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COVID-19 Fundraiser for Community of Indian Armed Forces
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Tax benefits for INR donations will be issued by Y4D Foundation

Updated on July 20th-
Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all of you for contributing to this campaign. We were able to raise over INR 73 Lakhs to fund the procurement and shipment of MOGS from Australia to India. Here is a glimpse of the product:

We have received the required clearances with customs and other authorities at both ends.
The equipment is prepping for transit and should be handed over within the next couple of months.

Once again, we deeply appreciate your support in getting this project to execution. Thank you!
Updated Jun 17th - 

We have 4 days left!  Some of our AIT alumni will match $ to $ of any donation that you will contribute.
Once donated, let the campaign organizer know and the amount will be matched till the campaign hits the $100K mark. We are very close to our target amount and we're on the final lap.
Your contribution NOW, whatever be the amount, will have double the impact! Click and donate at

Updated Jun 15th - Only $15K needed to meet target! Fundraiser has been extended till June 20th 

Updated - 9th June 2021

6 more days to go, we are now $40K (approx INR 30 L)  short of our goal to procure the 2nd MOGS. In addition we have exciting news about a collaboration with a campaign run by Mr Ashish Mitra, CEO of Endoluminal Sciences(ELS) Pty Ltd.   For details see the Updates tab.

Updated - 5th June 2021
Revising the target to $120K( approx 90L)

We are short by $50K to procure the second MOGS system available with the vendor.

MOGS are Military Medical Oxygen Generators. These FDA approved, modular oxygen generation systems are rugged but lightweight and portable. They can be lifted by helicopter to remote locations, connects to electricity and starts working. It is  rugged and this unit can fill up to 10 oxygen cylinders at once. So field areas can regularly get oxygen cylinders filled from this unit. It can be deployed in the base and serve a large number of forward areas.

Help us raise $50K more in these 10 days! Contribute and share -

We are raising INR 90L to augment the efforts of the Indian Army in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.  These funds will be utilised for procuring medical equipment to be donated to facilities run by the armed forces/in aid of the armed forces community. Facilities will be identified in conjunction with the nodal agency coordinating the COVID-19 relief effort for the Indian Army.Our initial target is to donate:

2-3 oxygen plants
50-100 oxygen concentrators
50 BIPAPs and ventilators.

We will keep this list updated as the situation evolves. 

Who are we?

We are a group of alumni from the Army Institute of Technology (Pune) and owe our success to our alma mater and the Indian Armed Forces community. Today as India faces the brunt of the second wave of COVID-19, we want to mobilise our resources to support recovery. Time to give back to our community!

We are collaborating with the Y4D Foundation.
Y4D Foundation, an NGO with prominent AIT Alumni, has a pan India presence through its wide network of volunteer chapters across the country. Y4D was setup in 2015 and has worked with a wide range of communities. Apart from its steady focus on causes such as youth, women empowerment, environment initiatives etc, the foundation also gets engaged in projects as the situation demands. COVID-19 pandemic support, flood, drought relief being some of them. Volunteers present across 17 states have impacted 237437+ people so far and counting.
Together we hope to collaborate efforts to arrange supplies as required to relief efforts for the defence community.
For further questions reach out to us at

What is the problem we are solving?

In the past few months, the COVID-19 situation in India has spiralled out of control. While things seem to be settling down very slowly, the problem will continue to shift to smaller towns. The long term effects of this wave will continue impacting the community in terms of the support and care needed.
It is important that there is sufficient capacity built in to manage this scale. This will require as much help as possible right now.
Ground reality will continue to evolve over the coming months. It is important for support to reach the right places at the hour of need. This becomes challenging due to various factors in the supply chain.

How are we solving this?

There is a near term need for speedy access to supplies such as oxygen concentrators, oxygen generation plants and medical equipment (e.g. bipaps/ventilators). We are setting up this fund to
  • Augment capacity as needed - Coordinate with facilities operated by (or in the aid of) the defence community that need supplies and procure materials as may be required. (70-80% of funds generated)
  • Create oxygen concentrator banks in select cities to provide assistance to veterans/servicemen on a need basis. (20-30% of funds generated)
Y4D will contribute any excess funds as of 15th August 2021 to the Army Central Welfare fund for continued support activities.

Who is assisting in this process?
A core group of AIT Alumni across the globe will
  • Provide a governance framework
  • Assist Y4D in procurement of supplies
  • Liaise with concerned authorities to understand needs
Y4D Foundation will 
  • Manage the funds raised, purchase material and deploy as required
  • Provide regular updates on deployment of materials
  1. How will you provide materials to hospitals/clinics run by defence forces? - AIT Alumni and Y4D will coordinate with defence authorities handling COVID-19 relief to understand their ask and will deploy materials. Other NGOs/donors have similarly donated hospitals/oxygen plants/oxygen concentrators to defence hospitals/clinics.
  2.  Which cities will you setup the oxygen concentrator banks? - Oxygen concentrator banks will be setup in Tier 2 cities with large community presence. e.g. Jammu, Meerut, Jaipur etc.
  3.  What will you do with the concentrators in the banks post utilisation?- The concentrators will be handed over to the nearest defence hospital/clinic by December 31st 2021. 
  4. Are we providing cash to the beneficiaries? - No cash will be provided. Aid will be provided only in the form of supplies. Any excess funds as of 15th Aug 2021, will be directly transferred to the Army Central Welfare Fund.
  5. Why is this specific NGO selected? - Y4D has AIT alumni on its advisory committee who have proven experience in running non-profit initiatives nationally. Y4D is FCRA approved and has a national presence. 
  6. Why not any other NGO working for COVID relief? - Larger NGOs already have their priorities defined and are executing on that mandate. We selected an NGO which would help channel these funds to assist the defence community specifically. Y4D has AIT Alumni on the advisory board representing our objective.
  7. What are the tax benefits mentioned in the campaign? – All INR funds donated to this fundraiser will be issued an 80G tax exemption certificate from Y4D which is approved to do so. Non INR funds will not be applicable for this exemption.
  8.  How do I get information of how this campaign is operating? – Write in with your specific queries to Once you donate, you will also get regular updates from Milaap each time we post status updates on this campaign.
  9. Who comprises the core group of AIT Alumni working on this initiative?- The alumni core group comprises a mix of business executives and entrepreneurs from across the AIT batches right from 1998 onwards. Specific core group details are available on request from or the AIT Alumni office. Below are the linkedin profiles of select members of this group -  
Rohit Mediratta, Kapil Dahiya , Jyotika Bisht, Namrata Sharma, Shashikant Tomar, Nupur Arora , Ankush Tiwari, Vijender Yadav, Nitin Nair, Vandana Balakrishna, Alok Arora, Vivek Jain, Pallavi Tyagi, Tamanjit Bindra, Amit Chaubey, Garima Sangwan

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