Ramya's 8th Birthday Could Be Her Last Without A Liver Transplant

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“If we had known how serious this is, we would have started her treatment way before.”

Ramya’s 8th birthday took an unexpected turn when she woke up with a bloated stomach and excruciating pain. She kept throwing up and her parents, Srinu and Radhika couldn’t understand what was wrong. Their relatives kept reassuring them that it was probably just a case of indigestion, but her condition kept getting worse. When they took her to a hospital in Guntur, the doctors told Srinu that there were fluid deposits in and around her liver. She was hospitalized and treated for 10 days, but with no luck. When her symptoms continued to persist, they were advised to take her to a better hospital.

Her problem went undetected for too long

Panic-stricken, Ramya’s parents brought her to Manipal hospital where further tests were done. Here they diagnosed her with Budd Chiari Syndrome, a very rare liver disease in which the veins connected to the liver are obstructed affecting blood circulation and normal functioning of the liver. This causes swelling, vomiting and acute pain.

Ramya had this problem since birth, but since there were never any major health complaints leaving occasional fevers and pain in the stomach, it went undetected for nearly 8 years. Now her condition has deteriorated too much to be controlled by medication, and only a liver transplant can save her.

She experiences excruciating pain and discomfort

Ramya is always in pain and throws up everything she eats. The doctors told her parents, that she doesn’t have much time left if the transplant is not done soon. Her condition continues to worsen, despite all the medication she’s being given. Radhika, her mother got herself tested to find out if she’s an eligible donor for Ramya or not. As it turned out, she can donate part of her liver to her daughter. But more than anything else, it’s the mounting expenses that are limiting Srinu from providing the treatment she needs.

For an auto-driver, affording a liver transplant is near impossible

Srinu works as an auto driver and in the recent past, he has had to handle a lot of unanticipated medical expenses. Last year he fell sick with a urinary infection and had to be operated upon. He still has to go for follow up check ups every month to make sure that his infection doesn’t come back. Just as he was recovering from the infection, his father suffered a heart attack and had to undergo an open heart surgery. With his meagre income, handling all these expenses has taken its toll on Srinu.

Before Ramya fell sick, her mother used to go work as a farm help sometimes, to make some additional income for the household, but since Ramya fell sick, she hasn’t been able to take time out to juggle between home and work, for her daughter needs constant attention.  
“I have tried everything. Even sold my house but it’s still not enough money to take care of my daughter. I get tired of going to people asking for money, but what else can I do?”

How you can help

In order to meet his expenses, he loaned some money by mortgaging the only house he had, Before he could think of paying the mortgage off, Ramya fell sick and now he has sold the house to be able to pay for her medical expenses.

Little Ramya will lose her life if she doesn’t get a transplant soon. She needs your help to get cured of this rare life-threatening disease. Your contribution can save her life.

Contributions made to this campaign will go towards the main campaign.

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