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Help Minaxi Complete Her Graduation!
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“LADKI TO PARAYA DHAN HAI PADH LIKH KE KYA KAREGI!”  “Why should we spend our money on educating someone which will not benefit us?” is what people always said! (A girl is always meant to live a life built upon the graveyard of her own dreams so that she can go with the flow of this brutal society!)

A lot of questions have been raised on my ability and capabilities based on the norms in context of genders which currently exist in the society. I have always dreamt of a world with decreased inequalities and a world where everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want without them being bound by the narrow walls of race, gender, ethnic origin, caste, religion, etc.! I have always focused on gaining all my ambitions despite the challenges that I have been  facing throughout my life just because of the fact that I was a GIRL!

Hello everyone My name is Minaxi Chaurasia! I am living and studying in Mumbai itself but I was born in Uttar Pradesh1 I am 17 years old and I just completed my 12th Grade!

I come from the community where girls are forbidden the basic fundamental right to be educated! I come from the community where the shackles of poverty are huge enough to wash away the perseverance and resilience of girls fighting against the odds! I have grown up in a community where girls are just meant to do the household chores and should not be educated! People have been propagating the aged ideologies and even in such circumstances my parents stood up for me! I belong to a low income family from Uttar Pradesh! My mother is a housewife and works 18 hours a day to ensure that I live a happy life and my father has a small shop that he runs despite his various health issues that he keeps going through. Both of my parents understand and cherish the importance of education in one’s life and hence they decided to educate and I was incredibly privileged to get this opportunity as others were denied this due to the norms in the society! Even after facing immense resistance from society they still choose to give me the education that I needed!

I completed my 10th from a very small school in my locality entitled New English Secondary school! Once I completed my 10th grade a time came when I had to fight for my further education as the people started questioning my potential and capabilities based on my gender! They started planning my fate according to their dogma minded ideologies of what a girl should be doing and what she should be getting as a girl. When they were asked the reason for this they tried to get out by giving redundant excuses like, “She is a girl and being educated till 10th grade is more than enough for her.” At that point of time my mom stood up for me and took  responsibility for my education! My father has asthma due to which he can’t work a lot but still for me and my younger and elder brother both of them work day and night to ensure that I do not face any circumstance! There were times when My dad got convinced with the beliefs of others but in those days the other family member stood up for me and made me criticize the norms through the lens of humanitarianism and at the end of the day he was convinced! The Problems  were not over yet, instead it was just the beginning! I somehow managed to get admissions in a government college for my 11th grade! I was doing well in 11th grade and I passed out of my 11th grade with first class but then when my 11th grade was about to end people again started questioning me for my 12th boards and I again had to fight against them to get things fixed for me because that is how things are meant to be.  Despite the challenges I decided to continue my education post my 11th grade and started preparing myself for my 12th  grade in the commerce field! I got 80% in my 12th board exams!

I am a great enthusiast of sports owing to which I participated in all the sport events that took place in my schools but I had to drop that too just due to the fact that I was a girl I was not allowed to travel far for competitions and even if I did people were there to judge me and comment on that! Till my 10th grade I used to lead the Kabaddi and Kho-Kho team of my school!

As the pandemic started it just intensified the struggles for me and my family to continue the way we were going as we survived on daily incomes as due to the lockdown the shops were closed and due to that I had to migrate back to my village where I stayed for an year! My village is very far away from the city due to which I had to face network issues on a daily basis and even at times I did not have recharges cause my family had to priorities our meals over the recharges! I I did not have a proper device to attend classes but still I took that ownership to taking accountability of my own learning. I embodied a lot of perseverance during this online year of learning but still at times things were just not under my control! I faced a lot of psychological issues which in turn increased my anxiety and stress. The injustices that were dealt to me increased gradually as due to the pandemic our economic conditions became worse due to which my parent's weren't able to pay the school fees! During such times it we had prioritize meals over education!

As we stayed in my village for a year we were left with no expenses to return back to Mumbai but still my family managed to take some loans to get back to Mumbai. We did not even have a penny in our hands but still they came so that I could give my exams. They are working day and night to make sure that I and my younger brother are happy! Things have just been worse during this pandemic and it just seems dark but the only light that I can find in this dark is my education! Owing to my love in mathematics I want to be a Bank manager for which I am currently pursuing B.MS(Bachelor’s of management studies) so that I can complete my graduation! I can use my education as a tool to help my parents and myself too by becoming financially independent!

I and my family somehow tried to manage the expenses of my education prior to this but as I am entering the university my education expenses have increased a lot due to which I have been forced by the circumstances to quit my studies and go with the flow but I decided to not let the hardships of my parents go off and choose to continue my education for which I need some help with the finances! The distribution of the expenses is as follows:

1. College fees(For 3 Years): Rs. 80,000/-
2. Device expenses(Laptop): Rs. 40,000/-
3. Tuition fees: Rs. 25,000/-
4. Outstanding tuition fees: Rs. 15,000
5. Personal expenses: Rs. 5,000/-
6. Internet charges: Rs. 5,000/-
7. Routine education charges: Rs. 15,000/-

If you are helping me  you are not only opening the path for me to continue my education but also setting an example for all the girls out there to move towards conquering their ambitions which others have sacrificed in the pursuit of norms existing in the society! If you help me you are leveraging me to fulfill my ambitions despite the challenges that I have faced belonging to a  marginalized community! If you are even sharing this you are contributing to a better cause of empowering the marginalized!

I truly believe that I would achieve all my ambitions if given this opportunity hence every single penny matters to me so please donate in whatever capacity you can! Even if you can’t donate, sharing it with others can contribute to bigger help!


Thank You!

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