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This project's goal is to raise awareness for the need for emergency medical supplies. We are starting with delivering clean and sanitized medical-grade oxygen to be available closer to the communities.

Pilot Goals
  • Raise funds for 10 Medical Grade Cylinders
  • Cylinder Manufacturer - OxyGo
  • Model: Optimax
  • Cost: Rs. 21,840  

Why is there still a need for distributed medical grade oxygen cylinders?

The oxygen supply-chain is not just about the availability of oxygen, but also requires a robust and clean means of delivering sanitized oxygen to those who need it. Most of the cylinders used are industrial-grade iron-based cylinders without the same quality control for medical grade storing and refilling.         

During an emergency if a patient needs medical grade oxygen, they do not have immediate access to it. They have to go to the hospitals to receive oxygen or wait for an ambulance to arrive. If a patient does not receive it in time, they are at a risk of deteriorating rapidly from which they may never recover. India is a vast country with an immense population. The pandemic is still raging especially as it moves through the rural areas. This problem can only be solved by maintaining a hygienic supply-chain even in the last mile. Patients can be isolated in or nearby their homes with the proper emergency kits in which sanitized oxygen supply is a must.

While the second wave has flattened, the crisis is not yet over and can take a negative turn anytime. Though we do not want to give into the fear of a third wave, it is better to be prepared this time and for the future.

Why is this project different from others?
Over the past year, I created a ‘pilot study’ that explored the donor experience with various non-profits. The foremost response was the need for enhanced trust and transparency. My goal for this crowdfunding project is to provide you, the sponsors who will support this project with clear and meaningful feedback which you can find at this link: 

How will I execute this?
We discussed this idea with the nonprofit Oxygen Sevaks (run by Naval Commander Rajiv Sardana and his family). You can find more about him and his work in various news articles and at the link provided above. 

Reference Link Below

How are we going to improve donor engagement?
  • This will happen through personalization of the cylinders. 
  • Sponsor names and possibly pictures (if sponsor agrees) will appear on the cylinders they contributed to
  • Sponsors can also nominate which location the cylinder should be at. For e.g. they can nominate the ‘housing society’ of their friend or family. For this however, they need to fully fund a cylinder.

How do we provide periodic feedback to the sponsor?
  • Each cylinder will have its own asset-ID so that sponsors can have a sense of ownership for a specific cylinder
  • Monthly usage of the cylinders
  • Number of people who have used the specific cylinder

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