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Save Jeevan The Stray Indie Dog From A Horrible Skin Infection
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I am Monika Sharma, a feeder and an animal rescuer from Gurgaon. I also run a home based pet boarding viz. Pawsome Boarding. And this is my story.
I always had a heart for animals since childhood, grew up playing with the stray dogs and cats. Never did I know I would be fighting for their rights one day. In 2008, when my husband and I were on our way back to Delhi, we saw a pup tied outside a breeder’s shop. I sensed something was not right in that sight. Out of pain and concern, I asked the shop owner about the pup that also looked frail and unwell. The owner had no certain reply and was not ready to take the child in. We repeatedly politely asked him, if he could just place a rug or a piece of cloth for the pup to lie on.  He kept on mumbling, and, in no time, he got agitated and screamed at us “if you are bothered, take him with away yourself”. It sank my heart to see his ruthless behavior; he had no emotions for the kid who was barely 30 days old.
I had never felt so helpless in my life before. Countless thoughts rushed through my mind. The pup was no different from a human baby and look, there he was, without love and touch of his own mother or a human. He was left to die. My soul didn’t allow me walk away. My husband and I decided to embrace him, we got him home. Being new parents, we left no stone unturned to save our first furry baby; it was a miracle how Shadow survived. Yes, we named him shadow, and that became a life altering moment when I started connecting with stray kids.
I don’t have counting how many stray kids I rescued and got sterilized. It just happened, one after another. Each time, a new dog, a new journey, a new battle against survival, it went on like this for 10 years. I never really sought financial help from anyone. Though, now when I have enough experience, I am unable to help more kids, because the rescue work has increased only. I rescue from Gurgaon, Delhi and even from other places. I don’t know how to shut my eyes. I feel numb not able to help them, I now need financial help for the kids. Or I just can’t do it even if I want to. There is a lot of expense involved in rescuing a dog; animal vans, medical, boarding, surgery cost etc. Sometimes, it does not require medical boarding and dogs are treated at their site. However, it gets tough if the dog needs medical care.
Today, I am reaching out to you for Jeevan, a kid that I rescued on 15.03.2020, from Shahdra East Delhi. Jeevan has severe mange. Somebody informed about this kid, I could not stop myself after looking at his pictures. I am sure if you look at his pictures, you would understand his pain. Jeevan is hairless, with skin covered in sores or with thickened, hard, crusty patches. His skin appears to have turned to stone. It’s extremely painful to survive in bitter cold and summer in this condition. It itches and the dog scratches himself to bleed. It’s a horrible, painful condition, but even serious cases can be treated effectively. We have hope for Jeevan. It would bring relief and great satisfaction to see this kid transformed and healed. We have shifted him to a shelter in Dadri. It will require at least 2 months medical treatment. His expenses are detailed below. You are most welcome to speak me about his recovery or if you have any query about his expenses. I can also share his pictures of recovery during the treatment. Would you like to be Jeevan’s rescue angel?
Boarding for 60 days (Rs.100 per day) – Rs 6000
Medical Expenses- Rs. 1000
Van charges from Shahdra to Dadri – Rs. 1500
Van Charges from Dadri to Shahdra on recovery – Rs 1500
It’s a humble request if you are in any capacity to help, please come forward. Each small contribution counts for Jeevan. I can help more kids with best of my efforts. Some pictures of Jeevan and my other old rescues have been uploaded for your perusal.

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