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Project Green Kurnool District to help farmers and to protect earth
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What is Green Districts Initiative is about?
 Green Districts Initiative is essentially a people’s movement. It is with the support of volunteers, educational institutions, business houses, and many other inspired individuals that we want to plant saplings to combat desertification and increase the green cover of our country by a target and district-based missions.
 We need to plant millions of trees to increase the green cover of India.
 Conduct awareness camps and events
 Interested people can be a part of our core team and become a permanent member.
 Volunteer and support in saplings distribution and planting.
 Campaign on social media about the effects of climate catastrophe.
 Motivate others to be a part of this initiative
 Become a fundraiser for the project.

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Why have we started this initiative?
 High temperatures(Kurnool highest temperatures  - 40 t0 45)
 Desertification
 Flooding (Kerala floods, Chennai floods, etc.)
 Uneven Rainfall( Rayalaseema received 40% less rainfall from 2017)
 Severe Droughts
 Deforestation
 Glaciers and snow cover are shrinking leading to sea level rise.
 Seas are warming, rising, and becoming more acidic killing marine species.
 Many animals and birds are moving to new locations
 Changes in the seasonal timing(rainy season shifted from June to July)
 Greenhouse gas emissions(CO2, CO, CH4, SO2, NO2, Etc.) from human activities will continue to affect Earth’s climate for decades and even centuries.

So, What will Green Districts initiative do?
 Our goal is to bring the country into 33% green cover(present it is 21.54% according to satellite data).
 There are 727 districts in India so if every district achieves 33% green cover, automatically India achieves 33% green cover.
 Even if it is a humungous task we should start somewhere. Governments do their part but it is also our responsibility to mitigate the Climate Catastrophe that we have done through our activities.
 So we want to start from Kurnool district(one of the severe drought regions of the country).
What are the most severe problems we are facing today?
1. Farmer’s Poverty
2. Nutrition in children and rural women
3. High Temperatures
4. Disturbances to bees, birds, monkeys, animals, etc.
5. Air Pollution
6. Underground Water Resources
Everything is interlinked to one another on this earth… Every living thing on this planet is getting food from only one source So We want to hit 6 targets with one bullet….

We will donate fruit trees to rural people to plant them in their homes or agricultural lands, after 5 years of caring…trees will start caring for them.
Which fruit trees we will plant?
1.Coconut trees
 2.Black plum( Neredu Pandu) trees
3.Custard Apple( Sitaphalam Pandu)
4.Mango trees
6.Guava(Jama Pandu) ETC.
These trees are chosen because they are most suitable to our soil, regional and can sustain high temperatures.

How do we help farmers?
We will give 4 fruit trees to each BPL(below poverty line)farmer family to plant them in their houses. 
 We will give a certificate of Appreciation and photo of a farmer and send it to the contributor(via mail if provided). 
 So           1 fruit tree =1.5 $ = 100 rupees( 80= plant cost,20= transport + initiative accessories + fruit seeds to sow on mountains) 
 This is a one-time investment. If farmers care for 5 years…then it will care them for a lifetime.
   So, one can donate as many trees as possible(we would recommend donating minimum of 4 trees  for a farmer family)
 For example -  coconut tree after 6 years of plantation gives at least 80 coconuts per year(1 coconut cost = 20 rs) then it gives 1600 rs per year.

Other target areas

Green School Event in Government schools
Process of an event
 After receiving funds we will conduct an event at the viable place, date and time to plant trees and seeds.
 We will buy fruit saplings from nurseries and seeds from stores.
 We will campaign for the event on social media(Kurnool related pages and groups) for the volunteers to participate in the event and also raise awareness to other citizens.

Humungous Task
 All this work involves an enormous amount of money and people. So we request to all people to feel responsible for the conservation of our mother nature with big concern and big hearts. Show your support by volunteering and economic contribution.
 Donate and support us to increase the green cover of India.
 Our motto is “KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT ACTION IS FUTILE ”.So please act and be your own hero.
 Nothing can beat the feeling of a “RESPONSIBLE ACT”. Don’t agree? Try it once

we will send the certificate of appreciation to the donors(pdf file) if you provide the complete name( yours or your family members).

Come, let's fight together to make India "HARITHA BHARATHAM"Lets together make india green again

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