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    Kutu and Baby

    from Nebadhai Duttapukur, West Bengal


Kutu and Baby are Ananya's 2 years old beloved house Rabbits....They needs your help for their life  saving treatment....

Kutu's Story :-
Kutu is a 2 years old house Rabbit....She is suffering from multiple diseases scene last year....She is having advanced dental disease, which makes chewing and eating difficult.... She had her first dental surgery on April, 2021....That surgery didn't help her much....Her condition detoriate she started having Diarrhoea on June, 2021 and she stopped eating for a week, she was under medication and saline.... After one week her condition became little stable then we started syringe feed her....But with in few days Kutu started having liquid Cecotropes....Then we did all her tests and test reports showes that she is having Cecam Dysbiosis.... We took her to so many vets and tired so many medicines but nothing help her out....When somehow we are trying to cure her Cecam Problem doctor gave her RL and that place got infected anf from there a big abscess started growing....
It was very painful for her....As soon as possible we started treating that abscess....It took more than one month to cure that abscess....

After few months Kutu's dental problem became a big issue....Due to her dental overgrowth she can't even eat food....and for this reason she started loosing her weight daily.... She can't even walk or move her body....she was too weak, her muscles were wasting, her legs became weak, her spine became curve and her body got tilted.... Doctor diagnosis this situation as E. Cuniculi.... Doctor said her body can be paralyzed slowly if she doesn't gain weight soon....Then we started syringe feeding her Oxbow Critical Care for weight gain and also started giving her physiotherapy for her legs and mucels....When we took her x-ray reports it shows one big teeth is coming outside from her mouth and it became a big abscess on her face....And it's very painful that's why she can't even eat.... Doctor said Kutu needs surgery as soon as possible....But the sad reality is still today even after being the third most popular pet in India, Rabbits are overlooked and often suffer due to lack of Infrastructure, Kutu is one of such Rabbit....Here in West Bengal, India we don't have any Exotic Rabbit Savey Vets nearby....So we had to weight for 3 months to get a exotic vet and done her surgery.... Finally Kutu got her 2nd dental surgery on May, 2022.... Doctor removed half of the teeth which was coming outside of her face....they can't removed that teeth completely due to heavy bleeding during the surgery.....Also doctors removed that abscess from her face....This surgery gave her some relief but it's not completely cured.... Doctor said all her teeths from left side is overgrown and needs to removed completely....For this she needs multiple surgerys in a gap of few months.....

Kutu's Current Situation:-
Kutu's all teeths from left side are overgrown and it is growing upwards and this is damaging her eye nerves, that's why she is having watery eyes all the time, 
it's damaging her eye sight and a teeth is coming outside from her face under her left eye and it is causing a abscess....This abscess is growing fast and it's very painful for her.... It's making difficulties in eating....Do we are feeding her pasty mush food....She needs some more surgeries to get out of this issue.....Also from last few months she is having blood with urine....also we are treating this problem....She needs spay surgery as well....Baby's Story :-
Baby is a 2 years old house Rabbit..... Ever since a kid Baby suffered from gastrointestinal issues due to poor genetics and incorrect diet in childhood.... After that she developed snuffels.... Sometimes she needs to get nebulizer for this and also she is under medications.... Currently she needs a exotic vet consultation for her better future....also she needs to get done spay surgery in future..

...Finally Kutu and Baby is getting the opportunity to be operated by Dr. Shiwani Tandel of Phoenix Veterinary Speciality.....This exotic vet is coming at Kolkata for a Rabbit Health Camp on 25th July, 2022....Where she will operate some critical Bunnys Like Kutu and Baby....Kutu will grt het 3rd dental surgery here.....The location is far away from Kutu's house....But we have no other good vets who can safely operate her....So we are going to take her there....We have to travel 6 hours....And Check up, tests and surgery can took 2-3 days....We have to stay there in any hotel for this....Kutu Baby's medicine, treatment and surgery is very expensive.....and it's not possible for her mother to do alone...As Kutu needs multiple Surgerys..... Your support is the key....They needs your help to save Kutu and Baby..... PLEASE DONATE NOW and help Kutu and Baby to live their lives pain-free....

Cost Breakup of the Expected Expenses In listed below 👇👇👇👇

For Kutu and Baby Both :-
Exotic Vet Consultation - 1,500 Rs. (×2)
Health Camp Registration Fee - 350 Rs. (×2)
Full Body X-ray - 3,500 Rs. (×2)
USG - 1,350 Rs. (×2)
Blood Test (LFT-KFT-CBC) - 1,600 Rs. (×2)
Clinic Charge - 2,000 Rs. (×2)

For Kutu's Surgery :-
Dental Basic Burring - 3,500 Rs.
Teeth Extraction - 1,500 Rs.
Abscess Removal - 1,500 Rs.
OT Charge - 3,500 Rs.
Gas Anesthesia - 1,500 Rs.

Post Surgery Supportive Care For Kutu :-

Oxbow Critical Care - 2,586 Rs.
Bene - Bac Gel - 1,300 Rs. (×2)
Versele - Laga Pallets - 1,850 Rs.

Travel Charges - 4,000 Rs.
Hotel Staying Charge - 6000 Rs.

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