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Save Tintin by helping in Post Surgical Kidney Complications Treatment
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Update as on 30.10.2021

Dear kind humans,
With your love and support my laparoscopic stone removal was done on 26.10.2021. After the surgery, I stopped eating, and started vomiting 10-12 times a day. Initially the doctor thought it was due to the anaesthesia but they got worried when it did not stop even after 48 hours of surgery.

The doctors got the blood reports done and found out high creatinine, urea and phosphorus levels

The doctor decided to withold all food and water because I continued vomiting and put me on complete IV treatment because a high creatinine level indicates that my kidneys are not able to flush out toxins properly. The doctor also did a sonography to see if the filtration levels are normal. Right now the doctor has repeated the blood tests for creatinine levels. If it is not normal, I would need dialysis, the cost of which is 8000-10000 per setting.

Right now, till we get to know if dialysis is needed, the doctor is administering IV treatment with 6 injections per setting twice a day to me to flush out toxins and as post surgical care. The cost for the same is 5000/day. My humans would not be able to continue the same without your support as the treatment can go on for months.

I with folded paws urge you to please contribute.

Picture of the stone that was removed

"I want to play..I want to laugh.. I want to live" - TintinDear Kind Souls,My name is Tintin, I am a 3 year, 9 month old female cocker spaniel based in Pune. I am also obese. Since I was 4 months old, I used to have recurrent UTIs along with blood in urine and a lot of pain. It took a lot of time for the doctors and my humans to figure out what the problem was. Recently in June, 2021, my problem became worse and I kept on urinating blood and straining and one day, passed a stone.

My humans, Neha Mayuri and Maahi Mayuri consulted the doctor, who gave me a set of medicines – Cystone, Ciplox 250 along with Pause 500 and Neeri syrup. The treatment helped me pass around 200-300 small sized stones.

In September 2021, the blood in my urine increased but I stopped passing stones, that’s what worried my humans, hence a follow up X-Ray was done and they found a 35mm X 20mm stone in my bladder.
Currently, I urinate every 20mins, I only urinate blood and cry a lot due to the pain the stone causes me.

The doctor who was treating me said that surgery would be very risky as I am obese and my chances of survival were low in it. But, my humans then consulted one of Pune’s top veterinary surgeon, Dr Narendra Pardeshi, Small Animal Clinic, [Building C 3 Shop No 4 Sakal Ngr Shoping Cplx, Baner Road, Sakal Nagar, Aundh, 411007]
Dr. Pardeshi assured my humans that he has various technologies that can be used for my surgery without there being any risk to my life. The doctor suggested that as I am obese for a cocker spaniel, using non-invasive surgical options would be best for me.The following options of surgery will be taken for my surgery:
  1. Laser Laparoscopy – This will be the first option for me. As the stone in my bladder is 35mm, if this option does not work, the doctor will take the second option. The doctor told me that he will use a red beam on my pink and soft belly without any cuts to it.
  2. Lithotripsy –  If the laser laparoscopy option doesn’t work, Lithotripsy will be conducted by doctor. Lithotripsy is a non-invasive procedure involving the physical destruction of hardened masses like kidney stones, bezoars or gallstones.
  3. Laparoscopy - Laparoscopy is an operation performed in the abdomen or pelvis using small incisions with the aid of a camera. The laparoscope aids diagnosis or therapeutic interventions with a few small cuts in the abdomen. This is a surgical operation which would only involve small cuts in my pink belly.
  4. Apart from this, the type of anaesthetic that can be used on me because of my overweight is of special type – Gaseous anaesthesia. The cost of the same is higher than the normal anaesthesia. This option will be used because the pressure on the heart and lungs is immense on an obese dog like me when under anaesthesia. The gaseous anaesthesia can be controlled by the doctor and hence there will be no risk to my life.

The cost for all these surgeries may be from Rs. 50,000 and go upto Rs. 500,000 including the surgery, tests, medical treatment, and post-surgical care. A detailed plan of my treatment will be shared by the doctor and my humans will keep uploading them.

Please find attached the X-Ray of the 35mm X 20mm stone in my bladder

My human, Neha Mayuri is the sole earner of the family. Our family only consists of Kumud (Neha and Maahi’s mother) who is a single mother, Neha (the sole earner) and Maahi, who is currently a student and looking for a job.
Arranging funds and affording my surgery is next to impossible for them but they are trying their best. This fundraiser is a request too all humans to please help me survive.

My latest picture at the Doctors Clinic

Me with one of my human

Me at one of doctors clinic in extreme pain

Throwback to a younger me

I have passed 200 of such stones.

This is the discharge I pass in Urine everytime

The bladder surgery is extremely urgent for me. If not done urgently, the stone would obstruct my bladder and can result in the bladder bursting. Please save my life. I have only love in my heart for all humans. 

Till now, finding a doctor was difficult, but now as I found my doctor, please save my life. I want to live and play. I want to see the beauty of this universe. I request all humans with folded paws to please help me.

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