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Kshiti Foundation is an NGO founded in the year 2008 based in Bangalore. Kshiti’s focus areas are Environment and Children. Kshiti adopts Engage, Empower and Enrich concepts in all our projects.  
Various programs under Kshiti Foundation  
      1. I OWN A TREE – Tree plantation/Forestation. Individuals and Corporate sponsor and own trees for a lifetime.  Kshiti will facilitate in planting events and maintenance of trees. This program helps in connecting people with Trees by building the bonding between people and trees.
      2. DISHA – Engage, empower Rural children to lead Positive and Empowered Life.  
                                                                                                                                                                                             PROJECT DISHA 
                      Holistic Child development initiative by Kshiti Foundation                                                                         DISHA – Bandipur 
The pandemic has changed how millions around the globe are to be educated.  
Every single day of school counts. 
This year, school closures due to COVID-19  
have impacted the learning of 247 million children in India.
The year 2020-21, posed huge challenges to humanity, the spread of the pandemic COVID 19, has caused widespread panic, and is affecting the quality of life for everybody. The pandemic has changed how millions around the globe are to be educated. Educational establishments are being challenged with finding the answers to provide continuity for education for children and are seriously exploring online education.  
Given the digital divide and lack of access to technology-enabled education, many children will be denied education and could widen equality gaps. Even more, with schools closed for over 18 months, there are significant learning gaps and learning losses that need to attend as we get ready for the schools to reopen.
In order to combat the current situation, it requires collective Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom to find meaningful solutions to the challenges. We at Kshiti Foundation, have collaborated with leading academic scholars, educationists to create solutions that will help to deliver education through well-trained Facilitators in the community. We call this initiative DISHA
DISHA is a program designed with the following objectives:
  • To bridge the Learning loss of students during this pandemic, from the remote forest areas of Bandipur. 
  • Enable children with continued access to quality academic engagement through well-trained Facilitators, right at their doorsteps. 
  • Curriculum aligned and activity-based enriching learning programs. Access to rich digital content to create interest with children. 
  • Smart Technology solution to capture learning levels and prepare personalized learning plans for each child based on identified learning gaps. 
  • The current focus is for Primary School children from Grade 1 to Grade 5 aligned to Karnataka State Education Board. 
Program Highlights:  
  1. The Program is being designed to be delivered for children from the forest areas of Bandipur which comes under the Gundalpete Taluka Education Block, district of Chamarajanagar, Karnataka. 
  1. The Programs objective is to reach over 5000 students as part of this DISHA Initiative 
  1. The Program will support students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 to bridge their learning loss and learning gaps due to school closure for over 18 months during Pandemic. 
  1. The Program will be delivered by a trained Facilitator from the respective community to facilitate the learning of students in the community. 
  1. The Facilitators will be selected based on their educational background, their interest to teach, their willingness to commit a minimum of 5 months of their time for this purpose. The Facilitators could also be from BEd, DEd Background. 
  1. The Block Education Officer will be informed regarding the program and necessary approvals will be sought from the Department of Education for the program. 
  1. Every facilitator will go through comprehensive training for 10 days enabling them with the right approach to teach, engage, and focus on learning outcomes for every child. Each of them will also be trained on Digital tools, Digital Pedagogy, as part of the program requirements. 
  1. A Team of Educational Experts will design age-appropriate and grade-appropriate content to be delivered through these Facilitators in accordance with the DSERT Guidelines. 
  1. The program is spread over 20 weeks and each student will undergo, a series of a well-designed set of learning activities resulting in better preparation of minds  
  1. The Program is designed with a plan to have one set of Facilitators who will focus on delivering Learning Content and activities and another team of Facilitators who will focus on conducting periodic assessments. 
  1. Each Facilitator will be assigned around 100 students selecting 2-3 adjoining villages. 
  1. Facilitators will go to the communities thrice every week to deliver well-designed learning content through fun ways engaging the children to learn important grade-appropriate and age-appropriate content. 
  1. The detailed Performance report will be prepared to detail by-location, by-subject, by-student performance reports, allowing the Facilitators to keep bridging the learning gaps on an ongoing basis. A comprehensive remediation plan will be designed to minimize the learning gaps. 
  1. A Project Monitoring committee will be set up to oversee the Project Outcomes on a regular basis. 
  1. A dedicated team will also focus on Documenting the project – capturing and reporting Project Outcomes along with stories. 
  1. A focused effort will be to develop a Tribal Digital Dictionary for some of the tribes through active involvement from the community. 
  1. Efforts will be made to involve children in capturing and documenting Native Knowledge, stories, folk, art, etc. (Community driven initiative) 
  1. The Project will have a comprehensive Project Management Platform to manage, report the performance on an ongoing basis. 
Project Outcomes: 

  1. Enabling learning for 5000 students who are in the remote forest areas and ensuring learning gaps are addressed. 
  1. Build easy-to-use digital learning content – activity-based, which can be used by anyone in any place to enrich age-appropriate and grade-appropriate learning. 
  1. Developing Digital Tribal Dictionary – for select tribes.  
  1. Student wise Performance Tracking & Management for improved Outcomes. 

1. Location Remote Forest areas of Bandipur, Gundalpete Education Block, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka 
2. Number of Students 5000 from Class 1 Class 5 
3. Duration 6 Months 
4. Cost Per Child Rs 1500/- (for the entire program) 

The sponsorship amount will provide each student 120 days of Education and Engagement i.e Rs 12.5  per day per student.
The sponsorship amount will cover the cost for  

 Area Cost per student 
Technology and Digital Infrastructure    Rs 200 
Learning Kit for Teaching Staff to Teach Rs 200 
Teaching and Learning Material   Rs 150 
Education Content development and subscription Rs 100 
Teaching and Assessment Facilitation remuneration Rs 400 
Program Management Rs 100 
Logistics and Travel Rs 50 
Health Camp for students Rs 200 
Outreach to enrol students and community Rs 100 
 Total Rs 1500 

Donations through this platform are tax exempted under 80G 
Thank you for your generous contribution

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