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ISL Alumni - Pay it Forward @ Mumbai
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Each small step can help transform the world.

Every time you look around you and notice something bothering you,  do you ever think, "Can I do something to fix that?"
"It is unfair how many people have to face this!"
But then you get stuck at, "What can I even do? I'm just one person."
While that might be true, even one person’s support counts.

Your donation can support 35 youth-led community projects that solve pressing problems in our local community.

One person’s donation can help develop 35 communities and that matters!
All the NGOs and charities in our world started from a simple place, where one person wanted to create change.

Some of us are passionate about the problems we are most affected by, some feel strongly about the injustice faced by others and some want to share their privilege.

At the Indian School of Leadership (ISL) we learned that we need to impact the hyper-local issues in our communities first to change the world.

What is ISL?
It is a non-profit focused on developing the next generation of socially responsible youth leaders in India. ISL seeks to promote sustainable economic development, citizen engagement, and innovation in India.
Our experience ISL sped up our leadership journey, by giving us skills and experience to solve pressing social problems.
We have learned to 
  • Conduct effective research
  • Communicate professionally, in a sensitive manner
  • Build a network
  • Reflect on our actions and emotions
  • Work outside our comfort zone
  • Ask tons of questions
  • Collaborate with diverse groups of people
  • Listen and learn in-depth about topics we didn’t know about
All these experiences in just a span of 8 days have given us a 10-year head-start.

Where do your donations go?
ISL is a no fee high-touchpoint, diverse and inclusive camp with a 1:4 facilitator-to-student ratio. ISL removes any class markers such as clothes, stationery or even quality of food by ensuring that in the in-person camps all participants have access to the same materials.
In-Person Camp Expenses Per Student for 7 Days (in INR)
  • Lunch and snacks (morning and evening) for all students = 4,286/-
  • T-Shirts and writing supplies = 457/-
  • Staff salaries (6 coaches, 3 facilitators and 1 junior facilitator) = 13,200/-
  • Operations (venue, IT, travel etc) = 4,149/-
Instead of paying to attend, participants raise funds to pay it forward for future camp experiences. Paying it forward is a tenet at ISL. Your donations will help the next Mumbai cohort have an experience as magical as ours!
Why do we need your donations?
Can you imagine how this 10-year head start can impact youth leaders from all across India?

Next time you look at a problem wouldn't you love to think, "I have funded 35 kids who are truly working hard to solve it in their community". The best part is that right now, behind these words, are kids who went to the Mumbai camp and now are raising the funds needed to run the next one.
Help build leaders who can solve problems at the hyper-local level, not years later, but NOW!

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