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Everyone counts
Love Animals Peace & Education

I am an individual who is an animal lover and tries to do the bit whenever and however possible for animals, as well as fellow humans. I have a few volunteers and friends who help me from time to time in doing the same.

In terms of recent events and circumstances created due to the COVID19, a lot of animals who are placed in animal shops are suffering. They are denied food and light because of the lockdown and not taken care of by the shop owners as they are not considered worthy of the attention and risks.

There are a lot of street dogs out on the streets who are going mad in absence of food as the usual people feeding them are off the streets due to the lockdown.

In order to save these animals, specially dogs, I need help from everyone around the world, as it is a big and steep hill to climb, considering the magnums scale that things are needed on. I will have to start small but still be able to feed thousands of animals on the streets and provide the animals in the shops with a facility where they can be evaluated by specialists and provided basic medical needs along with the basic diet, along with a proper habitat. All this, with love and care.

I am planning to adopt all the animals from the shops that I have in my city and nearby cities and take them to a shelter that would provide them everything that is needed and still keep things and habitat basic but as comfortable as possible.  The plan is to rent or buy a 20 acre land just outside the city which will be able to get us the place on a cheaper rate and have it fenced and build basic structures for dogs, cats, cows and birds. The plan also includes steps to feed the street dogs and cats whenever and wherever needed from around the city and nearby cities. We will also provide medical facilities and attention to the animals where needed and also be open as an adoption centre for people who cannot keep their pets.

On the sides, the plan of opening the centre a little outside the city is to have a library in the facility, so that the kids from the area can avail the library for free and help in promoting education and provide basic school needs to the extent that we can afford. It will also give us the option to let the elders from the community to come in and help us, which in return will help them get a motive in the old age along with passing their time which is hard. We will be in turn benefited by their experience in life with the animals.

The bigger land area will help us in doing some plantation and preparing saplings which we could move to other places for proper plantation. And also help the nearby community in understanding modern agriculture.

This might sound like a lot on the plate, but I have enough support from friend and will be able to do good, just need support from everyone around so that we can do it and make a difference. As our motto is ‘EVERYONE COUNTS’.

The estimated financials are:
5,000,000 for the 20 acre land
80,000,000 for the shade and basic habitat on 10 acre
50,000 for the salary of permanent staff to take care of everything on premises
30,000 for the medical team who will take care of our animals including supplies

The cost of feeding one dog is about 1500 a month, so if we are to feed about 500 dogs a month, we need 750,000 every month to do that.

The fixed costs to come up with the facility is 85,000,000. I will come up with a part of it from my pocket and some from the donations from friends, but more fund I am able to generate will help me cover the monthly costs of the concept that I am working on.


The funds that we need will be utilised to purchase the land needed to setup the facility. We are in talks with a few real estate agents and also some farmers directly, who are willing to sell us the land. The land cost in the area is about 250,000 per acre, so a 20 acre unit would put us back by 5,000,000.

The construction of the habitat for animals in form of shades and partitions on a 10 acre area would be about 80,000,000 as the cost of shade would come around 180 per square foot for a straight shade which we can further divide in smaller parts for different animals.

Remaining 10 acre of land will be used to develop tree saplings, farming (produce will be used to feed animals). The saplings will be planted later on the roads and free lands, once they are in a survival state without much care, thus a step in making the city greener by the time.

The work on the project shall be started as soon as we are on with the funds as rest everything has been discussed with other agencies who will be working and helping us setup the place.

Hoping to have a lot of hands on deck!

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