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Desperately need help to pay rent for last 2 months to not be homeless
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    Prabir Mukherjee

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Hi this is Meera mukherjee as the whole world specially India is reeling under this unprecedented time of extreme uncertainty and financial turmoil due to this pandemic which has also effected rather have devastated my family in a very bad way. This fundraiser is about survival by keeping the roof over our head. me and mom are staying in a secured 2 bedroom flat in a south kolkata complex very well connected to the hospitals around so a bit expensive rent of rs 17500 currently every month which has been our safe sanctuary since the pandemic has begun. Our family has one earning member currently which is my dad  Prabir Mukherjee who is in gorakhpur posted there. As I was going through a severe mental health crisis for a long time and other health complications then once I was Trying to start working again but then the pandemic happened and as I didn't have barely any fund to go out neither any resources to work from home not even a laptop so I couldn't work at all in this pandemic also as my mom(age 50) is not well so have to look after her also. Then since the pandemic dad's company started delaying the salary gradually month by month then it started spiraling to the worst in past few months and now it has led to extremely critical situation where we are without any salary for past 3 months. So we are literally stuck in the vortex of this helpless situation and continuous mental and physical exhaustion not even a day went in past 1 year where we didn't had to worry how to survive the next day!! It had been so bad that can't even put in words specially dropping straight from a bit of priviledge life to the stark reality of basic necessity and survival on bare minimum had been extremely taxing mentally and physically. 

I spoke with the company's president himself but nothing has materialised and highly doubtful whether they will ever release the Salary or not as its a contractual job. Since the salary started getting stuck I somehow managed to run the household in very minimal expenses since then our landlady had been very cooperative not gonna lie. 

But we always made sure that we pay the rent somehow even if it's late in every month since the pandemic now in between this worst phase few freinds had helped in thier own capacity and hardly any relatives, as in our bengali families mostly rather generally our extended families are not so generous or connected as compared to the non bengali families. also for my mental health crisis was left with hardly any freinds. So last 3 months had been extremely difficult to survive with out any salary, there had been days when we ran out of groceries even still managed and kept on fighting the crisis but now all our help and whatever little assets and money we had in savings all is exhausted to the T.

 So we are left with nothing to carry on. Still we would have managed and fought but then the ultimate blow came as our landlady is not willing to consider anymore as 2 months rent is pending which is rs 35000 exactly so we are on the verge of getting evicted out if the rent is not payed in next 3 days.
 We as a family are left with only this rented flat which is like the most safest place on earth for me and my mom in this absolute madness of a PANDEMIC, also we don't have any funds or mental capacity to shift anywhere and in the middle of a pandemic shifting to a new home is extremely risky and my mom might get covid during it. We are also scared of it because we don't have any fund to support the treatment if my mom or dad gets covid as both of them are aged, so the last thing we want in our life is letting my parents getting exposed to covid. So please I beg all of you to support my nuclear family to save our lives so that we can atleast pay the pending rent for 2 months so that we can stay safe in this worst pandemic. Other expenses like grocery and food and medcinines I will manage it somehow with the rest money from this donation drive temporarily to run the household even if its impossible as this 50k is only going to be equivalent to 1 month salary so still 2 months salary will be deficit and would need to pay the utilities to bank to everything  still I am an eternal optimistic realist so I hope I will manage somehow. . My family would be eternally grateful to all of you who will help us in this worst situation of our life ever so I had to explain it all the reasons which has led to this extreme helplessness where we are bound to ask for help . So I tried to fit in the backstory as briefly as possible to be transparent fully as you all deserve it all who are gonna help us ahead. Please my family begs to help us in clearing 2 months pending rent of total Rs 35000. I have attached a SS of a rent transfer bank transaction receipt below
for the genuinity reference.

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