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Help Me Make A Change In Champawat
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I am Krutika, a 19-year old from Mumbai and I want to help work on issues like menstrual health, sex education, and youth employability in Champawat, Uttarakhand. Like many other Mumbaikars, the last year has been frustrating for me due to Coronavirus. To feel active and useful, I've been interning with Haijalo, a community volunteering initiative in Champawat district of Uttarakhand for almost 7months now. Champawat is a remote town on the indo-Nepal border that lags behind social and infrastructural development. The internship has opened my eyes to many rural realities. For example, I was shocked to find about the various untouchability rules followed by menstruating women here. Haijalo works through local youth volunteers on issues that affect the community like education, menstrual awareness, creating skilling opportunities for the youth, forestation, waste management, alcoholism in youth, etc. I've been in touch with the local team at Haijalo to try and understand the situation there the best I can. Since August 2020, I've supported them on various projects and we have bonded despite the physical distance. But the work I've been able to do from the confines of my room and phone is very restricted. I feel driven to relocate to Champawat for a period of two months to work there on projects that we've been planning for a while now. These projects are-

1) RukkThokko- A 3-month internship and skilling opportunity for Champawat youth to-
  1. Provide work experience and teach important work skills.
  2. Help youth construct a healthy work ethic.
  3. Introduce computer and English language coaching to youth.
  4. Partner with youth and guide them in their career journey.

2) Prison research study- Conduct an interview-based research with male prisoners in Uttarakhand prison to understand the relationship between life experiences and the social environment of prisoners and criminal tendencies.

3) Workshops on sex and sexual health- Recently, there have been a number of child sexual abuse cases in the Kumaon region. There is a lack of awareness and misconception among youth when it comes to basic sexual health, hygiene, and consent. Teenage girls especially often lack the information to practice proper menstrual hygiene. We've planned a week-long workshop to discuss the issues of toxic masculinity, sexual and menstrual health, hygiene, consent, contraception, sexuality, and gender and have open conversations with teenagers about them.

I'm not someone who benefits a lot from academic education. I learn better when I work practically and experience things for myself. As someone wanting to do a degree in social work, this is a great learning opportunity for me.

To make this trip possible, I need to be able to cover my travel expenses, food, stipend, and other miscellaneous charges. Haijalo is a small independent project without any government or NGO funding. Any small help you could provide would mean a lot.




Train (Mum-Del)



Train (Del-Mum)



Train (Del-Haldwani)






Bus/Taxi (Haldwani - CPW)


Bus/Taxi (CPW-Haldwani)


Internal Travel

3000 per month x 2 months



Rs.100/day x 60 days 



5000 per month x 2 months




Transaction fees & GST



Haijalo is the Pahaadi word for ‘It shall happen’. It is also the name of a fairly recent, small group of volunteers in Champawat district, Uttarakhand who are taking steps to resolve local societal and environmental issues while shaping the world around them through kindness, understanding, and the power of volunteering. Check them out at

For any further questions, reach out to me at

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