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Namaste/ Greetings,
This is Prema/Pam. I am a Full time Social worker/NGO. I am an American Citizen currently and an Indian National by birth

U.S.Embassy has put me in a Dilemma ! Choose one Lose one ! They are willing to help me with a Repartriation Assistance loan for my Passport and Flight tickets from Delhi, India to LA,California but Not FOR MY Pets. I promised to myself-- I will Not Fly to America Leaving my Babies behind.

 I've  been a full time Social worker past 7 yrs Educating Under privileged CHILDREN, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and CARE for ANIMALS ,travelling to different villages all the way from South To North India. My 3 dogs gave a helping hand on my work.

How I adopted these 3 Babies --
I picked them up from the Sea side of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India  2 yrs ago. Browny was in a poor state not eaten for days, had scars, cuts and wound everwhere. He had patches of hair literally on his skin. He made sure he wanted Love and a Caring Home than just food. Momo looks plump and cute in these current pix. when I saw her first time, I could count her ribs, chest rolling down feeding her 10 pups. One day she got through my fence  leaving her pups on the street corner and I knew she was starving. She kept eating n eating. Later, she went to the side of the backyard, dug up the sand and slept peacefully for an hour. She never let me touch her for atleast 4 months. All her pups eventually died on the street side, few times bikers ran over them during nights. I tried to save 1 last puppy of hers but he had breathing problem last few days and died. Blacky was the 1st one to enter my  house. He was raised by a Security guard  but blacky was always on the street with his street buddies. Every village person fed blacky with cookies n stuff. He was the Village Macho dog.The day he realised I care for him, he came over for couple nites when he had injuries, cuts, swollen eye, get healed up and back on tge streets. One day he decided he wants My home to be his too.  All three were street buddies and eventually he brought these 2 guys into my house.Today, They are Healthy, Sterlized, Health Certified, Microchipped and NOC approved from India to fly to America as soon as we get Funds from generous Animal Lovers

I always spent, to help Low Income Children buy Clothing, Eat Outs, Trips, Picnics, Xmas Party, Burger Parties and also fed home cooked meals everyday for atleast 7 to 10 street dogs
But, am in such a finacial crisis myself today, i am Not able to buy Flight Tickets to fly my 3 dogs. I'm on a Pay later Food voucher with a street vendor. I have not fed a good meal for my  dog past couple months. They are bearly surviving with Flatread, milk and buttermilk.we need help before more trouble kicks in

My bad Karma/Destiny, going through rough life personally, past a decade. The only thing which kept me going was helping the underpriviledged children in any ways possible, Love from my pets and helping the street dogs

MY DOGS ARE MY HERO's!! My dogs are not Certified Service/Emotional nor Seeing Eye dogs but they have served a lot on my Social Journey putting up with rough weather to eating minimum food available.They have rendered service, by being friendly  to the village children. Kids learned how to even pet, feed and walk them on leash and learned Spoken English by talking to my dogs, that is one way to pick up a language, It works

I do NOT have a Home in United States at present, flying to LA California to start my New Life. I called the Welfare Services,  they do NOT have absolutely no Shelters where Pets are allowed to stay with the owner. I made an appointment with the case worker at the Welfare Services at LA after I land there, they have promised to expedite my request and get me an Affordable home. It's a long haul. Until then we will be at a Pet friendly Bed n Breakfast

I need to Raise Funds to Fly my 3 dogs to America

Kindly help us generously so that I an fly my Pets safely with me and enjoy rest of their life in America. 

My dogs found a mama yet to fly with her and be United. We were very lucky to have been adopted from the streets in india but it's scary if U.S.Embassy wants us to be thrown into the Shelter. We love our Mom. We shall spend rest of our lives with her. We LIVE WHEREVER MOM LIVES..


GOD Wishes Peace and Love from all of us. Help my dogs find their Peace. They suffered a lot begging on the street side, eating rotten food and fighting with other street dogs for survival. They found a mom but their Life is still incomplete until they fly with their mom to America

MY Heart Filled Thanks/Namaste to all of You who are willing to Fund my dogs.

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My 3 Babies cannot Live without Me! need funds 2 fly 2 America with Ma
My 3 Babies cannot Live without Me! need funds 2 fly 2 America with Ma
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