I am fundraising for my child Gauri's Bi-lateral cochlear implant procedure.

My 2 year old daughter Gauri has been diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss and has been advised for “Bi-lateral cochlear implant surgery”  to avoid complete deafness.

The Cost of Cochlear Implant is 25 Lacs and Surgery is 2.10 Lacs = Rs.27,10,000 (Twenty Seven Lacs Ten Thousand).

With my family support I have managed 5 lakhs and I am hoping to get 3 to 5 Lacs from mediclaim.

I have been trying to raise money through various means but I am finding it a very big challenge to arrange this huge amount.

Please come forward and help me in fund raising, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms you use.

Funds will be utilized for CI Implant and this surgery as the needed CI Implant is only lifeline left for my child.

Please find the documents from the hospital below
Bi Lateral CI Advice as per Dr. J. M. HANS
Cochlear Implant Invoice

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25th February 2016
Dear Supporters,
I am Boaz and I met Navin Parwani to know about the campaign he set up for his daughter. It is moving to see the pain and the efforts parents take for their kids, especially when they are sick. Gauri is 2 years, 5 months old now. I met Gauri’s father Navin in the HCL campus where he has worked for 13 years. It was where he told me about his struggle to restore his daughter’s hearing. It was tougher on his wife, Khyati, who took care of Gauri and her older brother the whole day. Navin has to attend to his job because he is the only breadwinner in the family.
It was in the play school that one of the teachers found out that Gauri could not hear properly. Gauri spoke only few words until she was two. Navin thought she might be learning slowly and it might take more time, but now realised it was due to difficulty in hearing.
Navin Parwani

Navin took Gauri to hospitals and saw that the problem was bigger than he had thought. He visited many doctors and instead of treatment, felt like he only got a sales pitch for expensive hearing aids. Through a long, painstaking search on the Internet, Navin equipped himself with basic knowledge of the problem. Cochlear implant was the only way, his little girl could hear again. Most doctors had a profitable tie-up with companies that provided the devise for the implant and were promoting them instead of providing the patients with options.
Navin’s health insurance was not much help because it required that the deafness be due to an incident rather than something she had from birth. This is a problem, because the cause of hearing impairment in someone so young is difficult to determine. It could be anything, travelling on a plane, a fall or even genetics.
He was referred to Dr Hans by few people and found that this doctor had immense experience and understanding in this field. He has decided to trust Gauri’s treatment in his capable hands. He is now even volunteering with the doctor to help other patients take better decisions.
Although Navin settled for a lesser version of the devise he needed, it still cost him Rs 22 lakhs. He has borrowed money to do this. He also paid for Gauri’s surgery and she is at present getting the therapy done thrice a week which adds up to Rs 50,000 for the entire year. Navin hopes Gauri will pick up speaking and listening properly and the devise would help her with it. Navin wants to recover some money with the campaign he made in Milaap.

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