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Contribute for impact-driven education, jobs and careers in society.
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Quick Links (to quickly know me a little)

I’m Jophin Mathai, and I have an offer for the MSc Public Policy programme at the University of Edinburgh. I need your support to study and work towards a mission - to ensure education and career paths for people that help them create a more equitable and sustainable society.

This mission isn’t just about me - it is about us.

Just for a moment…

Think about the world as we know it - a world of climate destruction and political tensions, exponential technological progress and opportunities, social and economic injustice.

In such a world, education will continue to play a key role. The careers we choose will influence the nature of society. The values that guide our lives and career choices will be significant.

Questioning the status-quo has led me to experiences that make me deeply concerned about the issues that confront us, big global issues that are deeply interconnected. Our actions have visible political and environmental consequences.

Do you value jobs and careers for yourself and for future generations that positively impact humanity and the earth?

How seriously prepared are markets and governments today to help us make the paradigm shift in our lives that climate destruction demands?

What action can we take?

I intend to lead a life committed to solving these questions. I want to work on sustainability-focused education and labour policies at the national and global level.

Why invest in me
(Here's my LinkedIn profile and statement of purpose)

Over the years, I have stitched a journey as a field worker, curriculum designer, intrapreneur and entrepreneur, a journey that has helped me closely understand education, inequalities, job markets and the values that drive them today.

I’ve grown up in a family where my father lost his job when I was in 8th grade, but have also had the opportunity to study at one of India’s top colleges. I have worked with government schools and education officials in rural India, and designed curriculum for a leadership programme focused on systems change. Along with my co-founders, I have led my own startup focused on higher education and career pathways. I have also been part of a team that provided recommendations to a Member of Parliament on the implementation of section 12 (1)(c) of the Right to Education Act in India that provides 25% reservation in private schools for children belonging to disadvantaged sections. These experiences allow me the perspective to craft policies that are grounded in the realities of both society and the markets.

I have an offer to do the MSc in Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh, one of the top schools in the world for social sciences. Edinburgh is also one of the most sustainable cities in the world with a plan to go carbon neutral by 2030. Doing this programme in Edinburgh will equip me with the skills and experiences to re-imagine cross-cutting policies for the uncertainties and inequalities of the 21st century.

(Check out my 5-min podcast story for UNESCO MGIEP's flagship programme Libre.)

Why Public Policy

What we learn, what we work on, and what values drive us in our consumption and accumulation are all interconnected. How we understand these interconnections in an increasingly suspect politico-economic system will help us grapple with the existential risks of the future.

My multilevel experiences in the social sector drive me to deeply understand the interconnections of domains. I believe a deeper understanding of these issues along with a blend of policy, political and community action (both local and international) will help us make the paradigm shift.

I need your support to study a programme that will help me work with other practitioners around the world focused on systemic, sustainable solutions.

I would deeply appreciate your support, whether through a contribution to this campaign or through sharing your expertise and time for this campaign.

Every contribution matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you need support?
The approximate breakdown of the amount I need to raise is here below:
  • Tuition: USD 27100
  • Living Expenses (including accommodation, food, etc.): USD 8770
  • Miscellaneous (study materials, events, travel, etc): USD 3135

How much time do you have to raise funds?
The programme starts in September 2019. I have just about a month to raise funds and ensure a strong visa application.

Why do you need to study in Edinburgh?
Apart from the rich interdisciplinary learning that the university and the city offers, the MSc degree not only becomes a valuable signal that opens more doors but will also help me in making more connections that widen my global network, factors that help in making a deeper impact.

Why not take a loan?
I am asking for a loan of sorts. This loan is not from a bank, but from others like yourself who are keen to see a future where the issues I’ve highlighted are resolved. I will pay this loan back - not through interest but by my productive work in the field. I promise to keep all of you who support me updated regularly about my own progress.

How can I support you?
You can help me by generously contributing to my campaign. Even if you are unable to spare much--which I totally understand--I would respect and appreciate the support of every single person who contributes even a small amount. This is a sign of your trust and I don’t take that lightly.

Help me raise funds by sharing this campaign with other friends, family members and other networks who relate to my cause.

Thank you for your time and for having read so far. I look forward to your support.

The following links will give you a better idea about me, my journey and my vision.

LinkedIn Profile
Statement of Purpose
A Nomadic Journey - podcast story for Libre, a UNESCO MGIEP programme

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