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Hello everyone, I am Sandhya Pise. I have been selected into Beloit College in Wisconsin, America. I am planning to major in Journalism and minor International Studies with a Liberal Arts education. 

My story is very simple yet complicated. Let me share with you my story before you donate me. 

My parents migrated to Pune to give us a better education, the reality has been different ever since my father gave into alcoholism. Due to his alcoholism and domestic violence my mother chose to not live with my father and raise my elder sister, two brothers and me, on her own. When my father lived with us he went through multiple brain and head injuries and surgeries. To pay hospital bills and look after other expenses like my sister’s and brothers’ education my mother has already taken a loan of 2 lakh. The interest of that loan has been increasing since then. 

My educational journey has been complex, due to my financial background, however the right opportunities have given me a platform to continue enjoying this complex idea of education. I studied in a low income private school, but in 7th grade, my mother was not able to pay the tuition fees. And that seemed like the end of my educational journey. Fortunately, I earned a scholarship to study in a Cambridge Board at Avasara Academy. I graduated from 12th with subjects of Psychology, Economics, Global Perspectives (GP), and English. I have learnt the most from GP, a research intense subject. Most of my research was focused on the Indian Constitution and Democracy in India. Recently, I completed a report on, “To what extent the 1975 Emergency impacted Indian Democracy?” ( ). The process of researching has also helped me understand my community, my caste better. My circumstances have pushed me to study harder to create opportunities for me and work towards giving quality education to students around me. My journey and the exposure I got has helped me become the bold and passionate leader that I am. 

I have also tried my best to implement the ideas that I learned during my research. In 2018, I was part of the Student Council at my school. Me along with my colleagues established systems and structures to democratise the Student Council Election. We collaborated with the school authorities for mandating Physical Education at school. Later, we introduced a new sport, Ultimate Frisbee, in school. We worked wholeheartedly for our students during this one year period. 

I always acknowledge the journey I went through and try to help my community’s students in small ways that I can. I was part of the program called “Bal Bhavan'' where we taught children of construction workers, who were not able to access education, because their parents were seasonal migrants. They used to live in a day care centre, taking care of their younger siblings, while their parents worked to get their children a decent meal. My team and I used to teach them English, Maths and crafts. I am grateful for the journey I have witnessed with these children. And I want to create many more spaces like these in future. 

When the world was in the middle of a pandemic, the students who did not  have access to resources were further disadvantaged. Since the world began working virtually, many of the students from rural areas were not able to access the technological devices. Nor was the curriculum modified to accommodate these changing times.  I joined a group of passionate teachers and students called Reimagine India where we worked together to help students overcome these challenges. We utilised our network to help get them technological access. We created a pedagogy which they could use to develop their basic skills of languages and critical thinking. 

These experiences have made me respect my vulnerabilities and bring small changes around me to maybe create one big change in future. 

Today I am wholeheartedly grateful to announce that I received a scholarship of $1,84,000 from Beloit College. A place where I see myself thrive. The remaining cost of the education is managed by my school, Avasara Academy. And I am really grateful for my school’s help throughout this journey. I am trying to raise funds for my travel expenses, laptop and, and starter money, which will help me settle in a new country and culture. 

Flight Ticket: 

My flight from Pune to New Delhi will be around Rs.6,000.

My flight fare ranges from Rs.1,35,000 to Rs.1,40,000 INR from Delhi to Chicago.

Please Note: The amount mentioned is tentative. I am expecting the prices of the flight to change from Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000, when I book my tickets, because during that time many international students will be travelling. 

I need an estimate of ($1,626) Rs. 1,26,828 INR for my starter money and laptop. Today’s US dollar conversion in INR is 78. Below I have provided the breakdown of the expected amount.

  • Winter Gear (Boots, Winter Jacket, Gloves): ($300 to $315) Rs. 23,400 to Rs.24,570. 
  • Sim Card and recharge for 3 months: ($45 per month) Rs.10,530. 
  • Bedroom accessories (warm blanket, pillow cover, pillow, bedsheet): $100 (Rs.7,800)
  • Laundry: $2 per wash and $2 drier- 4 times a month: Rs.1,248. I need help for the first three months(Rs.1,248*3= Rs.3,744). 
  • Laptop Cost: $800 (Dell Laptop) Rs.62,400
  • Books: ($200) Rs.7,800. 

Note: I have added Rs.10,000 extra money because I am not sure about what emergencies could occur. Milaap cuts 3% charges while transferring the money to bank. 

Summary of my cost: 
  • Starter money: Rs. 1,26,828
  • Flight ticket Pune to New Delhi: Rs.6,000
  • New Delhi to Chicago: Rs.1,70,000. (Traveling from Chicago to Wisconsin is included.) 
  • Milaap charges Rs.9,366. 

Total cost: Rs.3,12,200
Thank you!

I have attached the Scholarship Letter, if anyone wants to take a look at it.​

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