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HELP CHANGE INDIA - Let's unite for a developed Nation
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"Help Change India" Program is an initiative of Humanity Welfare Council to change the way of giving.

We all dream for a developed nation but our contribution and efforts towards this dream are nil. We can not achieve this goal unless we join hands and when we join hands, then the challenge is the link that will connect us. So, under this program, we will be taking care of all the challenges related to the achievement of this goal.

Humanity Welfare Council is a Non-profit Organization and we aim to make India a developed nation by the year 2030. This goal can not be achieved unless we get a dedicated contribution from our citizens.

To make India a developed nation, we have to understand that it is not possible through the efforts of some people, although some people can be the path makers or designers of this system, A dedicated contribution of a significant share of the population is necessary to achieve this goal.

We are working in different sectors through our different projects to achieve our goal and we require dedicated support from you on a monthly basis, we require a commitment from you which should be consistent, it can be any amount but it should be regular on a monthly basis.

You have to understand the concept, Every year there are so many disasters in India, The government funds the states with thousand of Crores and still, the situation is the same. What is the reason that we have to undergo such a huge loss of life and resources and we still stand helpless?

The main issue is that we are not united, we still have no priority for the nation's development until now. We just want to point fingers on others for everything that doesn't meet our expectations.

We believe that we can change this system and we believe that we can transform this system but we have to work on the issue. We are not asking you much, a certain amount and little time for your country, rest we will take care.  

Your Monthly contribution will be utilized in the following manner -
1. 50% of the total funds raised will be utilized for the development of facilities. This includes infrastructural development of new and available facilities as per the requirement.
2. 25% of the total funds raised will be utilized as Medical emergency funds for the neediest under any medical emergency.
3. 25% of the total funds raised will be utilized to provide emergency support to the neediest during any natural or man-made disasters.

We are operational Pan-India either directly or through our project partners which includes institutions, NGO's, Individuals, Volunteers, and small groups.

We require only two commitment from your side -
1. A dedicated amount (It can be any amount) on a monthly basis.
2. Dedicated time i.e. 5 -10 mins on a daily basis or 1/2 hr on a weekly basis.

We aim to create the most transparent system where you will be updated on a monthly basis on the fund utilization and live feeds of the activities going on. if you find someone in need, you can refer it to us and we will try our best to meet their expectations. Any NGO or any group who are not associated with us can also apply to us for the funds. We are open to all subjective to our satisfaction on the fund's utilization.

If you want to join us, please send the following details to us at
1. Name -
2. Contact No -
3. WhatsApp No -
4. Email Id -
5. Address -(The above details will help us in providing you monthly updates)

All the contributions made to this program are tax exempted.

Why HELP CHANGE INDIA is necessary?

Help Change India Program's initiative is to develop the feeling of responsibility towards the nation among all of us.

We are asking you a quite simple question, what are the top 10 priorities in your life. Take 5 mins and think and then read further.

Your 5 mins time is over .....
In the last 5 mins when you created your top 10 priorities, or you just did a recap of your priorities. Honestly tell us - "Does Nation even exist in your priorities?"

When Nation is not in our priorities, then how we can blame others for all the wrong going on in our nation. We never go and ask our neighbours - "If you please allow, can we clean our house". We are free to take decisions in our life, for our family, for our home, but for Nation, we start looking for others.

We are fighting like anything on social media or on the streets and forget what the outcome of such fights will be and keep on blaming others for all the wrong happening in our country.

We want to change all this; we want to change all the negatives and we want to create a beautiful country. We are deeply sorry to say - "But it's time and we can't sit idle. We believe that we can do it and that's why we have started the change"

We are now giving you an opportunity to actively participate and contribute towards the growth and development of your country.  

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