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Wastewater = Renewable Energy
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           Hi! I am Himanshu Limbachia, Inventor, Civil Engineer, and Environmentalist. I have invented and patented the Helical Hydropower plant. It generates Renewable Energy from building wastewater. 

          Enormous amounts of water are consumed every day throughout the world. Through trial and error, I was able to figure out that wastewater in building pipe has kinetic energy, which can be converted into electricity. Thus, wastewater something that is seen as futile and useless can be transformed to create electrical energy but it gets wasted every second throughout the world. This is a sustainable and renewable source of energy which will eliminate the amount of pollution created in our environment. 

        The main reason why I applied for crowdfunding is that I don’t want to sell this patent. Instead of selling this patent, I would like to give employment to hundreds of people for final product development, Manufacturing, assembly, Installation and for maintenance.  This altruistic vision can only be achieved with the help of the community. I believe that this product will not only save the environment but also bring prosperity and progressiveness to our society. Both of which is needed with urgency.


Himanshu Deepak Limbachia,
Inventor, Environmentalist, Civil Engineer.
Founder of Greenvolta Startup,
Founder of Talenstar App Startup.

Achievement & Target

      The Helical Hydropower plant has completed prototype testing and successfully generated 14.94 watts from 5 liters of wastewater. Our target is to generate electricity from 100 ml of water to utilize energy from hand and face wash wastewater which is very less but humans do that activity frequently.

The prototype of Helical Hydropower System:-

Problems & Solution

Problem:- Globally 91% and in India 83.9% of electricity generated by generating CO2 Which is responsible for global warming, ozone layer depletion, and pollution and internal combustion engine in the car is the biggest source of CO producer in the world.

Solution:- Renewable Energy is the only way to eliminate problems like Global warming, ozone layer depletion, and pollution.

Problem:- The report of The Times of India says, By 2024 India will become the most populated country.

Solution:- Such a huge population will require a huge amount of electricity. To satisfy such huge demand, electricity production will increase and it will further increase the price of electricity. Money saving is the first priority for poor and middle-class families and inflation in electricity price will affect poor and middle-class families. The helical hydropower plant will participate to solve this problem.  

Working of Revolutionary Magnetic Power Transmission System:-


I am seeing the dream through my open eye where every infrastructure generating electricity and providing free electricity to everyone. Because of free electricity, there is no need to import fuel from foreign countries for cars and Indian economy and global environment will improve rapidly.  

Personal narrative and importance

      From school time I was engaged with creative work like sculpturing, projects on the environment, painting, acting, and fashion Modeling. In college, I worked on wetland technology project which treats sewage water and separate solid waste (Human Excreta) and this solid waste become fertilizer for the plant. This project encouraged me to solve environmental issues. 
      During my college time, I was making a guitar from bamboo but I fail to complete that project and I will never complete that project because it reminds me of the regret feeling of incompletion. This regret feeling motivates me to complete my other projects.

       I passed my B.E Civil engineering with first class, then I joined the construction firm and started investing money in share market. During this time, I dreamed to have NSE and BSE listed company and lots of problems and solutions started coming to my mind, because of heavy workload and long work hour, I use to fail to start working on the solutions.

       I was unhappy because I didn’t achieve anything big for my self while doing the job. One day I promised myself that I will do something remarkable which will give happiness and meaning to my life. 

      Then I left my job and went to Manali. From Manali, I came up with a global issue. I noticed that Artificial intelligence is good and will be in full function within a few years, but it will increase the unemployment rate globally. Then I designed Talenstar app with my friend Krunal Salvi, which will make human to work on Talent and Creativity and this two thing will only be appreciated if it is done by the human. The app will be launched by the end of  January 2019.

      As my team working on an app which is in the final stage, I started working on another global issue which is pollution and Renewable Energy is the only solution to this problem. To solve this problem I invent The Helical Hydropower plant and succeed with prototype testing. 

      This is how I found happiness and meaning of my life by Solving global issues, Directing our culture and society in the correct path and by Creating Employment. Now I am ready for remarkable change as I promised myself before, But require strong support from you.                        

I would like to offer you rewards because you are helping me in a hard time. I respect your kind heart.

Here is what’s in it for you

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Rs 13,000/- for a unit ( Mention Pre-order in comment )
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  1. The hardest decision I took was quitting my job in a situation where family requires security.
  2. The biggest Roadblock was changing of the conventional piping system to develop physical property of downpipe water. I solved this with the spiral shape pipe.
  3. Another big Roadblock was power transmission system between shaft and generator pulley. I solved this with zero friction power transmission system. 
  4. Time consumed to learn the following topics 
  • Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Rating System
  • Hydraulics 
  • Power transmission system
  • Turbine technology
  • Building piping system
  • Electric wiring. 
  • Market study for various spare parts 
  • Market research for the requirement of renewable energy devices
  • Patent process 
  • Company incorporation 
  • Use of smart tools 
  • Spray painting 
  1. I approached model maker but they were charging 30,000 rs. I refuse to do outsourcing. I am good at designing, so I started Designing and making the prototype at my home with the help of smart tools.
  2. In the search of spare parts, I rummage masjid Bandar, Crawford market and many places of Mumbai. 
  3. Designing, making and spare parts searching took too much time, but were the best part of this project. I enjoyed these moments and learned a lot of things. 
  4. I have seen 47 rs balance in my bank account. 

12-month plan

The Helical Hydropower plant has completed the alpha stage prototype and arranging funds for development of beta stage product and for strengthening the startup.  


You can also reach out to us here:
Office: -Greenvolta Energy and Consultancy Private Limited
             Shop 2, Plot 251 Kamdar Chambers, 31A Rd,
             Sion East, Mumbai 400022,
Landline:- 022 24022455
Himanshu:- 9082540526
Website:- www.greenvolta.com
Email:- greenvolta2018@gmail.com
Himanshu:- himanshulimbachia@gmail.com
Join us? We'd be great together.

You can also do a bank transfer to the below-mentioned account setup for this fundraising campaign:
  • Account number: 010600101028280
  • Account name: Himanshu Deepakbhai Limbachia 
  • IFSC code: CORP0000106
  • UPI id:- 8454969633@upi

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