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(Pandit) Poly Varghese
Internationally Acclaimed Indian Classical Musician
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Brief background and reason for campaign

Poly Varghese is a world recognised musician, who currently lives in India. He has travelled extensively, playing concerts with other major world class artists, including Grammy Award winner Ry Cooder, Grammy award winner Paul Klemperer, Grammy Award winner John Schofield and Tony Smotherman amongst others.

He plays 20 instruments professionally and close to 50 instruments semi professionally. He owns over 100 instruments and is able to play all of them, with varying degrees.

His main instrument is the Mohan Veena of which there are only 6 in the world. The instrument is a hybrid of Sitar, Sarangi, Santoor, Sarod and Hawaiian Guitar.

During 2020 and 2021, during the height of the global Pandemic, Poly was unable to do concerts - due to distancing and travel restrictions. He was also unable to teach students, again due to lockdowns and strict social distancing regulations.

In this period also, Poly fell very ill and suffered a heart attack, for which he was hospitalised for a month - with several months recuperation period at home, where he was under strict medical guidance to rest and not perform or teach.

In this period, as a result of his illness and the pandemic, Poly was unable to fund his life in the same way as before - and experienced a severe impact on his financial situation.

He is still not fully recuperated, in the sense that he cannot travel yet as air travel could endanger his health. He also cannot do large public performances, as restrictions are still quite strong in India - a country that has seen some of the highest number of Covid infections and deaths in the world.

Poly needs a permanent place to live as soon as possible, where he can teach students and also give small, socially distanced concerts. He also requires a housekeeper to be able to ensure that he is well taken care of, and can maintain his health by not exerting himself physically.

Currently, he is staying with family friends. He occasionally does some small, low paying zoom concerts, which are not that popular or forthcoming, as his music can be distorted when played through the internet. People prefer live music and his instruments are best heard live. Or he is giving free performances over the Audio App Clubhouse, in order to keep his practice going, which are hugely supported by the community there.

He urgently needs funds of 20 Indian Lakh, in order to build a permanent home on a piece of land (one acre), which a farmer is offering to him - for a very reduced price.

As Poly needs to really stay in one spot to preserve his health and to be able to perform and teach, these urgent funds will enable him to build a small, one level home, with attached studio (for teaching students) and a performance space (for 50 people).

It will also enable him to be self-sustainable and support poor, local people who can grow fruit and vegetables on his land. He will share the crops with them and, in return for having a share of the crops, the village people will maintain the land around the home - which will be part of one acre for the whole plot.

The plot of land is in a slightly secluded part of rural Kerala. It is important that he has quiet around him, in order to practice, teach and perform. Therefore, the nearest village with shops, from the plot of land, is about 2 km away.

He requires these urgent fund by mid April 2022. He would then begin the construction of the building and have the crops planted. The whole project would take about 3/4  months to complete. He would then move into the home, employ a full time resident housekeeper / cook / organiser to set up his teaching practice and concerts.

The 20 Lakh will fully cover all of this (as above) and also provide one year's income to pay for his medical bills and medicine, personal food and fees / materials for the builders.

BIO Overview *(see detailed bio below this)

Poly Varghese was initially trained at Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala’s paramount centre for training in Classical Arts. He specialised in Mridangam, the main component of percussion in southern classical music.

He pursued his quest for music at ViswaBharati University, Santiniketan in the north eastern state of India, West Bengal with unique opportunities and access to learn various instruments -  stringed as well as percussion.

His growing interest in Rabindra Sangeet and love for Hindustani probed him to specialise in playing Hindustani music on electric guitar.

A chance meeting with Pandit Viswa Mohan Bhatt made him fall head over heels in adoration with Mohan Veena.

Once he got introduced to the maestro and his unique creation, Poly dedicated all resources to learn and practice the magic called Mohan Veena. The Guidance and tutelage of Pandit Bhatt has provided Poly clarity in perspective and practice.

This emerging musician has a number of concerts to his credit in almost 43 countries including India, the Gulf, Europe, the United States and Australia.
He is also  keenly interested in Drupad music, one of the ancient music forms of Indian culture, which he  learned from great maestros of this era - the Gundacha brothers (pt Remakath and Uma Kanth).

