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24 Hour FundRaising LiveStream for Rural Communities
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    Rural communities

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Ramana Maharshi, was once asked, “How should we treat others?” He replied, “There are no others.”

24 Hour FundRaiser Live Stream For rural communities.

Kab -  7 AM-7 AM, 23rd-24th May 2021
Kahan - on Youtube (Study Labs) https://www.youtube.com/c/StudyLabs

Current problems we are witnessing due the 2nd wave of Covid in India
In the last month, we have seen several people around us struggle to find basic healthcare resources, even the ones in urban areas who had the financial means to secure them. This struggle has resulted in severe illness and loss of several lives in our country.

As we continue to ensure safety of our loved ones, the pace at which Covid cases are reaching the rural areas is quite worrisome. While the situation of rural areas may not directly affect us right now, if steps are not taken to mitigate the risks right now, it may result in a potential multi-fold crisis for the whole country.

If resources like oxygen cylinders, nebulizer, vaporizers etc are luxuries even in cities,  imagine the situation in villages where the nearest hospitals are 50-60 kms away. People in cities are dying because of "mismanagement and scarcity of resources", but rural people will die because of "absence of resources".
In addition to this, even access to food has become a luxury in several areas.

Whom are we raising funds for?
With this fundraiser, we aim to support 2 grassroots organizations working in rural areas of Bihar and U.P with marginalized communities.

  1. Pahal Ek Nayi Soch- Working in Jamui district of Bihar with Mahadalit, Musahar and Adivasi communities. Currently, they are working towards spreading awareness on Covid-19,  running a community kitchen to provide food to children, checking body temperature, oxygen levels and providing basic medicines in their centres. Know more about their work here- http://www.pahaleknayisoch.org

  2. Aao Milkar Karen Madad- Working in Auraiya District of South-western U.P. Since the pandemic last year, they have been supporting close to 1200 families and currently looking for support with ration to families as well as to set up hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, concentrators and financial support where needed. Know more about their work here: 

Why a 24-hour live stream?

A Heart Space- I am Abhishek Dass from Study Labs. I design physics and chemistry experiments and upload them on my youtube channel. I also conduct science workshops for various schools and organizations.Performing experiments is like a sacred prayer for me. The target is to do 150+ experiments of physics and chemistry in 24 hours. Experiments are where  my heart is, and hence giving all my hearts to the people suffering in villages due to lack of resources.

How can you support?
With limited resources and awareness, COVID poses a serious threat for the villages. WIth this event hope to raise an initial amount of 1,00,000 Rupees for the grassroot organizations. Any amount by you is welcomed.

Other ways you can support

Even if you can't donate to this friend-raising event, you can contribute in many ways. Your views will bring YouTube revenue and that will also go to the donations. Join for at least 20 minutes at any time of the day and share the live stream with as many people as you can in your circle. Approximately 10k views will bring 1-4k ₹ depending on the time spent on the video. 

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