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Help to fight protein deficiency, poverty and gender inequality
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Emon Hatcheries is a Poultry Manufacturing Unit functioning under the Animal Husbandry Law of India. We are operating in the Rural sector for Socio- Economic Development of the rural sector.Emon Hatcheries was established in 2016 in the district of Sivasagar (Assam) ,India. Emon Hatcheries is looking forward in becoming one of the pioneer in the agricultural sector of the 21st century to bring the traditional agriculture sector to digital sector. Emon Hatcheries is trying to revolutionized the day old traditional buying and selling of agricultural products and eradicate the challenges related to it through its easy to shop online stores and its premium services. Emon Hatcheries has pledged to become one of the prominent Company by the people and for the people, ensuring its premium quality products and services to its esteemed customers with utmost quality, honesty and standard. Emon Hatcheries for the past 5 years has been contributing towards the creation of rural employment for solving gender issue in employment and providing supplemental income and protein requirement to rural farmers, create a sustainable income source and advocate a healthy lifestyle. Our vision is to work hard and be unwavering focused on providing premium quality products to our customers benefiting the interests of the farmers and in turn create a sustainable value for stakeholders, business partners and employees. Committed to and by the values, we at Emon hatcheries believe that success is assured yet never assumed. We also believe that a feeling of accomplishment for a job well done, a clear sense of individual direction and worth, and an open, enjoyable atmosphere on the job contributed to a company continually on the forward move.
In order to create rural employment,solve gender issue in employment,provide supplemental income,protein requirement to rural farmers, to create a sustainable income source and to advocate a healthy lifestyle. We have designed an Immune Booster Protein Plan under which women of Self Help Groups (SHG's) will be provided with free poultry chicks for rearing purpose. Every individual women will be provided with a total no of 990 chicks within a span of 3 years. The chicks provided to the SHG groups will be reared for the purpose of self consumption in-order to fulfill the daily protein requirement of the family to eradicate the problem of protein deficiency and the health related risks related to protein deficiency. According to a survey about 73% of the total Indian population is protein deficient leading to various diseases like Kidney problems, Heart Problems, Bone Fractures, etc. Secondly the excess poultry can be sold to the rural market generating a sustainable source of income to the women in the SHG groups contributing to the Socio-Economic Development Of the Rural Sector. This is will create women empowerment and create various jobs in the poultry sector for women eradicating the problem of gender inequality in employment in our Indian Society. It will also help us to create an "Atmanirbhar Bharat" in true sense.
No comes the question for the need of the fundraiser. We have approached SHG groups regarding our Immune Booster Protein Plan and all the SHG group's we have approached and shared our plan have shown immense interest and eagerness to enroll in the plan. But the challenge that we are facing is that the women in the SHG groups are not able to afford to the necessary registration fees required to enroll in the plan due to the prevailing pandemic situation in the country as there is no specific source of income for them in this situation. Moreover due to their debt with the microfinance Companies the financial condition of almost every household is in a very bad shape. This problem is being raised by various newspapers every now and then and the consequences due to these debts is a nightmare as we can hear and read about a lot of suicides committed due to these microfinance loans. So an sustainable source of income is a must for the women of these SHG groups in order to bring stability in their financial condition and help them to get out of this death trap of microfinance loans.
The registration fees of this Immune Booster Protein Plan is only Rs 2500/- per person but even then they are not able to afford it. We have approached Government Organization responsible for creating livelihood, to ensure protein requirement in the rural sector, nutritional fulfillment and ensure good rural health but said that they won't be able to help us with the funding due to some technical issues at their end however they liked the idea and gave us a green to go forward. So this fundraiser is for the purpose of gifting the Immune Booster Protein Plan to the women of the SHG groups in order to ensure their daily protein requirement and nutritional fulfillment of their family. By gifting this plan we will also ensure a sustainable income for them creating women empowerment, employment, gender equality and as well as ensure a healthy lifestyle. It will also boost the rural economy and lead to socio-economic development of the society leading to a better society and a developed country. Because poverty leads to crimes and in order to build a good society we need to eradicate poverty and our Immune Booster Protein Plan is an initiative towards building an ideal society and a country to be followed and idolize.
From this fundraiser we are planning to benefit at-least 5000 women of the SHG groups. We will provide all the necessary training required help them to achieve financial stability and empower each member of the group to become "Atmanirbhar" and provide hand holding support to all the member's . Because we believe in the saying that " If you give a fish to a beggar you can fed him for a day and if you teach him how to fish you can fed him for his entire life". We believe in teaching how to fish.
So, I (Durlov Kumar Boruah) Managing Partner request all to come forward to come forward and contribute for the cause of creating a ideal society and "Atmanirbhar Bharat" in true words. Help us to help the needy and create a protein efficient country from a protein deficient country, empower our society and boost the economy of our country and contribute to the development of the country.

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