us right education. Today's education system does not prepare us to face daily challenges of life. Hence every year many students commit suicide due to artificial pressure induced by today's education system. The right education is supposed to increase confidence in students not decrease. Education is supposed to be fun not a burden.

Why there is a need for a new educational system?

As per the industry leaders the Indian students are not trained for practical skills required for the industrial work.

Dr. A.P.J. Kalam once said : “In decades, India will need 300 to 500 million employable skilled youth and there is a need to completely change the university education syllabus and secondary school education syllabus. In schools from 9th to 12th std, 25 % of the time has to be allotted for skill development programme”.

Education systems across the globe.

The need of this century is to implement a new education system, which keeps a good balance of practical skills along with theoretical knowledge. Various experiments are being conducted in western world in the form of Forest schools and outdoor nurseries.

Japanese kids are now being taught the importance of cleaning and waste management in the form of learning stations. Over the years the violence among the kids has increased than ever before. In this scenario the kids have to be trained in values like compassion and tolerance and mutual respect.

The purpose of education is not only to master literacy, maths and science, but the main objective is to lead towards character building.

We offer you Nai Talim 

The most practical & experimental way of learning proposed by none other than Mahatama Gandhi. According to Gandhiji , an excellent education must have coordination of 3H i.e ( Head, Hands and Heart ) leading to overall development of Mind, Body and Soul.

Nai Talim is based on three pillars

1) Self reliance i.e making kids independent and responsible for their own learning . The kids trained in Nai Talim will be highly confident in practical skills. These students will be much more equipped to be mindful enterprenuers, researchers and would in high demand at the job market due to the intense practical knowledge.

2) SUPW : The mode of learning is Socially useful productive work done in scientific manner.

3) Character building : The kids are offered the training ground to build their character in real life by working in group projects . In these projects kids will have opportunity to practice life values like
helping nature, tolerance, mutual respect of each other, including the members
of the opposite teams.

Nai Talim from primary grades exposes the students to the right environment in which the base of learning is practical skill, which is taught in scientific manner.

Nai Talim is real and practical form of PBL (Project based Learning)
The teacher and the students learn together hence there is constant support from the teacher

The teacher has responsibility to create and provide the right kind of environment, and portray values through his/her own behavior.

All subjects Mathematics, Science, Geography, economics, accountancy, and management are taught naturally in the process of productive work.

My name is Saurabh Suri a former IIT-Delhi researcher , teacher and social worker. I had recently completed my three year tenure with a N.G.O. named ‘Teach For India’ 

on a fellowship and leadership program, where all of us have a common vision that ‘ One day all our children will get an excellent education ’.

 This brings me to question that what is excellent education ? Since every person has a different mindset and a way of working , hence the components of excellent education are bound to differ according to the individuals. Hence over the years I have build my own understanding and ways to provide ‘Excellent Education’.

Seeking Support

I have been working on this project at theoretical level since an year. And since 5 months I had been doing field visits to Alternative schools and institutes in Delhi/NCR and Udaipur ( Rajasthan ). I need support for doing research on this project. The amount will be used to cover costs occurred in past 5 months and for the future research work and tools required . We will be visiting 15 locations in India to do case studies in Nai Talim and Alternative schools. Hence what ever amount gets collected in this fundraiser will be used to cover cost occurring in coming months such as food, accommodation and travel cost to sustain this project in future.

Based on this research we will be able to
understand the challenges and difficulties faced by the Alternative schools and this will help us to build blueprint of Nai Talim schools in India for
the young generation of our country. Let's sow the seeds for an education system of future making our kids innovative, creative, self reliant and tolerant hence building a wealthy, peaceful and harmonious society.

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