He has played for "Sugamana Ragangal" telecast on Doordarshan, Chennai (a major Indian broadcast network).

His recent performances include those at the Arab cultural centre Sharjah, as part of the Arab / India cultural exchange - organised by the Government of Sharjah; Adishakthi Ashram (headed by renowned theatre exponent - Veenapani Chawla); Pondicherry and at the 'Centre for Experiencing Socio-Cultural Interaction' in Madurai, India.  

Poly travelled in Europe playing at Vienna and Gras in Austria, performed with popular gypsy musicians and acclaimed guitarist Andreas Glasner.

Poly Varghese was also invited by India International Centre, New Delhi (IIC Delhi) for the prestigious Monsoon Music festival. During this trip he performed in the “Mehfil “at (Drupad musician) Subendhu Gosh’s residence in Delhi, South Campus.
While perfecting and pursuing the depths of music with Mohan Veena, he has developed his own inimitable style of improvisation. He has started composing and playing his creations.

Poly’s unique experiences and experiments in creating music has propelled him to develop the 40 stringed three-neck guitar, which he has named "Poly String Guitar" (Bahu Thantriveena).

His long term interest in traditions and disciplines of music and theatre finds expressions in varied forms. Having travelled with Baul singers of West Bengal, he is familiar with their music and loves to render high-pitched Baul songs. He is trained in (Sufi) Kabeer songs under pt Heera Singh Borliya. He is also trained in Rabindra Sangeet.

He is known as the one and only link to the great Maihar Gharana in south India

With acclaimed talent in acting, Poly has been involved in experimental theatre for several years. He has worked with theatre exponents Krishnamurthy, BadalSircar and Nasser in India. He has acted in plays of different languages and has played noteworthy roles in Tamil films.

Poly has also composed music for films and theatre alike.

In 2005 he won the Jeevan Atlas Award for Best Music Director of the year for Malayalam film 'Kootilekku' (Towards Home). He was fortunate to do an apprenticeship with the  famous South Indian Music Director -G.Devarajan.

Poly Varghese is a well known  poet in  Malayalam. He has been noted as one of the Surrealistic poets of his generation. His poems have been translated into English, Tamil, Bengali and Hindi, Some of the poems are   discussed on cultural programmes on British radio too.

Born in Kerala, besides his mother tongue Malayalam, Poly has sufficiently good working knowledge of English, Tamil, Hindi and Bengali and Oriya.

- Some Youtube Links of Mohan Veena Performances


Detailed Bio with Performances listing

Classical Music (Mohan Veena) Performances    


- Concert: Cardiological Society of India (68th Annual Conference)
- Concert: (Dec 9th) Hotel Le Meridian  Kochi
- Concert: Deakin University of Australia
- Performance:  with Australian musician Peter Huff - 26th November
  (On behalf of realising album 'Conharin Opp')
- Concert: Aayina music programme  - 12 Nov
- Concert: Cristel Suites: Wadi Kabir Sultanate of Oman
- Performance: Indian  Embassy of Oman - 24 Sept
- Concert: Ibri Indian Association (Nov) -  Sultanate of Oman
- Concert: Indian Association Malayalam wing
- Performance: Indian Association - October 5th
- Concerts: TDM  hall invited by Bank Employees Arts Movement Ernakulam (BEAME) - 29th April 2016
- Concert: Trichur, Kerala on Chethana Music Festivel - 31st April
- Concert: Association of  Chartered Accountants - Melbourne,   Australia
- Concerts: at Peter Huff Music College 'Back to Rock'
- Concerts: Northern Region India Seniors Association - Melbourne, Australia -17th April
- Concert: Jugalabandhi with eminent Karnatic vocalist - Shobha Shekhar (Glenwaverley, Melborne, Australia) - 20th April
- Concert: Nagapur Shishak Cultural Hall - Maharastra, India
(Invited by Bharat Saskruthi Yatra - 12th March
- Concerts: Bankok  University, Thailand - 30th March
    (On behalf of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhoran). Honoured   with the title 'Sangeeth Bhushan', on behalf  of Hindustani Art and  Music Society)


