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Support Samrat to explore the Nomadic Way of Water Conservation
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MISSION OASIS - A Search for the Way of Water Conservation that can help Indian Children in almost 100 Million Homes who lack Water

The world as we know is going to change soon, as after this COVID-19 pandemic, nothing will remain the same for sure. Although, the health advice of washing hands more frequently is established to prevent the outbreak, the practical scenario of the natural resource of water is, however, getting worse day-by-day. Meanwhile, UN recalled that around 2.2 billion people do not have access to drinking water & that 4.2 billion are deprived of safe sanitation systems. Increasing water pollution & mismanagement of the water resources have already damaged the water availability so badly that according to a research by WRI, a 56% deficit in water supply relative to the demand will occur worldwide by the year 2030. The increasing usage of water due to the present pandemic is further going to affect the situation immensely. The trend has been devastating when combined with climate change & global warming.

Undoubtedly, a pathfinder initiative has to be taken to find out the ways to manage the upcoming water crisis.

Samrat Moulik, a former Corporate and now a passionate Nature-lover & Environmentalist, who is already renowned as “The River Cyclist” due to his earlier outstanding & groundbreaking awareness campaigns like “Tour de Diabetes Care – a 3,000 km Indo-Bangladesh Bi-cycle Expedition for Diabetes Awareness”, “Save River, Conserve Water – a 5,200 km Awareness Bi-cycle Journey from Ladakh to Kanyakumari” and “Save Ganga – a 3,000 km Awareness Bi-cycle Trip from Gangotri, India to Kuakata, Bangladesh”, is now determined to explore the possible solutions to the approaching water crisis with his MISSION OASIS – The First Indian Solo Attempt to cross The Hostile Mongolian Gobi Desert to explore the Nomadic Way of Water Conservation & the Impact of Climate Change on Nomadic Life.

Gobi means “Water-less Place”. As the name implies, Gobi is a vast barren desert & very close to the arctic area of the Northern Hemisphere. It is the world’s Fifth largest desert that occupies approximately 13,00,000 square kilometres of Southern Mongolia & Northern China. It is also the Largest desert of Asia, where a drastic change of temperature takes place daily that causes an extreme climate with only an average of 194 mm annual rainfalls.

Due to this extreme climate of Gobi, a severe water scarcity is highly observable across the desert, although, it is the home to the nomads for ages. The native inhabitants live in the traditional tents called Ger and pursue a nomadic life herding goat, sheep & camel. Despite all odds, the nomads of the Mongolian Gobi Desert use to collect a significant amount of water on daily basis. Just a single camel needs to drink at least 50 liters of water a day, which means the nomads having small cattle require more than 2,000 liters of water daily only to take care of their cattle, which they manage to collect surprisingly. This is, no doubt, a superb management of the limited water resource in the middle of an extreme desert like Gobi, especially, when the average temperature in Mongolia has increased by 2.1°C since 1940, which is more than double than the rise of average global temperatures, according to the UN Environment Program.

To explore how the nomads of Gobi Desert perform this magnificent water crisis management and how the global warming & climate changing are impacting this water crisis management as well as the lives of the nomads, The Indian Book of Records Holder - Samrat Moulik, being the First Indian Solo Backpacker, is going to cross more than 1,200 km long deadly Mongolian Gobi Desert in July, 2020. This pathfinder expedition will, obviously, discover new direction towards the Global Village’s Water Crisis Management including his Country India, where presently Children in almost 100 Million Homes lack water.

Gobi is one of the most dangerous deserts of the world. Gobi Desert, which is made up of 97% Mongolian Step & Rocky Areas and 3% Sand Dunes, will challenge a Traveler in every step with its wild lives like Gobi Wolf, Poisonous Scorpion, Mongolian Pit Viper Snake and also with its extreme lunatic temperature gradient. That is why the number of solo expeditions in this terrifying desert is historically very less. But now the time has come for a change. An expedition for any personal achievement is at present of a little significance; rather there should be a vision & motivation that can bring new dimensions to human life, realizing this necessity, “MISSION OASIS” is planned. This mission is not merely an adventurous expedition; rather it’s a search for the solutions to the water crisis & crisis related to the environmental changes like global warming, which will play a huge roll to the advancement of the mankind, if this mission can be carried out with perfect planning & proper preparation.

The expedition will start from July 2, 2020. Samrat Moulik will reach to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The trekking will start from Khovd, Western Mongolia. Moulik will cross Khar-us Lake, Byankhongor City, Khongoryn Els Sand Dune & will finish his trip at Sainshand, Eastern Mongolia & will return to Kolkata on October 5, 2020. To accomplish this quarter-long expedition successfully, a huge amount of fund is required for the following:

· Camel Rent during the Trek: INR 2,00,000/-
· Ration during the Trek: INR 1,70,000/-
· Emergency Rescue Purpose: INR 1,50,000/-
· Trekking Essentials (Tent, Sleeping Bag, Stove, Water Containers, Charging Equipments): INR 1,50,000/-
· To-and-fro Flight Fare: INR1,00,000/-
· Maps, GPS Trackers & Satellite Phones: INR 80,000/-
· Local Hospitality: INR 60,000/-
· Local Transports: INR 30,000/-
· Insurance: INR 30,000/-
· Entrance & Other Mongolian Govt. Fees: INR 20,000/-
· Visa: INR 10,000/-

So, approximately INR 10,00,000/- is estimated that is required for the successful completion of MISSION OASIS. Naturally, Sponsorship & Crowd-funding are indispensable to support this noble mission.

MISSION OASIS is a journey of learning & sharing. You can be a part of this mission by contributing to this campaign. Your contribution will help the mission to be accomplished through which the Mankind of this Global Village can be helped by the water crisis management. Support MISSION OASIS by contributing in this Crowd-funding Drive & generate more awareness about the expedition via Your network, social media & print media by sharing this MISSION OASIS – The First Indian Solo Attempt to cross the Hostile Mongolian Gobi Desert to explore the Nomadic Way of Water Conservation & the Impact of Climate Change on Nomadic Life.

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