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Help Underprivileged kids to enable them with thriving Careers
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We are fundraising for a cause that we have given the last 5 years of our lives to - Enabling students to overcome their lack of privilege and exposure to be on career pathways that allow them to thrive!

Over last 5 years, we have worked with 2000+ students directly; also designed and executed ambitious project for the students, teachers and small vocational Training organisations to help such distanced students, to get them trained and reach their true potential without forcing them to leave their home town for jobs and for vocational training programs. We have helped over 2000+ students directly and aim to reach 1 million students by 2024 of small cities.

We need your support to take our initiative pan India and change the support system for every young person in India to make the right career decision for self.

Due to Lack of exposure, visibility and training options most students in India especially those from small cities and villages, are aware of only 3-5 conventional careers such as doctor, engineer, civil services or any other clerical jobs, most of which a involve more financial support than families are capable of providing. And Irony is modern training methodologies and career counselling support is available only to a privileged few.

Helpless decisions in early school years result in young people ending up in jobs that they don't like. And later it becomes difficult to reinvest in their learning and change their career tracks due to financial constraints. Students’ dissatisfaction with their enrolled courses or jobs leads to disappointment and a feeling of inadequacy, leading to massive loss of potential.

The problem, therefore, is Four-fold:
  • Lack of Career Awareness: Students are not aware of careers that align with their aspirations and interests. As per our study, 9 out of 10 students don’t have a career goal while in school.
  • Lack of access to aspirational learning Content and Training - Post grade12: Less than 10% of students from govt schools reach good colleges or get good jobs because of less or no training of professional courses. 
  • Lack of Professional Training and Career experts: To inspire students to take action towards career development, and to give them the correct information needed to make an informed and intentional career choice by Experts. 
  • Lack of Diverse courses at Small Training organisations: Training institutions in small cities have limited number of courses available and that is because of No knowledge and lack of industry Experts or Training professionals.   
These elements contribute towards making a non-supportive ecosystem. It is increasingly difficult for children to find careers and get trained that allow them to grow, learn, and flourish.

Action and Solution - 
Privilege should not be a prerequisite for aspiration and imagination. We seek to create an ecosystem that supports young people to reach exciting careers matching their strengths and interests. With this vision, ICARIANS has designed, a Social Learning portal for training and development that democratises the training and career decision making process. It is a unique tech-based Training and career exploration intervention.

Based on idea of inspiration, exploration and reflection, introduces students to wide-ranging Training options under the guidance of industry experts which also encourages them to do home-based microprojects to practically experience these careers, and helps them identify the right choice for themselves based on their own assessment of their skills and interests.

It connects them with experts, mentors, and professionals across 8 different Training Categories, allowing access to the right content and support to choose their career with care and intention.

ICARIANS combines a standard learning management system (LMS) along with Social Learning Platform with a facilitator driven model, which helps Trainers and students to interact and also enables trainers to offer 1 on 1 consultation or group consultation time to time.
We also connect students to the right set of learning opportunities post 12th - be it college applications or identifying and enrolling in the right vocational course in their interest area. We also provide financial assistance to students to pursue a career of choice.

Mission and Impact
By 2024, we want to empower every child in India to be on career pathways of their choice with right set of training. We want to create an ecosystem that encourages exploration and reflection, and gives children the tools they need to make the right choices for themselves.
When their chosen careers align with their strengths and interests, students thrive in dimensions of life beyond the financial, and we want to see an increase in self-belief and confidence levels, leading to overall growth and fulfilment.
In more tangible terms, we want to see more examples like Prakash and Sangeeta.

Prakash was energetic with regards to sports yet was sad with regards to his future because of his low scholastic presentation. He distinguished the wellness area to construct a vocation, and after a momentary course and hands on training, he is as of now a certified health specialist acquiring admirably in his space of interest. What's more Sangeeta persuaded her family to let her movement significant distances consistently to join a multi-cooking cuisine specialist course and at present working with a esteemed organisation as an associate culinary expert.

We need to make a space where ALL people like Prakash and Sangeeta can recognize their strengths and interests, and get the help to fabricate a guide and execute their goals.

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