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Support family of Harish Goyal (Sunny)
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We lost our dear friend Harish due to COVID in May. Harish was a highly respected member of the local society, a loving father of two young kids, a devoted husband, and a champion of social causes.

Harish's Life
Harish used to run a small business of trading garments. by the grace of God, he helped many families by providing small employment.

He was soft-spoken, a friend, a brother, a father, a son on whom you can always rely in the toughest situation.

He is the hero in the fight for equality. When his sister was diagnosed with a critical illness that requires dialysis twice a week, when her in-laws were not able to support the full the expense of the treatment, he stood beside her sister and promised to cover her expenses lifelong.

With his small income, he used to support a family of six. This includes his father and mother, his wife, one daughter, one son, and his sister. His parents are diabetic. His daughter is differently-abled for walking due to Cerebral Palsy. His sister is dependent on others for her every third-day dialysis need.
He wanted to make her daughter a strong independent woman, who is not afraid of facing society with her disabilities. He wanted to make her an entrepreneur.

His Story
Harish was an extremely cautious person when it comes to his family health. He followed the safety protocols very seriously. It was when one of his neighbours got seriously ill with Covid and was struggling for life. No one was helping him or taking him to the hospital. Sunny could not see his neighbour dying. He risked his health and aided the person in every feasible way. In this process, Sunny got infected.

Harish's infection was increasing when he was to Sanjay Gandhi hospital, where his health did not improve at all. He was dealing with insomnia, high fever, and shortness of breath. Even on the oxygen support, he was struggling with breathing.

His sister decided to put him in a private hospital. There he started showing improvement. However, after a week his health started deteriorating again. His sister was attending to him regularly and was helping him with food. After a continuous struggle of 20 days, sunny left us.

Current situation
His family is still in depression and grievance. Their eyes have not dried up with continuous tears. They are not able to accept such a fate for a dedicated human being. They are clueless about how to survive in future, how to help the girl live up to the dreams of his father.

Sunny was the only earning member of the family. Whatever the small amount, Harish had saved for the future education of the kids, was all used up in the treatment.

His wife, being the sole caregiver for the family, now faces the task of raising the children and taking care of the elder parents.

We have created this fundraiser to help with the upbringing and education of their two small children. Please spread the word and contribute generously to this noble cause.

Please help.

How much should I donate?
Any contribution is welcome.

How will the funds be used?
The funds will be used to pay school tuition for kids, school associated expenses, and the regular medical expenses of both parents. These will be maintained in a deposit (created for the exclusive benefit of the family) which will ensure some form of a monthly pay out for the family.

How much money are you targeting to raise?
We are targeting to raise ₹ 25 lakh. We’ve come up with this based on the current funds available to the family, their current pressing loans and the expected expenses to ensure the children can get a graduate education of their choice in a professional university.

We are hoping this amount will help them survive for at least three years. During this time, his wife intends to reskill herself and look for a suitable job.

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