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Please help us to serve the Destitutes.
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Why the LAMB?
Please help us to serve the Destitutes.
The LAMB is a nonprofit registered voluntary organization established in 2007, based at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, India. We are a dynamic social service organization that aims at serving the developmental needs of the poorest of the poor of the entire district. We provide the destitute's socio-economic, educational welfare, wealth, and medical conditions and the most backward people of the community. We extend different developmental programs to all the age groups of the target population, both standard and specific development-oriented.
The birth of this organization is indeed an emotional response to the problems of poverty, illiteracy, ill-health, ignorance, and lack of medical and health care services that were extensively widespread in its active region. It was aimed out of the aspiration and commitment of Mr. G.S. Franklin, Founder, Secretary, and Director of this organization, with the active support and responsibility of committed social workers and Philanthropists.
The LAMB administers acts of charity and assists those in need, especially for grassroots in the community irrespective of caste, creed, and religion in rural and slum areas in Andhra Pradesh's concept of loving your neighbor as yourself. We strive to enhance and upgrade the people's unanimity in rural areas and open and maintain training centers and institutions to train and educate the women and youth.
Socio-Economic Projects :
We sought the socio-economical upliftment of Dalit Christians and converted Christians. We propose to cooperate and coordinate with Govt. and voluntary agencies in implementing reinforcement works in the impoverished areas.
The work includes establishing homes for the needy aged and orphans. Further, To take care and support for cured leprosy, people with HIV/AIDS, TT.B.patients, and to take welfare activities for their children. The Lamb conducts social awareness programs on the system of bonded labor, street children, Beggers, and child labor, rehabilitates them, and trains them for livelihood.
Women Empowerment Projects:
We drive awareness programs on women empowerment and promote their education, health, income generation, and self-help groups in remote areas. Furthermore, to protect women and child rights and stop child abuse, women and child trafficking, atrocity, sex workers, divorcing early child marriages, and deserted women's deprivation in society. We conduct welfare activities for anglers and tribes and arrange boarding facilities for rural and slum orphans for higher education.
Young Indian Empowerment Projects :
The LAMB establishes and manages ITI, Nursing institutions, colleges, schools, hostels, and workshops. Moreover, provide an NFE center for rural youth and women at night schools.
Skill Development:
To start income generation for disabled people, deserted women, Cured leprosy, HIV/AIDS, and T.B.patients rehabilitating by tailoring, computer, typewriting, TT.V.Mechanism, Kitchen gardens, nursery, floriculture, and handicrafts training cum production center. To uplift the grass root and oppressed people, buy necessities such as food, clothing, medical, education, and housing facilities.
About The Lamb's Historical Significance:
The LAMB was established in the year 2007. The fundamental revelation of the organization is
"Love your neighbor as Yourself." The one
Who disdains one's neighbor is a sinner but blessed is the one who is generous of the poor. The LAMB is a Non-Governmental Organization striving in secular lines and is administered by an Executive Committee involving professionals from diverse development sectors.
The LAMB was chosen by the District Authorities to conduct a Household survey in 320 habitations of the revenue sub-divisions, namely Pakala, Yadmari, Gudipala, Irala, N.V.Palli, Vedurukuppam, Puthalapattu, Bangarupalyam, Thavanampalle, Penumur, and Palasamudram. It is founded to implement the Convergent Community Action (CCA), Strategy of UNICEF with the program entitled "Reaching the Unreached" – among the Traditional Marine Fisher-folk, Tribes, and Dalits.
At present, LAMB has 28 full-time functionaries besides several part-time staff and voluntary animators.
The LAMB is striving for the progress of Dalits (ex-untouchables), Tribes, Minorities, and Economically Backward Classes in the region of South India. The LAMB is working in 120 identified micro villages inGudipala, Pakala, Palasamudrum, yadamari, Irala, penumur, G.D.Nellore, N.V.Palli, Vedurukuppam, Puthalapattu, Bangarupalyam, and Thavanampalle.
