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Help Nitesh Fight Blood Cancer

I am Venkatesh. I work as the Operations Manager in Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. Having worked in this organisation for 4 and half years , the fellow peers, supporting staff have become more than just a familiar face. We exchange smiles and greetings everyday. Rarely do we have conversations but it is one of those kinds where you can pick up from where we left it last. Once such person I have known is Nitesh.  

Meet Nitesh - The Friendly Face At The Reception Desk.

Though I have known Nitesh from the very beginning, I got a sense of his professional side here in Sahyadri. Nitesh works as a receptionist in our hospital. I have seen him over 2 years. Answering calls, helping worried relatives of patients and running around to make sure crucial patient files reach the doctor’s desk on time with the important messages. Walking into the hospital hallways, I would see him hustling. We would exchange a quick smiles and get back to our routine. 

And Then His Warm Smiles Had A Hint Of Weakness In Them

Not seeing him at the desk, I assumed he was away for a vacation. On enquiry, I got to know he is unwell and waiting tests results for dengue or malaria. The sudden drop in RBC count, fever, body ache all were pointing to the obvious symptoms of dengue. But little did they know the Nitesh might have been fighting something more grave. Soon fews scans and tests revealed he has Acute Leukaemia, an aggressive type of blood cancer. 

When A Cumulative Salary Of 4 Cannot Afford His Treatment.

Nitesh's father is a vegetable seller and his brother works a security guard in our hospital. His wife works at a call centre. But yet total monthly earnings of all them is not suffice for Nitish's treatment. He needs aggressive sessions of chemotherapy and blood transfusions to have a shot at winning this fight against cancer. 

How can you help?

Nitesh needs treatment worth 10 lakhs. With a condition like his, he can no longer work. The family earns nothing more than 15000 a month. It is not easy for his wife or his father to see him fight a disease this grave. With our support, we can help Nitesh live. And see him where we have loved seeing him; behind the reception desk.

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Ask for an update
7th February 2017
Dear Supporters,

A big thank you to all for coming together and extending your heart warming support. We have an extremely positive update to share with you.

As mentioned in the previous update, Nitesh had been recommended a bone marrow transplant. However, after continued chemo sessions, the good news is that he no longer requires a bone marrow transplant. His body responded very well to the chemo.

You will be happy to know that he is partially back to work. Since he is not completely fit, he is allowed to work only half a day. Here is a picture of him working at the Sahyadri Hospital.

Currently, he is on medicines and periodical injections. Seeing such a tremendous progress, we are sure that he will soon be back to his normal healthy routine. Keep sending in your positive wishes. We will keep you updated.

Team Milaap
19th September 2016
Dear Supporters, 

Nitesh has undergone a round of chemo and has been recommended a bone marrow transplant. His family members are being tested for a match. The test results are awaited this week. 

His wife and brother are constantly by his side and thank you for your contribution. Along with Nitesh’s father, they are trying to make ends meet at home.

Nitesh, his wife, and his brother at the hospital. 

If Nitesh finds a match, the bone marrow transplant is going to increase his expenses by quite a margin. This is going to cause additional strain on his family’s already marginal income.

Nitesh and his family have requested for more support from his contributors and thank you in advance for the same. 

Team Milaap
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Get well soon Bhai...

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let god help Nitesh.

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Get well soon

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God bless you :) Get well soon