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Desire to get out of Drought by Constructing CHECK DAM
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#Nurture the nature for our better future
#To Help Farmer Community's to sow a seed every season.
#Join hands to save our environment & in vision of giving back to the Nature!

Every time i visit my native,seeing the situation it creates a lot questions in my mind and i am willing to find some solutions for drought zone area and in view of helping the farmers.

In present scenario, agriculture is a risky business in drought areas and only rain based crops are grown in one season, as all the wells have dried up their is no water in lakes,ponds, cannels and the well ground water level which was around 200 ft depth before 20 years and now because of drilling excessive bore wells drilling water levels have gone down to 1500 ft and every farmer cant offered to drill bore wells at this depth as the cost involved is huge and their is no guarantee you will get water and its not conducive any more.No rain fall and excess rain fall, water is needed for the entire year for the farmer to sustain their livelihood in agriculture land and the livestock purpose.

The running water source had stopped in these cannels before 2 decades, Dakshina Pinakini River used to travel from Nandi hills and was passing through these cannels and now she has lost her path causing this regions into a drought.

Just imagine a day without water , THE WATER SCARCITY and its importance will come to your picture and now the only option left out is to store every DROP OF RAIN WATER .

It time to switch for alternate solutions to store rain water in large scale, Rain water harvesting ,recharge & rejuvenate lakes, rivers and ponds .It is the last resort and the only possible solution to everyone,when it rains it floods and it runs away in different directions. over the years the water paths have blocked due to various reasons due to human intervention,water clogging ,floods etc.

All government schemes are limited and it will not reach every farmer and we cant expect for them to do everything,the water bodies have to be stopped in some places like check dams,ponds lakes etc for life to start in and around that place and excess water has to flow in the lakes and rivers we need to create that environment to recharge the ground water.if this is not done the water will run away and life doesn't exists and plants trees can't sustain for longer duration.

Some of the government projects in recharging the ground water and rejuvenating the lakes are such as Yethina Hole Projects to supply water to kolar and chikkaballapur regions and other projects are HN & KC valley where the sewage water of Bangalore city which was let out to join sea earlier is now routed towards this region, again these water can’t be used for agriculture lands and this may pollute the soil but there is no options available for them and you know mother nature will still take it and she will further filter this dirt for us and yet all these process are sluggish.

Farmers don't need temporary solutions they need long term solutions so that he can save their crops and sustain their livelihood.

Why do we seek your help!

The contribution from a common man is needed,To conserve rain water,save the species and environment,give farmer a chance to grow at least the second crops per season, yes we can ignore saying its not my problem but don't forget we are all responsible for this situation in one way or the other.

There are lot of trees adjacent to these channels, where different types of birds reside in those trees creating pleasant environment,Conserving rain water and planting more trees creates a healthy vegetation which in turn more species will nest in this place. lets stop that situation where most of the species are now limited into books or to be searched only in google.

How You can help!

All these needs funds which I alone can’t afford and seeking some voluntaries to contribute for the cause, which in turn will increase opportunity to grow more crops in our community.

I need your support to share this message to your known people and spread this word of mouth and they can contribute for the cause to help the farmers to come out of this drought.

This is for the social cause and you can help though this platform any amount you wish,every amount spent in constructing the Check dam will be shared back on this portal.

Below are the few links which shows how life evolves with WATER.

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