RevenueSub-Divisions in Chittoor District and a few pockets in Prakasam Districts of Andhra Pradesh, South India, and a few Urban Slums in Chittoor Municipal Corporation and Chirala Municipalities.
Mr.G.S.Franklin, M.A., M.Phil
Director – The LAMB
The LAMB COVID Relief Work Pictures Our Mission and Vision :
The LAMB is bound to improve India's impoverished lives, with an extraordinary focus on women, children, and youth. The LAMB does this through high-impact reconciliations in education, health, and livelihoods because poverty is multidimensional. LAMB'S unique value statement is its unequivocal commitment between communities, civil society, and expertise. The LAMB is building a lasting bridge between the needy and supporters to lead an everyday life.
Our vision escorts every phase of our work by defining what we need to accomplish to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. LAMB'S vision is to Contribute to building an India where all people can gain access to affordable education, health care, and livelihood opportunities and where all Indians can realize their full potential.
Engage, inform, and inspire those passionate about India by building a trusted bridge and secure channel for philanthropic funding from the United States and other regions worldwide and its effective investment in India's most innovative and scalable projects. Uphold principles of transparency and accountability in all of our activities.
Our Work
Our mission is to make the world a better place for everyone and guarantee better living conditions for the poor people in need and low-income families. Together we can reduce poverty and hunger.
The LAMB is a nonprofit organization committed to sustainable development in impoverished areas of India. The focus of the work is the Andhra and Telangana states of India.
With our projects, we improve people's livelihood by accessing clean drinking water, health, education, and income. Combating child poverty is particularly important to us. We promote art and culture and want to support integration into our society today.
Our work is supported by many companies, governments, charities, churches, and individuals, among others, who share our vision of making the world a better place for everyone.
Our Charitable Objectives :
Projects: Help poor Indian students to get an education.
Millions of children worldwide have no access to vital resources such as food, clothing, education, and shelter. Education is one of the best ways to help disadvantaged children have a better future. Every child has the right to education, but unfortunately, many of them are trapped in the circle of poverty without education that can not turn their lives into success.
Please help us to enable education!
Every donation helps to change a life from the beginning.
Projects: Better Health Care
The people of India, south of India, suffer from poor health care:
●Approximately 85 million people live in Andhra and Telangana States
●Many below the poverty line families don't have access to health facilities and medical care.
The LAMB supports better health care in these states. The focus is on people who do not yet have access to medical care. We attach great importance to sustainable, socially responsible approaches and work closely with local organizations.
Please help us reduce child mortality, HIV, etc., through improved health care.
Help with your donation!
Help Now:
We are always looking for ways to improve the situations through feedback and ideas, and we are keen to recruit volunteers to help build new resources that will support educators and learners.
Please get in touch if you have suggestions or would like to be involved in the project.
Sponsor for Education:
With the support of partners and donors, we want to set up schools and community libraries. Our work is far from done, and a long line of institutions right across our states have asked for our help. The young people lack access to the resources that will help them open their minds to their power to transform their society.
The LAMB'S COVID Relief Fund :
India's deadly second wave of coronavirus has set off an earnest call to action.
Nearly a year to date, we at The LAMB set up our India Covid Relief Fund to provide relief to the extensive philanthropic disaster revealed when the pandemic began reestablishing the Fund relaunching our Covid missions.
Dejectedly, our responsibility in delivering relief to communities during the coronavirus crisis is not done, as cases and hospitalizations recapitulate to glide in a mortifying second wave of Covid-19.
But this time around, it is the elusive virus that is inducing the primary distress, moderately than the stratagems to control it – like the socio-economic crisis, the lockdown triggered 12 months ago. We have started India COVID Relief Fund – 2 to bring our collective humanity together and raise funds for the most critical needs caused by the prevailing situation.
Calls for help:
Amidst the recall of last year's scarcities in the health infrastructure still active in people's minds – and Covid cases nearly three times the peak of the first wave – we have got cries for help from numerous we had sponsored, including charitable hospitals, healthcare, and other nonprofits giving humanitarian aid.
