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In Memory of Prashant Banerjee
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With a very heavy heart, I'm sharing the tragic news that we lost one of our dearest friend Prashant Banerjee on May 27th, 2021 to the Covid pandemic. Prashant left behind his elderly parents with lot of pain and without any major source of income to support them in their old age.

We were shocked and heartbroken when we heard the news of Prashant, leaving us forever on May 27th, 2021. He was only 41 years old!!
He started having difficulty in breathing and his parents tired their best with whatever resource and means they had to get him treated seeking support from whosoever they got hold of. It was a similar plight as happened with many who lost their lives because they were not fortunate enough to get immediate and enough medical care during this pandemic.

About Prashant
Prashant was a simple, quiet and a very intelligent person. He always believed in upgrading his knowledge. He was also a member of Actuarial Society. He grew up in Kanpur, he did his graduation in engineering and was also an MBA. Then he started his career with a major financial institution. Within 2-3 years into his happy easy going professional career he started developing symptoms indicating complications in this kidneys. Later it was diagnosed that both his kidneys were not functioning properly and he will have to go for their transplant. In the meanwhile as he was unable to continue with his job, so he lost few jobs due to his absenteeisms which were due to his kidney complications, hospital visits, several sessions of dialysis and further a major operation for kidney transplant at AIIMS, New Delhi. His mother donated one of her kidney and he got kidney transplant. But to undergo his treatment he and his parents got their entire savings drained to the extent that he had to borrow money from people. After recovering post the transplant he attempted a lot to get a formal job but as you know it is still difficult in our country to explain long gaps in professional career despite giving very good interviews and getting almost selected for job his kidney transplant always acted as a impediment for him because he cannot be termed as "medically fit". He never got any formal jobs and hence a steady source of income to take care of his medical needs as well as old age requirements of his parents. Also he was a person having a lot of self respect due to which he never bothered anyone to seek any support of any kind. As he was a single child so till his last breath he tried his best to ensure that his parents are safe and healthy. He ensured that during this pandemic his parents stay at home so that they stay protected of any possibility of infection so he kept visiting markets to ensuring basic essentials to sustain life is there for him and his old parents. It seems this was the reason that somehow he got infected, protecting his parents from getting infected, despite knowing that he himself is susceptible to the infection due to his kidney ailment. Also as OPD facility at AIIMS, New Delhi is also not functioning properly because currently their priority is to support the nation in the battle against Covid-19. It is a fact that people who have got their kidneys transplanted should seek regular medical consultation but in his case he couldn't do that because he couldn't afford to bear the cost of consultation in private hospitals in Gurgaon or on online portals. This also worsened his situation because missing one or two consultation may be acceptable but missing consultation for more than a year will have its repercussions an it had on him as well causing enhancing his morbidity situation.

I'm posting this on behalf of their parents, however they too don't wish to get any money in the name of their only son whom they have lost despite losing everything for him. I have tried to convince them that still we have people, who will come forward to help them. I have done my bit and will be doing further as well. In fact few forums where people who were acquainted with Prashant since his schooling and college days have been reached out to come forward for his help and they too are doing whatever they can with whatever means they have. In this pandemic we all have lost many such people who were very close to us and many of them had very emotional connect with us. I know in this pandemic every body has done whatever they could have done to bring a smile on a needy face or uplift someone who needed a helping hand.

I request you to please consider his case, he is no more to help his parents and no one can always be there for them forever as Prashant could have ensured. We are living in a world where financial condition determines your eligibility for almost everything and I think his old parents are eligible for a dignified life till whatever few years they will be able to bear the grief for the loss of their only child. We can't  replace Prashant's absence in their life but at least we can put some money in their hands to ensure that they don't need to think twice before consulting a doctor due to lack of funds with them.

When I asked them that I will try to raise some funds through different channel for them within a moment they said nothing can substitute Prashant and for whom they will live now. To which I told them that they will have to live for each other so that the soul of Prashant rests in peace seeing that his parents are living a simple but dignified life. To that his father said that "Beta kaun karega hamare liye. Tum ne jo kiya aur kar rahe ho wahi bahut hai." I tried convince him that still we live in a age where despite lot of things which are not good but there are and there will always be people who will be able to understand your situation and will come forward to help them by whatever they can, with whatever they have. I'm sure such people are in plenty and they will come forward to help this old couple in ensuring they also get a dignified life till their last breath.

Other facts:

Is this campaign genuine?
Yes it absolutely is. This campaign is started with Prashant's friends and colleagues.

How much should I donate?
Any contribution is welcome.

How will the funds be used?

The fund will be directly handed over to his parents and then it is upto them how they want to spend it. They all ready have faced things which they would have never planned for themselves or for their only son, so it is pointless to have a plan because life is always unpredictable and it always will be. I didn't had courage to show them any assurance that how much assistance they will be getting but together we have the capability within our means to ensure they can have a dignified life and they will not have to helplessly compromise for basic things just because their son is not there with them and they have spent their entire savings on the his treatment.

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