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Support me to pursue my education in my dream college.
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Hi I am Rishabh Chatla and I am 17 years old and I am raising funds for myself for my education. 

After working and preparing day and night to crack the entrance exam of MIT ADT my dream University, after working so hard and getting accepted to the university I always dreamt of going to, this is what I heard from the loan assistant who gave me 100% assurance of education loan disbursement, ‘‘sorry Rishabh we can't provide you a student loan because your parents have cibil issues.” I was heartbroken and distraught, frustrated and angry that because my parents are poor and don't have a good cibil score I would not be able to get an education loan and study in the University that I always desired to go to. It was painful and hurtful when I heard this after making all the preparation of going to the university of your dreams, rejoicing after receiving an acceptance letter. ‘‘How can my parent’s cibil be the reason for not providing the loan when I am the one who is going to repay the loan? I said to myself out of anger and frustration. Then I realized that they have to follow their rules and I also realized that I can't blame my parents for their low cibil.

Then I said to myself that I can't lose my hopes of going to that University. I have worked hard and came so long not to quit in such circumstances like this. That's what I said to myself and only in this way I have been dealing with my problems and all the circumstances in my life that came just to pull me down.

As a kid, I was always told by my parents that life is very limited. We should not waste our time dreaming about something, go to school, do a decent course and get a decent job, this is how life works and we are not born lucky enough to be rich, this is the reality of our life.

I was in a government school until 10th, I feel so privileged and proud to be taught by Teach For India organization teachers during my school and so far this is the best thing that has happened to me. I really can't imagine myself making it this far in my life without them being in my life and all the values they've taught me that one should adapt in order to achieve their goal. They made me and all the students they taught realize that poverty cannot stop someone from dreaming what they want to be. They made us realize that we fit somewhere in this world and we have got all the potential to do anything in this world and to change the world. We were born with a purpose and to change the world.

I started to realize that everything that was happening around was happening for a reason and I had enough potential to change the world and the way it works. All the things that happened to me led me to find what I really want to become in my life and helped me to find the purpose of my life. That was when a burning desire and a keen interest developed in me to become an entrepreneur or a successful businessman to bring forth some change in the world and totally eliminate poverty from my and other's lives.

With this desire of being an entrepreneur, I always wanted to study in a top business school and MIT ADT University is one of them. I chose to pursue BBA in International business. The education and their style of teaching is going to help me a lot in knowing the insights of the business.

In the place where I live, I started my first startup Vegemart where we sell vegetables online. As we had to make some money in order to survive in this pandemic. I saw this situation as an opportunity to start my first online business. As there are not a lot of vegetable shops near my and my neighboring societies, I thought this start-up idea could work in my area.
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As a new start-up and as my family's income depended on our business I couldn't gather enough funds to pay my tuition fees of the university that I always urged to go to.

I really need everyone's help to gather funds to complete my BBA in International Business in order to become a successful entrepreneur in the future. Your every contribution is going to make a huge impact on me and my education.

Your every small contribution towards my education will help you and the world to get a new passionate entrepreneur who dreams to change the world and bring something new to the future.

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