- Concerts: Modern International School,  Bankok, Thailand - 29th March
- Concerts: Bahrin Indian Club (organised  by Indian  Embassy  to Bahrain - July 16th
- Concert: Infinite (Santa Clara, CA, United States)
- Concerts: Austin Tribe USA, Sangeet Millennium Ensemble
        with Amie Maciszewski, Sarah Jane Hargis, and Paul Klemperer)
- Concert: University of Texas - USA (with Iranian musicians Ehsan Matoori and Ehsan Shafiee) to support the children of Nepal  
- Concert: Yoga in Motion - San Antonio USA (Mohan Veena Violin  Jugalbandhi with Karnatic Violionist - Swami Anand Nada Yogi  
- Concert: Prakuthi at Wayanad Kerala Concert at Mohan Sangeeth Rath
- Concert: Delhi Epic Center (organised by India World Cultural Foundation)
- Concerts: Chennai, India - with Tamil Maestro Valayapetti at Chennayil Thiruvayyar Festival                                                        
- Concert: India International Guitar Festival 2014, Kolkata (with Jeff Peterson & Debashish Bhattacharya)
- Concerts: Sultan Bin Ali Oasis Cultural Foundation Auditorium, Dubai UAE
- Concert: Chembai Memorial Music Academy in Kerala, India
- Concert:  Chirag Cultural Center in Kerala, India  
- Concert: Guan Spiritual Center (Hong Kong) with Chinese Flutist - Tam Po Shek  
- Concerts: Hong Kong Cultural Center, Hong Kong
- Concert: Indian Association Auditorium  Emirates of Sharjah UAE
- Concert: Hala Hotel Emirates of Ajman UAE
- Concert: Scholars India at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE2013
- Concert: Indian Embassy at Qatar, Doha
- Concert: Hamsadwani Music Festival, Chennai, India                    2012
- Jugalbandhi: with Mandolin Player - Aravind Bhargav at Margazhi Festival, Chennai    
- Solo Performances: ‘Spaces’ Performance Center, Chennai
- Concert: Dubai Museum (Invitation from prestigious painter Mrs Fathima Lootha), Dubai
- Concert: National day at the Burj Khalifa building (1st performance of Indian Musician), UAE
- Concert: India Festival by Government of India, Abu Dhabi2011
- Concert: Mozart Music Festival at Vienna, Austria
- Concert: Fusion music concert with gypsy musicians and acclaimed guitarist Andreas Glasner, Austria
- Concert: Monsoon Music festival organized by Govt. of India, New Delhi, India
- Mehfil with Drupad Musician - Subendhu Gosh at New Delhi, India2010
- Concert: Arab Cultural Centre in Sharjah for Arab-India cultural exchange by Govt. of Sharjah
- Concert: India Social Center in Abudabi2008-9
- Concert: Centre for Experiencing Socio-Cultural Interaction in Madurai, India - 2009
- Mehfil: - organized by renowned South Indian actor Nasar - Chennai, India - 2008
- Concert: Adhi Shakthi Ashram in Pondichery, India                

Awards & Honors

- Radio One Award for Young Hindustani Instrumentalist - 2012
- Jeevan Atless Award - Best Music Director for Malayalam Film Kootilekku (Towards Home) - 2005
- Government Recognition Award for Young Hindustani Instrumentalists of India - 2013

Education & Training  
- Hindustani Vocal Music: Viswa Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal – 1995 to 1998    
- Kerala Kalamandalam 1990
- Many years training on Mohan Veena with Pandit Viswa Mohan Bhatt
- Skill Set Apprenticeship with famous South Indian Music Director G.Devarajan  
- Classical Music: Karnatic & Hindustani
- Specialization: Meditative Music Style with Mohan Veena

Main Instruments Played

Mohan Veena, Poly String Guitar, Mrudangam, Flute, Tabla, Piano, Sitar, Sarod, Chenda, Khadam, Gunjira


- Chennai Doordarshan 2007:  Played 30 Ragas in 30-day telecast, during Sugamana Ragangal
- Performed meditative music as stress therapy - for various organizations and companies
- Baul songs & Rabindra Sangeet, plus Kabeer songs - under guidance of Hirasingh Borliya of Ujjain      
- Poetry (Published Author)
- Photography
- Acting (appeared in Indian Films)


Fluent in his native tongue Malayalam, and sufficiently fluent in English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali & Oriya

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