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Support Fair journalism - "It is not a profession but a mission"
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    Samir Shrivastav -SENIOR JOURNALIST
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    New Media Startup- Straight view

    from Patna, Bihar


                                         Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha
Media  startup                                                                                fair Journalism

                                            National news magazine
                          (Fair journalism - not a profession but a mission)

“Those who support fair journalism, who want to keep their identities confidential or those who do not want to subscribe to the “Straight-View” Coordinator-Board of members, want to support fair journalism.  Any maximum or minimum amount (cooperation amount) send of the "Straight-view” bank account.”

A golden opportunity for all citizens of the country to get prestige and respect by joining media (journalism).

A news-magazine, e-magazine, portal and YouTube channel is being launched from Patna, capital of Bihar, the birthplace and workplace of Buddha, Chanakya and many other great human beings.  Our basic mantra is "journalism-not profession-mission".

Today most media groups are fulfilling their economic needs through the ruling party, opposition or other government advertisements, in such a situation, the objectivity of the media is meaningless.  Our original objective is to bring back the lost dignity of journalism and we declare on oath that we will print free government advertisements released in the interest of the nation and ensure free and fair.

 Availability of capital is a major obstacle in the path of fair journalism.  Despite the adverse circumstances, the "straight-view" magazine group will write a new chapter of fairness in the history of journalism in collaboration with all of you.  She will speak impartially on issues and discharge her role in spreading awareness in the society.

 We are working on a concrete action plan so that there is no doubt that the "straight-view" group is successful and popular.  The success of any magazine or newspaper requires a good and combative team of journalists as well as the necessary capital.  Many senior journalists have been associated with this magazine group published nationally.  The capital is being managed through "crowd-funding".  Each month a small financial support from all of you associated with various platforms of social media will be met with the financial needs of the "Straight-View" magazine group.  In this way the right thing will reach the people.

 You are expected to support only 500 rupees per month.  With this matchless support of you, fair journalism will once again come alive.  We will also get many facilities in the form of an honor by everyone leading news magazine group of the future.

                     Facilities you get from “Straight-View” Media Group

1.  You will be made an unpaid member of the Coordinating Editorial Board of the "Straight-view" National Newsletter Group.  Soon after the receipt of 500 rupees, a citation will be sent to all of you in which your name will be registered as an unpaid member of the "Straight-view" Coordinating Editorial Board.

 2. "Straight-view" respect-letter of honor issued with the designation of a member of the coordination editorial board.

 3. In April 2021, the first issue of the 64-page "Straight-view" magazine will be published.  This magazine will be sent to you by post or courier.  An e-magazine of the magazine will also be sent on the e-mail of all the members.

 4. Special gift for your matchless support four times a year.

 5. Your family's three advertisements of your shop or institute, including birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc. will be free (free of cost 7500 rupees for you) in the year

 6. 8 pages are dedicated to for this purpose in the 64-page "Straight-View" magazine polishing new talent including established litterateurs For the purpose of this, only short stories and poems written by you or your children will be printed in the “Straight-view” with photos.

7. All those who contribute, will be designated as a members of the Coordinating Editorial Committee of the "Straight-View" magazine group. With the magazine, anyone can visit e-magazine, news portal and YouTube channel's page and website  can see the your name.

 8. A "straight-view" social wing has also been formed for discharging social responsibilities which will carry out this responsibility well.  The "Straight-view" media group will also provide medicines, textbooks and other necessary resources to the needy and deprived people and children every month.  In the coming time, orphanage and old age home will also be operated.  You will get a chance to join this positive initiative of ours.
 You are requested to send an amount of Rs. 500 for immediate membership of the "Straight-view" Coordination Editorial Committee to the bank account of "Straight-view”. The first issue in "Straight-view” April 2021. Again from March 2021, every month, 500 rupees will be sent to the bank account (straight view) of the online or offline. You can send this amount in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months installments. Every month, all of you will continue to receive magazine and e-magazine seamlessly. Must sent your address and email id “Straight-View” group email id.
You can give your incomparable support in reviving fair journalism in India by sending it to "Straight-view” bank account.  The Straight-View Family will always be grateful to you.
                                                             Thank you.
Your trusted partner
Samir Shrivastav
Senior journalist  & Striaght view family

                                                  Attachments :-
1)  Title given to magazine from government of India
2)   Magazine G.S.T number
3)   Affidavit for not taking government financial benefits

                                              Payment process:-
To join the “Straight-view” media group, immediately after sending the cooperation amount of Rs 500 to the magazine's bank account (s), the e-mail of the magazine will be sent to the payment slip address and your email address along with your name. On making the online payment, the screen shot and your email and correspondence address will have to be sent to the email ID of the magazine.

Membership certificate will be sent to all of you on your email id as soon as    you get the magazine establishment and your membership support amount.  The letter of honor will also be sent to your correspondence address by courier or post.

Again from March 2021, every month, 500 rupees will be sent to the online or offline magazine bank account.  Every month, all of you will continue to receive magazines and e-magazines seamlessly.  Must send your address and email id. “Straight-view” For the other facilities including membership of the Coordinating Board of the group (Patrika, e-Patrika, News Portal, YouTube Channel), the bank slip or screen shot  of the cooperation amount will have to be sent to the “Straight-view” media email id
                                                   Thank you.

STRAIGHT VIEW  '' स्ट्रेट- व्यू''
BANK A/C No.-50200053535638

STRAIGHT VIEW  '' स्ट्रेट- व्यू''
BANK A/C No.-48040200000369

GOOGLE PAY No. 8797035496
GOOGLE UPI ID:- straightviewmedia@okhdfcbank

BHIM APP No. 8797035496
BHIM APP UPI ID:- straightviewmedia@upi

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