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(Transgender Historical Web Series)
The Indian transgender community has a long history and evidences of this can be found in various ancient literature and oral traditions. Transgender community comprises of Hijras, eunuchs, Kothis, Aravanis, Jogappas, Shiv-Shakthis etc. They have existed since 9th century BC. Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism - and it can be inferred that Vedic culture recognized three genders. The Vedas (1500 BC - 500 BC) describe individuals as belonging to one of three separate categories, according to one's nature or prakrti. Various texts suggest that third sex individuals were well known in pre-modern India, and included male bodied or female-bodied people as well as intersexuals, and that they can often be recognized from childhood. A third sex is also discussed in ancient Hindu law, medicine, linguistics and astrology. The earliest Tamil grammar, the Tolkappiyam (3rd century BC) also refers to hermaphrodites as a third "neuter" gender (in addition to a feminine category of unmasculine males). In Vedic astrology, the nine planets are each assigned to one of the three genders; the third gender, tritiya-prakrti, is associated with Mercury, Saturn and (in particular) Ketu.
Tamil Nadu has been making great strides in trying to integrate transgender people into the mainstream society. In Tamil Nadu, transgender community possesses strong historical, religious & cultural background. These can be found in various literature, sculptures, paintings, manuscripts as well as in oral history. In some places these traditions are still followed. These evidences can be noticed in temples, research books, inscriptions & paintings found in palaces.
All these years the society spoke about the emotions, achievements, history and various facts about men and women only while forgetting the transgender community. Even the works that included transgender as their main subject spoke only about the agony of the community. 
However the community possess strong history and cultural practice similar to other community which we are aimed at bringing out in our research. We want to bring out the history before the society in a visual medium. Thereby we are adapting the history as web series titled “Idayinam”.
The following are the special characteristics of the movie,
  • Idayinam is a world’s first historical docu-drama web series about transgenders’ history is a product of five years research.
  • Ms. Priyababu, India’s first transgender director is directing this series.
  • The series intends to throw light on the historical consciousness of 4000 years that is embedded in the tradition of Tamil Nadu.
  • The history is going to be recreated through visual medium.
  • This series aims at foregrounding the literatures of the transgender.
  • To bring out the history and glory of transgender.
  • To project the culture and indiscriminate society.
  • To create a positive vibration among transgender and society in order to break the stereotypes and discrimination on transgender.
  • This series aims to motivate transgender to realize their potential and helps them to lead a dignified life.
Activity Plan
The Main budget cost is around INR 36,02,000 (Rupees Thirty Six Lakhs Two Thousand).

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