Grim statistics such as one person dying of Covid-19 complexities every three minutes in Andhra and Telangana are heart-wrenching. The states have propelled us into starting a mission to assist a confounded health infrastructure where patients are grappling for beds, oxygen, and prescribed medicines to treat coronavirus infection. Furthermore, health workers themselves are severely affected, trying to deal with a deluge of patients and protect themselves and their families from falling sick.
Including this mission, we will be petitioning funds for healthcare organizations to collaborate with state governments to quickly put up Covid care centers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states and other badly affected metros and fill some gaps in oxygen supply in hospitals. And for PPE kits, N-95 masks, and sanitisers for our exhausted healthcare warriors.
Widespread hunger:
We have also activated our mission to accommodate meals and ration kits to neighborhoods struggling to make ends meet.
A recent report by a think tank using World Bank data suggests that poverty in India has doubled.
With the current crisis creating fear and uncertainty among this vulnerable masses, whose earning has been irregular over the last year, NGOs are now reporting widespread hunger and the need to feed families and stop the catastrophic consequences of malnutrition among children and adults.
Join us to support the vulnerable:
So as we restart India COVID Relief Fund – 2 with aid from a Steering Committee and Advisory Board to provide complete transparency, we are looking at you to come forward and donate or join this giving collective.
Last year, by September 2020, with charitable support from individual donors, philanthropic foundations, and corporate houses alike, we raised funds, which served the needy in their hour of need. Let's come together again to fight the second wave of this deadly virus, flatten and curve and help our fellow citizens through this difficult time.
Institutions who would like to contribute or join CRF – 2 can get in touch here. You can also donate to the Health Mission or the Food Mission. Stay masked, get vaccinated, and stay safe.
Project Oxygen Plants :
Oxygen - HELP the Patients breathe!
Help patients breathe as they battle COVID. Donate to boost oxygen supply Create 10X impact. Provide oxygen to help India breathe again.
At the onset of the pandemic last year, when hospitals were suffering a dire need for protective gear and equipment, we at the LAMB had responded in record time to stand firm beside our saviors, our healthcare heroes. And we were able to fill the gap by raising funds through this mission and helped those who were risking their lives to save ours.
As reported on April 22, India crossed the 3 lakh mark of new single-day cases, the highest tally in the world since the pandemic began. This increasing burden of COVID-positive patients, 2,000+ recorded fatalities per day, lack of life-saving equipment like oxygen cylinders and concentrators, ventilators, and Bipaps is crippling our healthcare infrastructure. Oxygen supply – the need of the hour. The image of many patient families crying and crowding outside hospitals desperate to get urgent medical help for their kith and kin is etched in our memories. Thousands have lost their loved ones to this growing crisis. There is a critical and immediate need for oxygen in hospitals and COVID Care Centres that our NGOs across the country have been registering with us.
In response to this, we are relaunching our health mission to support critical patients by Providing oxygen: By setting up oxygen generation plants in hospitals/COVID facility compounds in the A.P.and Telangana states. A 5,000-litre capacity plant costs ₹6cr and can support 650 people per day by providing oxygen concentrators that use oxygen from the air and convert it to medical-grade oxygen. A patient in need of a concentrator needs to be on it for 5-7 days. One oxygen concentrator costs ₹55,000. By providing oxygen cylinders that help a person in need of oxygen support for 5-7 days. The B-type (1,500L) oxygen cylinder costs ₹15,000 while the D-type (6,000L) costs ₹25,000.
The manufacture is restricted to certain states and transporting oxygen cylinders from one state to another requires specific vehicles which are not very widely available in the given situation. Refilling AB-type cylinder costs ₹800/refill, and D-type costs ₹2,500/refill. Providing life-saving equipment: By providing Bipaps which are also known as non-invasive ventilation. One Bipap costs approximately ₹60,000. By providing ventilators which are priced at ₹5 lakh per item.
Join the mission to support critical COVID patients, charitable hospitals, and COVID Care Centres. Your contribution will help them fight COVID safely and more effectively.

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