To support for very poor nomad Girls education and healthy periods. | Milaap
To support for very poor nomad Girls education and healthy periods.
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The School Toilet Project. Why School Toilets?

Every Girl Deserves an Education, a girl is not a statistic or a piece of property. She's a child who deserves a future. Let's talk about Periods; Girls have to drop out of school, simply because they start having their periods and due to no toilets and bad toilets in the schools.

Having toilets and water is a basic necessity in schools; however, it is not available in many rural schools in Bharatpur Rajasthan! Due to this, children are irregular to school and eventually drop out. This campaign will help to build toilets and maintain them, and provide running and clean drinking water for school children in rural schools! The expected impact of the campaign is better health and improved school attendance and a reduction in school dropouts among the project villages.

A message from the Campaign founders, Ms. Usha & Monika.

During our child protection work in rural and vulnerable communities, we found that children are not safe in school as well, they are facing many unsafe issues in school toilets, it’s so often that school toilets are the cause of negative behavior. Students will often avoid going to the toilet because of the dirtiness, no doors, broken locks, soap is unavailable every time, mostly no electricity connections in toilets and somewhere lights don’t always work, unpleasant odors are around and all this combined suggests an unsafe environment. Young girls who drop out of school do so because the school hasn't got a basic toilet. Lack of toilets and water puts women and girls at risk of shame and a target for sexual assault. And many kinds of research have found that when students are avoiding school toilets they are often diagnosed with health problems. We found that all children are getting depressed and especially girls suffer a lot due to no toilets and bad toilets. Girls are mentally depressed themselves. Because of unsafe and dirty toilets, Girls are dropping out of school after seeing all this; we felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. What if there had been contacting numbers on the toilet door for Kids Helpline, I wondered, or an inspiring quote that spoke of hope? Might these simple things have made a difference? We decorate our school counselors’ offices in ways that we know will help elevate mood, yet we give no consideration to the one place we know upset students naturally gravitate to – the school toilets. At the moment, most school toilets are either sterile or covered in filth. We thought someone should do something about this; someone should encourage young people to redesign their toilets so they feel more welcome and nurtured. In doing so, teens would also be gaining incredible insights into how they can best self-soothe, and learning more about how design and the environment affect their mood. So we decided to be that someone!

We started by completing a 50 school toilets research paper (it’s riveting!) You may read the highlights on this page. We were absolutely stunned at what we discovered.
-In our research, we found that most of the toilets are closed. Not more than 1 seat in toilets, and a few badly damaged urinals for many students. No water fittings. No electrical fittings. No washbasin and no soap to wash hands. This leads to a long queue outside the toilet, and sometimes children need to resort to open defecation/ urination. It is even more challenging for the senior girls who, with the onset of puberty, have special sanitation requirements. Broken doors and a damaged roof do not provide them the privacy they need to manage their menstrual needs. We have to think as we found that there is an urgent need to reimagine school toilets.

We want to ensure that the school is a safe place to learn and grow. The first step in achieving our goal is renovating the government school toilet of the Banjara Communities (Nomad People). According to a UNICEF report, in India over two-thirds of girls studying in standard 8 and 9 skip school during their periods. This hampers their studies and eventually, one-third of these girls would drop out of school, thus harming their long-term prospects. We will work with the school authority and education committee to ensure the sustainability of this work so that this program will benefit 1431 students in Banjara community secondary school. Your donations will help us to make healthy, hygienic, 10 toilets in 5 schools (Separate toilets for girls and boys)
PROJECT DESCRIPTION for the toilets renovation. (The total estimated cost for the one toilet from start to completion to meet the standard obtainable is INR 50000-60000/-)
  • Excavation & Earthwork
  • Concrete Work
  • Block Work
  • Roof Structure
  • Doors & Windows
  • Finishing (tiles, lighting, borne hole, etc)
  • Painting Work
  • Toilet seats and fittings
  • Washbasin installation with hygiene products
  • Contingencies
We are also helping young girls manage their periods better (23 Million Women Drop out Of School Every Year When They Start Menstruating in India). Let’s talk about periods 🩸 project named “Proud to Bleed and pad a girl” It’s 2022 and gender equality is a relatively hot topic, but that sentence is still something that makes people feel uncomfortable. We are firm believers that we need to help break the silence, raise awareness, and change negative social norms surrounding menstrual hygiene around the world, so that women and girls feel empowered to manage their periods safely, hygienically, with confidence, and without embarrassment. We should live in a world where no woman or girl is limited by something as natural and normal as menstruating. The major objectives of this Campaign are:
  • To increase awareness among adolescent girls on Menstrual Hygiene
  • To increase access to and use of high-quality sanitary napkins for adolescent girls in rural areas.
  • To ensure safe disposal of Sanitary Napkins in an environmentally friendly manner.
 Make a donation to our Indian charity and you will help secure the education, care, and support of underprivileged Indian children in need. If you decide to donate to the India Charity today, we guarantee that 100% of the funds you give will support Indian children in desperate need of your help –

For enquires please call +91- 6367944907
or please send an email to:

Thank you so much as you donate to our project and join hands in fellowship with us in making a difference in our world.

Ms. Usha S & Monika

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