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Nurse Mamatha's life has come to a standstill after kidney failure

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Mamatha is a 32-year-old nurse whose kidneys suddenly failed in August last year. She had just a started a new chapter in her life and gotten married just a few months back. Her new husband feels cheated because Mamatha is sick and has distanced himself. Mamatha's mother is willing to give her kidney to Mamatha, all they need is funds to make the transplant happen.

 Mamatha with her parents who are the only ones taking care of her now

Mamatha's life has come to a standstill due to kidney disease

Especially in young people, kidney disease is a silent killer. It creeps up on people without any warning symptoms. It is what happened to Mamatha. She went to the doctor because she started feeling very tired all the time. She never expected that her fatigue was due to kidney failure. 

“I got married in May, and till mid-August, I was fine. I was very happy starting this new phase of my life. Then I started being very tired – too tired to even eat. My husband took me to the doctor and we got tests done. Every one was shocked when they told us that both my kidneys had failed,” explains Mamatha.

No one was more shocked than Mamatha's husband. He became convinced that Mamatha's family had hidden her condition from him to get them married. He has distanced himself from Mamatha. Mamatha is at her parents' house – dejected, but still hopeful that they will get back once she is better. 

“The doctors have told me that I will get better with a new kidney. I don't have any other health problems. I can get back to work and pay off all the loans we have taken for treatment. Maybe once I am better, I can even convince my husband we didn't cheat him. I don't want to spoil anyone's life. All I need is treatment till I am better,” says Mamatha.

Mamatha before she became sick - on a family holiday

Mamatha works 4 days a week – and still can't afford her monthly dialysis

Kidney disease has ravaged Mamatha. She has lost a lot of weight and needs dialysis twice a week. The day after dialysis – she is laid up in bed because she is too tired to move. But no amount of suffering brings her down. She still goes to work – so she can at least pay for a part of her own dialysis – which costs Rs 2,000 per session.

“I had three surgeries for a dialysis fistula – an access point on the body for dialysis. But because I am so weak, none of them were successful. Now, the doctor says I need an emergency kidney transplant. My mother is willing to donate her kidney, but we don't know when we can arrange a transplant.”

Mamatha sold off all her valuables and took loans for her surgeries and dialysis. She is already Rs 4 lakhs in debt. She needs another Rs 5 lakhs and she has no way of putting together that amount in time. She is desperate because she believes that everything in her life will get better once she is back on her feet. 

How you can help

Mamatha is a smart, optimistic nurse who is going through a very difficult time. As a nurse, she knows that her condition could be worse. A kidney transplant will save her life, let her pay back her loans and save her marriage.

Your contributions will make all the difference to this young woman's life.

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