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Life care foundation is an NGO that is registered under society registration act 1860. As well income tax act and eligible for exemption under section 12A. the formation date of the NGO is 21/04/2014 and situated at village Nindru tehsil Dhampur District Bijnor Uttar Pradesh 246761.
Life care foundation is as registered non political nonprofit NGO having secular constitution which is committed to sustainable development of their rural community and uplift of the deprived and under privileged women, children, and scheduled castes and other backward classes and those living below poverty line irrespective of caste, creed, sex, and religion.
The organization is committed to concentrate on the empowerment of rural people especially women. As women’s are the strongest tool of the social change and through them the other weaker sections of the society can be covered and motivated. The organization is rooted in the philosophy that the progress and development of the rural area only take place when people reside in the particular field are mobilized.
Women, a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter there are multiple roles of women in our society. But when it comes to protecting herself it relaxation somewhere Mahavari is a cycle that a woman has to live every month.
The women of the villages are not educated and not so highly educated so they do not know what is sanitary pads are they hesitate he is shy about bringing sanitary pads from the medical stores. So she used dirty clothes in this period which causes them various kinds of diseases.
The reason for using dirty cloths is that neither does she have such income because she lives in the villages. Then her husband and her father cannot earn that much money who can buy a sanitary pad.
And the other reason is that because the women of the villages are very shy they are not able to open this thing openly.
  • They don’t know what sanitary pads are.
  • They are very shy.
  • They are poor.
  • They are villagers.
  • They are not educated.
  • They are not aware.
  • She is a wife of a daily wager.
  • She is daughter of a mazdoor.
According to the 2011 census bijnor district has a population of 36 Lakhs. And now approximately 40 Lakhs. 74.87 percent population of bijnor districts lives in rural areas of villages. There are 539 villages in district bijnor. Sex ratio is 917:1000. Approximately 13 Lakhs of women’s are living in villages of bijnor. And surprisingly they don’t know what pads are.
Menstrual related diseases in women which are caused by using dirty cloth like cramps, pain, itching, and bacterial infections etc. while the whole world is fighting an epidemic like covid 19 at this time, the whole world is locked down. Where people are dying of hunger on one side, people do not have ration to eat. When all the labors are people, they do not even have food to eat, on the one hand it is their women who do not know what sanitary pads are. After that from where will be able to buy a sanitary pad for their ladies.
Distributing sanitary pads our objective is that we will spread awareness. And we will be able to tell them about the dangerous diseases caused by this. And in this project we are targeting all 539 villages and distributing around 10 Lakhs of sanitary pads. So they do not use dirty clothes in those days and use sanitary pads and become aware of it. The women of the villages do not know what are hygiene’s is, so we have to go door to door in their language. For which our female volunteers and doctors. They will go to their house to donate sanitary pads and explain to them.
 Donate 1 pad (1*35) = 35 Rs.
Donate 2 pad (2*35) = 70 Rs.
Donate 3 pad (3*35) = 105 Rs.
Donate 4 pad (4*35) = 140 Rs.
Donate 5 pad (5*35) = 175 Rs.
Donate 6 pad (6*35) = 210 Rs.
Donate 7 pad (7*35) = 245 Rs.
Donate 8 pad (8*35) = 280 Rs.
Donate 9 pad (9*35) = 315 Rs.
Donate 10 pad (10*35) = 350 Rs.
Donate 20 pad (20*35) = 700 Rs.
Donate 50 pad (50*35) = 1750 Rs.
Donate 100 pad (100*35) = 3500 Rs.

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