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Urgent Need Money for Pursuing MBBS from Philippines to serve Nation
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    Mohammad Aaban

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My Beloved Brothers & Sisters, I'm Mohammad Aaban from India basically from Uttar Pradesh. I got 89% in Metric Examination & 74% in the Intermediate Examination. I'm a very hard-working guy towards education but there was something mishappening happened due to this I hadn't achieved my desirable score in Intermediate.

I have an admission letter from DMSF (Philippines)

Anyway, Being An Indian Firstly, I applied for the NEET examination but unfortunately due to some marks I got Rejected 3 times with my desirable Aim that's MBBS. First time I got 300 Marks out of 720. The second time I got 550 Marks.

 Unfortunately, the Third time I got  500 marks only I felt so disheartened & I lost all the hope just due to physics. You know My Brothers & Sisters I Hate Physics I worked day & night and unstoppable dedicated studies but somehow again I'm not able to crack Physics which is Incredibly important in NEET Examination.

BY heart I'm saying there is no need for much Physics after getting an admission in MBBS I don't know why they're demanding to add physics questions for MBBS Selection or to get admission in MBBS.
You know my beloveds I lost all the hopes to become a well-qualified MBBS Doctor. It's my burning desire to help the needy, & do something in the fields & for the people who're actually living in slums, polluted & filthy areas. They don't get the free & best quality medical facilities that they deserve, that's the reason many people suffered a lot through many congenital and various diseases. This is only my Intention behind becoming an MBBS Doctor. But I got rejected many times.

My Brothers and Sisters, I have the capabilities & Capacities to Qualify for MBBS but I hate Physics I suffered a lot to know the concepts. I've joined various coaching just for physics but I didn't get the desired number even a single time. I felt disheartened and cried a lot in a closed room and prayed a lot to Lord that Please Lord please I've to become a Doctor & I'll be a Doctor please make a way for me make a way in which physics doesn't come in between.
I'm a Middle-Class Student & I don't have enough money to pursue my MBBS Education through Private Colleges because they're demanding about 1-3crores for Just doing a 5Years MBBS course.

Literally, I've disappointed, I lost all my hopes & I got nervous but One day, I researched a lot about pursuing the MBBS from Abroad basically from the Philippines. Because they're just demanding 30-40Lakhs for the whole duration of MBBS. I searched a lot about how'll I Get Admission there?
After researching a couple of weeks somehow I found that how to get admission there. And by the grace of God, I got Admission to Davao Medical School Foundation which is the best medical college in the Philippines in every respect. But my beloveds the major issue is I don't have enough money/bucks to afford this Education easily. My family & I only afford 1-2lakhs INR for the whole duration of MBBS. But the remaining 36Lakhs is still not available.
My Brothers & Sisters, I'm a consisting & self depended on a student just for the collection of money I've started three YouTube Channels Name:- Mr. Mohammad Aaba, Mr. Crazy Vlogger & Mr. Learning Dunya. But You know Guys It's quite a long process to earn from it if you're new on YouTube.

I'm a sincere Student & I'll pursue my MBBS with full dedication & full passion & unbelievable consistency and definitely one day I'll serve the nation & do innovative things for our country because after graduation for doing MD from India there will be no Physics. And Definitely, I'll crack everything with my dedication, and one day I'll make a change in the slums area. I'll make Hospitals and arrange Doctors for the people who don't afford private hospitals. Because Government Hospitals is just for the name they are so misbehaving the doctors who are appointed their they don't come on time so the poor cast suffered a lot and I've to make a change.
You may think that why I've not mentioned anything about education loans instead of having these crises?. MY Beloveds whatever I've I have mentioned everything If I talk about education loans I've approached many banks but they're refusing in giving loan they're saying that you've to submit collateral otherwise we'll not approve your loan. What can I do ?? Tell me. We have a small home in which all family members are living It's too small even the registration of my home is not done yet because its cost is more than lakhs. Please help me for pursuing my passion.

My Beloveds If somehow you'll arrange that money for me I'll be highly obliged. I'm requesting you my brothers and sisters please crowdfund for me & please donate for me the money you can easily afford. I promise, your single money will not get wasted & I'll spend that money for my entire education.

Please Help Me My Brothers and Sisters otherwise I'll lose all the hope & I'll be highly disappointed & may this will destroy & end my life.
Yours Affectionate
Mohammad Aaban

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