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Help Haasini Reach Her Harvard Dream!

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Who is Haasini and Why should I help her?
Hello, thanks for coming to this page and reading my story(or a self-interview). My name is Haasini. I studied economics at Lady Shri Ram College for women. After graduation, I felt the need for more teachers in low-income communities and followed my passion for teaching. I joined the Teach for India Fellowship and worked at a government school in Hyderabad for 2 years teaching an amazing bunch of 150 students. Post my fellowship, I joined AVASARA ACADEMY, an all-girls NGO school that works towards empowering girls of promise to lead lives of distinction and impact. It's been almost two years that I am working in this organization.

Stories that define us begin in our classrooms. 9 months back, when I was conducting an advisory(space where students reflect and learn about personal growth), I was leading a session on grit, perseverance and reaching our goals. In the middle of the conversation, the student asked me if I had any goal which I think is impossible. I did! I dreamt about applying to Harvard from the time I started my teaching career. But I didn't believe I could achieve my dream. After the conversation, we both agreed that I should try. I came to conclusions even without trying and that's not fair. So, that's how it started. A session I planned for my students helped me reflect on my dreams and aspirations. I worked hard for these 9 months, I was committed to myself. Fast forward 9 months and I got my acceptance letter from the Harvard Graduate school of education.

Why can't you fund your education by yourself?
When we grow up, going to school seems ‘normal’ but the women in my life and girls I have met faced a lot of difficulties to attend school, with some not even getting the chance. Years before I was born, my mother was asked to quit school before she could complete her 10th grade and was married off to my father. My parents did not want the same to happen to us. While my whole paternal and maternal family put pressure on my parents that girls in the family should be married off by the age of 23, they insisted that my sister and I followed our dreams no matter what and they will be there to support us at every step. It was this push that helped me dream about Harvard. I come from a middle-class household where education is considered as the only means to uplift ourselves and the society around us.

Let me explain to you the Math: (me being a math teacher finally paid off, I guess!)
Harvard's estimate of the total student budget for masters in education is $85,426. With the current exchange rate, the student budget converts to around 63 lakhs! (yes, my heart sunk too after seeing these numbers)
I have already applied for financial aid from HARVARD. But even if I receive that, it will amount to $18000 which is around 13 Lakhs. 
I am trying to take a loan of 20 lakhs or around 27000$ to fund my education. That is the maximum I can afford to loan out as any amount more than that will leave me financial debts for years as I will be working in the social sector after I return from my masters.
That leaves us with around $40,000, which is 30 lakhs! (Whaaaaat!!!?, exactly that is what even I felt.)

While I am relentlessly applying to all the possible scholarships, I realized I have to still fundraise around 20 lakhs or around $27000 if I have to make my dream come true.

Why would you even plan on going even after doing all this math?
There are two main reasons for this:
1) MY UTTER FAITH IN HUMANITY!!!! Its been 4 wonderful years I have worked with NGOs and I have met some most amazing people who came forward to help my students and the schools I worked with. My faith in humanity just got stronger year by year. In the past, I have raised funds to conduct summer camps and lead the 365give project in my classroom. The number of people who came forward to help is just amazing. 20 lakhs may seem like a lot. But it can be achieved if 200 people donate 10,000 each or if 2000 people donate 1000 Rs each. In other terms, if 27 people donate $1000 each or 270 people donate $100 each. I understand the power of crowdfunding and the strength of people coming together to help someone.

2) Practice before you preach! Before I encourage every student of mine to work hard towards achieving their dreams, before I teach my kids to "Never give up" and before I teach my students about grit and perseverance, I think it is important that I learn to practice those in my life. The journey ahead of me is tough but I am not ready to give up. 

Moreover, my students deserve the best possible teacher and I have to equip myself with the best practices around the world and make sure these reach the most remote schools in India.

What will you do after getting the masters?
I have been involved in the education sector through volunteering and full time as a teacher for about 6 years and I will continue for the rest of my life. To maximize the impact my role has to deepen. Once I complete my masters, I see myself working with organizations that provide teacher training and curriculum development specific to Mathematics and work towards providing education to girls. My long-term goal is to start a boarding school in my hometown for girls from low-income backgrounds. The school will provide ample opportunities for these girls to pursue higher studies and become leaders in the careers they choose. I believe my experience at HGSE and working with organizations that work on gender equality in India will lead me to achieve my goal. 

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Breakdown of fee for Harvard Ed.M

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Please do Continue this work , that will give some inspiration to those people who wants to do this type of work for others but can't do bcz of hesitation . You are the one who is proving them that anything is possible 💗🤙😘.And ha please let me in if you are seeking for help and so more ....... ❤️

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