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You Can Energize This Solar Cooking Innovation
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Concept- Using solar heat energy for cooking purpose, based on  ETC

'Entrepreneur Care Forum', Develops entrepreneur qualities & innovations , particularly supporting enthusiastic people, with out any traditional technical education & financial back ground. We provide  Guidance , training and also help them in getting  financial assistance. Here is an innovation which helps environment. Person working behind this is dedicated and honest. He requires immediate financial assistance to proceed. We thought of sharing with you, at least to take it a step ahead, to get next level assistance. Please read on........ (visit;  about us)

Concept :

It is common scene in Rural India ,with women cooking amid of lot of smoke, coming out of fire wood. Who knows health of how many women & children it affected? Even though govt UJJWALA scheme has brought some relief with LPG connections, there still exists problem of refilling & sustainability for long run.

Solar emerging as sustainable solution for our energy needs. Use of sun heat energy is economic, reliable & simpler technology. Till now various attempts were made to tap such heat energy for "cooking' purpose. Mr Praveen kumar's technology is appears to be come out as different. It surpass some limitations posed by Parabolic & box type cooking.

It has passed many different trials of cooking rice in 30mins and idles in 20mins & vegetables & dal in 25 mins.  Still lot of R & D work to be carried out, to make it user friendly and  commercially viable.
This can be designed both as stand alone and along with other sources like LPG & electric. This helps in enormous reduction in fuel consumption up to 3-4 cylinders a year.

One need to appreciate Mr Praveens Kumar's great initiative, with all limitations he had. Being ITI fitter and hailing from rural place of malnad region ,with non business back ground.& no financial support. Thanks to Government's "Start up India", which motivated many innovators like Praveen.
Mr Praveen has also applied for patent and regd under start up.

He has spent considerable amount on this , which is  earned from his own small  profession . Spending all his money & time on this experiment, now his ambitious innovation has reached a stage, which can not move any further with out financial support. Even today he is spending for small modifications, trials and also to create awareness among public & students.

Approach to bank & government financial aids , not yielded any result . Banks & private investors reluctant to give loans to innovations, which can not be commercialized immediately.As these are kind of technologies ,which may need extra time to mature.Government also has various funds to support innovations.But it is not so easy to obtain them in present stage. Government has made stringent guide lines ,it is difficult to manage by a 'single person'. Stringent guide lines  include, but not limited to, age, social back ground,previous track record,education,records, application procedure, etc- says Mr Praveen kumar

With out any financial support, Mr Praveen Kumar is left with no other option to stop this innovation and search for way to earn bread & butter. This may hamper his spirit on other innovations, which he has in his mind. All his efforts done till day will be in vain. Such a loss , not only to individual, but to innovation and spirit of nationalism , environment concern , can be avoided by your small contribution.

Development on this need to continue, keeping in mind that ,It encourages new innovators and helps mankind in long run.

Details of innovations;
Solar Cooking Technology
Heat collected thro ETC tubes will be transferred to
Cooking element thro specifically designed heat exchange method.
Present status of  product
Cooking trails  has been made & system worked satisfactorily with present  prototype made.
Certification & statutory progress
Applied for patent
Approved by Dept of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP)  as “Start up”
Participated in National level start up competitions
& work shops.
Write up published in different journals.
Visited & demonstration seen by many  energy experts & industry professionals
System will fully or partially substitute LPG , Fire wood usage And  alternative for solar parabolic and  box cooker
Fund required for
*Proposed Future development in product-
· Cost reduction
· Increasing efficiency
· Heat storage up to 4 hours ,making it suitable for night cooking (Dinner)
· Bringing heat from terrace down to kitchen
· Multi utility & different cooking application like frying
*Installing above product in minimum 5 places for test & trial run.
· Trail Installations for Obtaining  feedback  to  make it  user friendly and safe.
*Testing & certification from different agencies
Participating exhibitions & competitions.
Creating awareness among public & students.
Expected period of completion.
With in one year of getting required funds.

How will the funds be used?
SLPurpose & significanceAmount required foramount
1To participate in different exhibitions & competitions across the nation; This is the way to showcase the technology in front of the government bodies, industries, experts etc for bringing to the market and also creating awareness about existence of this technology.

Traveling, shipping charges, Registration and stall charges, etc
Minimum 5 such exhibitions/competitions to be attended in next one year.
2To add one more cooking utensil; so that we can have continuous cooking. When one is in cooling mode another will be in heating mode, including adding safety systems.

Cooker,  vessels,  valves, Its alterations doing trials with different cooking media, vessels, etc Expense1,00,000/-
3Heat transfer to kitchen;
Most important part of future development is to bring heat to ground floor kitchen, for comfortable cooking.
Piping, insulation, heat transfer mechanism-3,00,000/-
4Heat storage for night time; There are Different technologies for heat storage is available. We need to work on technology , which suits Particularly this application & needs to be cost effective and low maintenance .- Already some trials are made

Importing of required material.
Local purchase and its   alteration
5Trial installation; we need to have in different parts of the state/country as field trial and improvements and design by receiving feedback and continues visits to the sites whole year.  

minimum 5 installations1,50,000/-
6Testing & certification, registrations, new patents for improvements made etc. 

Application charges & liaison expenses1,50,000/-

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