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we want to start a service in which I will form my team and such children whose birthday is on that day, by taking permission of their parents, my team and I will make birthday specials for their children.  Which will bring happiness in the life of those children and he will remember his birthday throughout his life.The room of that child will be fully decorated before those children arise.  And as he wakes up, his day will be somewhat sparse from the rest of the days.
We will celebrate his birthday and give him a surprise gift, anyway, children love surprise gifts, think how much fun will they have?  And it will be absolutely free, we will not take any charge from the children's parents.  The children want to make their birthday memorable by making their birthday special, so that the happiness they get will be priceless only for a short time in their and their family's lives.
 We will capture those special moments of this very special birthday of those children in the camera and share that precious video on social media through our channels, which the whole world will be able to see.  Me and my team are just so motive, in this run-of-the-mill life, in which everyone is doing Struggle for their lives, children have become very lonely in this, we have to bring happiness in their lives.

But there is some economic reason why we have not been able to start this special service so far.  For this we need some cameras, gimbals, tripods, t-shirts and some money for gifts.  So that we can buy these gadgets.  Without which we are not able to start all this even after wishing.  But if you all help us a little bit, then we can start it as soon as possible.  I and my team request all of you to donate as much as possible to all of us so that you can start our service with the help of everyone.

How are we going to use your donation...
  1. 3 mirrorless camera's - around 1.2lakh
  2. 2 dslr gimbal's - around 50 thousand
  3. 1 tripod for fix camera for capture children's expression - around 1500rs
  4. team tshirt's & outfit's - 5 thousand
  5. A little good gift for the baby so that it can be exited - It will cost us money till the company becomes a bit bigger
  6.  To decorate baby's room
  7.  traval cost
  8. Birthday Goods That Make Birthday Special
  9. And there are so many things that we will have to face and in which we will need money
  10. soft box light - around 5 thousand
  11. laptop for video editing - 40 thousand
If all this is added then it will take 3 lakh rupees to make Indian Santa bigger and bigger.If you help us, it will be very easy for us to do it

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