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Help to Prevent Mother Nature from Non-recoverable Damage
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From past many years we are cutting trees & damaging rivers we became the main reason for the destruction of groundwater level. Mother nature knows everything and watches everything silently.

We are destroying the natural habitat for millions of life forms, we are destroying our atmosphere, we are destroying Mother Earth. We still have to learn many things that if we loose oxygen from atmosphere there will be no technology which can produce oxygen.

  1. We are destroying the main source of oxygen which is sea water, more than 65% of oxygen comes from oceans but now we are polluting the Nature's Main source of Oxygen. 

  2. We are destroying another main source of oxygen : forest. We are creating the Jungle of of concrete and hence we are unawarely destroying another main source of oxygen. 

  3. We are destroying another main source of oxygen from atmosphere by damaging our ground water level, unauthorised mining of sand from river and extracting water from the ground without creating any project for ground water harvesting is creating a chain reaction and silently became the main cause of global warming and on the sideways decreasing the oxygen level from atmosphere. 

  4. We have created many companies for RO water purifier (Packed water), cold drinks, carbonated water companies those are selling products to increase their profits but they are also extracting minerals from the Natural sources and causing a unrecoverable permanent damage to the ground. 

  5. During this pandemic situation, we are facing many problems and oxygen is one of them, oxygen concentrators are extracting oxygen from the air and oxygen manufacturing companies are exactly removing oxygen from water causing another main damage to our atmosphere and water sources. There is no solution made by scientist which can increase the level of oxygen in the water and our atmosphere. 


Now it is on us to help mother nature by doing plantation and by doing restoration and maintaining the natural flow of rivers. No one can do it alone, we need your support your small contribution will help us.

This campaign is started to get the contribution for : 

1. Plantation of 15,000 Bargad (Banyan), Neem (Azadirachta Indica), Peepal (Ficus Religiosa), Ashoka (Saraca asoca) and other Fruit and Flower plants.

2. Restoration of Reservoirs, rivers and groundwater harvesting sources. 

3. Regular Maintenance of Plants, fertilizing, and complete Care by a Team.

"One drop of water may not do anything but by dropping many drops we can fill the glass."

Your contribution will directly impact & decrease pollution levels in the city. We dream for Green Land, Dream Land. We request you to do your part and donate generously and contribute to providing:

1. Oxygen for more than 20000 people.
2. Natural habitat for 50000+ Birds, species, Monkeys and other animals.
3. Increase the Soil Health and the grip of the Ground.
4. Decrease CO2 Level.
5. Decrease Temperature from Atmosphere.
6. Decrease the Lead from the Atmosphere.
And so On......

Thank you and waiting for a positive response and support.
Note: some amount may be less for expenses, and a tip is a choice.

This fund will be utilized for making a model, a registered group and a huge Team which will do the above-mentioned work to be the milestone for restoring / repairing, preserving the groundwater and help to decrease the impact of global warming and start a Social Service group which will help me to support Mother Nature and improve sustainable Oxygen in the atmosphere.  The team will get paid for the expenses and a Reward will also be paid for their Cooperation as Volunteer.

Funds will be utilized under PROJECT SHIELD

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