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Help Me Feed 2-3 Meals to 6500 beggers in Nagpur
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    Karan Tewani

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Hi good people,
Do you know why I called you good people, because now a days no buddy is interested in charity website and if you are reading this it does mean that you are good human being. But you know everyone of us need Kickstart where it be going to gym finding a new job or it may be charity. Let me do that for you, don’t worry don’t look towards your trademill I am not your fitness couch, I am interested in charity, let me poke you a bit and help your heart to produce some emotions for other and drive it to your brain.
So the story started with me, as charity began from home, I was sitting on a bench in a park and I saw social workers passing by I laughed and said who are these stupids who are interested in social worker, a old man heard me saying that and replied, he said I will not ask you to change your mind you still do that after listening to these thoughts :-
1-It’s easy to blame the government or people that they are not doing anything for the society what’s your contribution.
2-Imagine if you are a lonely old guy or a young child who is going to take care of you, they are doing something about that what’s your contribution.
3-It’s easy to be in a comfortable zone and very difficult to come out of it, and if you want to change others that’s twice difficult.
4-Nothing will change unless you will try as much as you can to change that.
5-And if you can’t contribute any thing at least you can support them instead of laughing on them.

This statement did changed me after that I am contributing as much as I can. Hence you don’t wait for the old man to come in your life and change you, do it today.

I have decided to do fundraiser for the poor, if possible I want to feed them two meals a day for which I need some money please contribute generously.

We have planned to raise funds and utilize that for buying groceries and other food stuff also we will hire caterer who can assist us to make quality food which we will deliver to the poor beggers of nagpur city. We can feed up to 2-3 meals to 6500 beggers of nagpur city.

 We will be hiring caterer, who will cook food near my residence and then we will load a small commercial vehicle with the food then we will go to the slum area and use loud speaker for promotion And we will deliver free food to the beggers also use a table and we will stand outside of the temple and give them food packs. And we will try to reach all slum area of nagpur city. This is we will be doing in jaripatka area, indora area, near telanchadi temple area, and etc and also we will selecting all major slum of nagpur city. this is how we have planned to reach out to the needy poor of my city.

I know you are thinking about your pocket money, daily needs, and so many other reasons for not paying us but let me remind you about expensive fast food, good clothes, and so many other luxury which you are enjoying if you can afford a rs.200 worth of pizza, rs.2000 worth of jeans, rs.20,000 worth of smart phone and if you still say you can’t afford to give rs.20 as charity, and if you still don’t want to pay, I think you are fooling your self, buy hey, if you still don’t want to pay us  no problem you may in future today at least share this with others this to is charity and it’s easy.

Bye good people.

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