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Help Rudra Recover After Falling Out Of A Window

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What happened on Nov 2nd, 2018?
It is the worst nightmare of every parent - on November 2nd, 2018, just 3 weeks after his little baby sister was born, 16-month old Rudra fell out of the 2nd-floor window while playing with his grandma. He was rushed to hospital with a severe injury on the left side of his brain and underwent major surgery to save his life. That night doctors were not sure whether he will survive or not and asked parents to inform near & dear. But Rudra’s mom n dad standing next to his bed for 48 hours and reminded him day to day activities that he was doing by constantly speaking to him by holding his hands.

On Nov 4th doctors said Rudra miraculously survived and after a week the doctors gave him a 90% chance of almost complete recovery.

But what happened on Nov 10th?
On Nov 10th his parents were struck yet again by devastating news: Rudra had suffered a severe stroke on his right undamaged side of the brain and was also diagnosed with a fungal brain infection which caused bilateral brain damage.
Rudra had lost his motor, cognitive skills and diagnosed with Cortical vision impairment. Can’t speak, identify his parents. doctors declared that he is a vegetable. After fighting in ICU for 5 months and one month in the pediatric ward finally able to bring him home.

Before the accident Rudra's life
Rudra was a very bright and happy toddler, who was enjoying riding his tricycle, running around, talking, singing, swimming and had just become a big brother. Two days prior to the accident he had attended his first Trick or Treat event.

Parent's condition
There are no words to explain his parents' condition as a mother as she was 3 weeks postpartum and standing next to his bed with pain. Along with the traumatic experience of not knowing whether their child will survive, experienced the heartbreaking loss of the toddler they knew and loved, but were also faced with a new reality turning their life upside down. Over the course of 6 months, they practically lived in the hospital to be next to their son, while also caring for a newborn.

When they were finally able to take Rudra home the struggle didn’t end there. Rudra required intensive physical treatments both in hospital and at home, regular doctors visits and generally the same attention as a newborn. Due to the intense schedule, the mother had to give up her job, depriving the family of one source of income.

Why we need extra funds?
Unfortunately, they reached a point where the hospital can’t provide further treatments for the improvement of his brain´s condition anymore.

Naturally, his parents want to leave nothing unattempted in helping Rudra´s brain recover and regain as much functionality as possible. The most promising treatment is a stem cell therapy, which requires several sessions each costing $16,000+. Other treatments include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), functional neurology therapy, NeuroMovement therapy (Anat Baniel Method), light therapy as well as other intensive physical therapy.

These alternative treatments are not covered by the insurance and months and months of hospital bills and treatments ate up all of the family’s savings.

Please help Rudra achieve an independent and bright future despite his severe brain damage. In his short life, he already had to fight so hard and deserves a good second chance. He needs our prayers and continued support as he fights this battle on the long journey to recovery.

Thank you for your love and support!
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