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Abused for years, abandoned in dustbins…
Help RAWW rehabilitate 40 Indian Star Tortoises.

I am Amisha Nakhwa,  a student of Zoology from Mumbai, and this month I am supporting RAWW (Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare, Mumbai) by organising a fundraiser to help the team rehabilitate 40 Indian Star Tortoises, that come with a history of captivity and abandonment.  

Meet these two abandoned star tortoises..
They were found captive and are under treatment for multiple complications, including respiratory disorders and digestive issues.
This little buddy was found inside a dustbin, unable to feed by itself because rats bit its lower jaw.

Imagine 37 more such unfortunate cases. That’s how many Indian Star Tortoises we are currently taking care of so that they can be released into the wild, back to their home.

Indian Star Tortoise is a Schedule IV Species under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.
Keeping them in captivity is illegal, yet they continue to be one of the most trafficked wildlife species. Snatched away from their homes only to be sold off as pets, these star tortoises live under horrible conditions—all going through the same fight for survival.

Illegal captivity and subsequent abandonment can lead to infections, illnesses and even death. One common disease seen in illegally captive tortoises is Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) which occurs due to a lack of vitamin D, calcium or phosphorus. It can cause excessive softening of the shells of the star tortoises and can lead to a slow and painful death. It can take over a year to nurse these tortoises back to health.

By rescuing and rehabilitating star tortoises with the help of concerned citizens like you, we can give these amazing creatures a new life.

What we need:

CategoryMonthly Costs
1Food and Nutrition16,000 ₹
2Medications (Medicines and Treatment)26,000 ₹
3Vet Visits / Check ups (Vet Fee and Tests)28,000 ₹
4Contingency (Rehabilitation costs: Use of UV, Maintenance of Enclosures etc.) 10,000 ₹

Total Monthly Expenditure 80,000 ₹

We are currently raising 15,000 ₹ of the total monthly expenditure amount.

Human-wildlife conflicts are unavoidable when we share our amazing city with a host of wildlife. However, with your help and integrated approaches, we can manage these conflicts and learn to coexist.

A small contribution can go a long way for these stars.

RAWW Note: 
What to do if you know someone who is illegally keeping/selling wildlife as pets?
  - It is unlawful to keep Indian Star Tortoises as pets, dump, abandon or harm them under the Wildlife Protection Act (1972).
  - We earnestly request those illegally keeping wildlife as pets to hand them over to the forest department.
  - If you wish to report a crime, contact Maharashtra Forest Department at 1926, press 9 and lodge an e-complaint.
  - Please do not resort to verbal or physical abuse. It may deter people from coming forward and handing over the captive animal and even endanger its life.
  - Always seek the assistance of a forest officer or a local NGO to ensure proper rehabilitation.      

Some Past Star Repatriations:

Who are we?
Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Mumbai. At RAWW, we rescue, rehabilitate, and provide immediate treatment and foster care to the wild animals, birds and reptiles in the city. We aim to create awareness, mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and work towards urban wildlife conservation and coexistence.

To learn more about us, please visit our website:

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Instagram: @rawwmumbai
Facebook: RAWW
Twitter: @raww_ngo @raww_tweets


Maharashtra Forest Department: 1926
RAWW: 7666 80202  /  98697 80202

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