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A short film to inspire India to solve unemployment & drug abuse
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Help Fable craft a story and make a film to inspire the citizens of India towards a solution to the rampant problems of unemployment and substance abuse.

The citizens’ response to the film will help us test a model of storytelling that can transform people’s thinking and actions, and can be deployed for social change at scale.

Tentative* story - This is the story of a mother in Punjab who is cynical of the system. Her son, the only child and a graduate, cannot find a job for himself and has to work on petty manual jobs to earn his livelihood. The son, shattered by the circumstances, begins abusing drugs. His family supports him to the extent possible but one day, after a family argument, asks him to leave the house. Will the mother lose her son, just like thousands of Punjabi youth who have lost their dreams, and lives, to drugs? Or will something happen that will transform the son’s life, and the cynicism of his mother into hope?

*Pending final audience research

- Summary -

Hi. We are Medhavin and Shivani, co-founders of Fable - a strategic storytelling company based in Delhi. We craft emotion-driven stories and bring them to life as films for humanity-centric causes and organizations, to inspire their audience to take action.

Before we founded Fable, Medhavin was a management consultant, an intern with former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, and studied management at IIM Calcutta and computer engineering at DCE. Shivani studied computer science at DTU (formerly DCE).

We are here to request your support in crafting stories and then making films to test our model of storytelling which we have developed with the objective of changing people’s societal behaviours.

Because better societal behaviour means a better world. For everyone.

Please watch our appeal film that brings this alive:

Watch film: https://fable-a-better-world.wistia.com/medias/aifkd4mgvu

In 2019, we used our storytelling model to craft a story to convince citizens that investment in our children through education is very important for our nation. Upon release, the story brought the audience to tears. As a consequence, the film went viral and garnered approx. a million views without spending a rupee on distribution.

There is evidence that the story inspired them towards better decisions, but more about it in the ‘Proof of concept’ section below.

Here’s the film we made:

However, we will need multiple such stories on issues of public interest, and careful analysis of the impact on a large audience (a state at the very least), to make conclusive judgments regarding whether these indeed transform people’s thinking and actions.

If successful, the storytelling model will be available for social organizations across the world to adopt.

We’re launching this crowdfunding campaign with the objective to raise INR 23,00,000 (USD 31,000) by October 31, 2021 for our next story to inspire the citizens of India towards a solution to the rampant problems of unemployment and substance abuse. This will help us have the film ready by January, 2022.

And lastly, here’s a small video of 3 families reacting to our film ‘Kal Ki Army’ that inspires us to believe that real change is possible. And with your help we can make this happen.

Watch video: https://fable-a-better-world.wistia.com/medias/wird9ujcqw

- Details -

The problem
People often make suboptimal or wrong societal decisions that lead to gratification in the short-term but become barriers in the path to a better life for them and others in the medium-long term.

Well-meaning citizens try to help them understand with sound logic and rationale, but in vain.

This is especially true for the masses at the bottom of the pyramid.

Root cause analysis
Research has revealed that people’s behaviours are a result of years of conditioning, stereotypes, and fears. Their actions are driven largely by emotion, not reason.

The solution
Counter emotion with emotion.

Changing people’s behaviours requires overwhelming them with a different emotion - one that they will feel as a consequence of adopting a different behaviour.

This is where stories and films come in. These bring alive the post behaviour change world and help people feel what their lives would be in that world. Change becomes tangible and personal.

It is then that stereotypes and fears crumble, and the formation of new beliefs and convictions begins.

The result - new behaviours.

Secondary challenge and solution
While good stories and films have been made for many years now, an associated challenge is distribution - how will the films reach the audience?

The audience is large and scattered. Advertising at this scale is prohibitively expensive, and most organizations which champion change have limited resources.

This is where emotion helps again - stories that connect with their audience at a deep emotional level are shared widely by them, on their own. Word of mouth drives them viral.

Annexure A (at the bottom of this page) lists five Indian films that harnessed the power of emotions to garner multi million views. A couple of these even went beyond the 200M views mark!

Proof of concept
In 2019, we crafted a story of a father and his son to persuade the masses that investing in our children through education, à la the education reforms in Delhi, is important for our country. The project was largely self-funded.

Here’s the film we made:

Watch film: https://fable-a-better-world.wistia.com/medias/z2xriuds4w

Upon release, the film went viral and garnered approx. a million views without spending a rupee on distribution. And it brought the audience to tears.

Please refer to:
Annexure B for film statistics,
Annexure C for the film sponsor’s thoughts about the film’s performance (video available),
and Annexure D for select audience comments. (all at the bottom of this page)

We also conducted three comprehensive field tests to understand the impact on the audience in more detail. Here are the results:

*Interpretation of answer

Please refer to Annexure E for the field tests (videos available, at the bottom of this page).

What next?
After the success of ‘Kal Ki Army’, we would like to deploy our storytelling model to craft stories around multiple issues of public interest. This will help validate our model.

These issues are:
1. Education reforms
2. Healthcare reforms
3. Employment generation
4. Agrarian productivity
5. Drug abuse
6. Law and order
7. Women empowerment

The first story will be around the issues of employment and rehabilitation of victims of drug abuse in Punjab.

Punjab has one of the highest unemployment rates amongst India’s states. This has resulted in widespread substance abuse by the disillusioned youth, and suffering for their families.

The story will address this issue and inspire people towards a potential solution. A story of hope.

How can you help?
Films are substantial undertakings and therefore expensive. A fast-paced 3-8 minute film that can genuinely move the audience and has the potential to go viral can cost anything between a few lacs and a few crores.

In our experience, if we use the indie filmmaking approach (small crews, limited gear - resulting in lower production quality but not at the expense of the story), an average well-made film can be made in the range of INR 10 - 25 lakh + 18% GST. Travel outside the base location is additional and as per actuals.

While the actual budget depends on the elements in the script (actors, locations, sets, props, no. of filming days, etc.) and is available towards the middle of a project, we’re launching this crowdfunding campaign with the objective to raise INR 19.5 lakh + 18% GST (INR 23 lakh or USD 31,000) by October 31, 2021. This will help us have the film ready by January, 2022.

We are currently raising the average of the range plus an additional amount that will offset the travel, boarding, and lodging in Punjab as well as the payment gateway charges of the crowdfunding platform.

A detailed line item wise budget will be made available once we have the numbers. If the budget is less than the amount we raise, we will use the balance for the next such film. If the budget is more than the amount we raise, we will come back with a stretch goal. The eventual objective is to make a story that will truly touch people and inspire them to take action in the interest of a better life.

With your help, we can make this possible. Thank you.

- Medhavin & Shivani

- Annexures -

Annexure A - Five Indian films that harnessed emotions and went viral

1. Samsung India Service (SVC) | We’ll take care of you, wherever you are. [211.6M+ views]
Watch film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=779KwjAYTeQ

2. Google | Reunion [15.9M+ views]
Watch film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHGDN9-oFJE

3. Google | The Hero - A Bollywood Story [7M+ views]
Watch film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqEpuifLI8

4. Hyundai | Celebrating 20 Years of Brilliant Moments [223M+ views]
Watch film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSZ4h7YSGnQ

5. Facebook | More Together - Pooja Didi [48.7M+ views]
Watch film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXaeeqfHNHQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w63uEIOK_kg

Annexure B - Performance of Kal Ki Army: Statistics

Annexure C - Performance of Kal Ki Army: Film sponsor’s thoughts

Abhishek Gupta, Advisor to Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of Delhi, and the sponsor of the film, shares his thoughts about the film’s performance:

Watch video: https://the-pursuit-of-tears-with-abhishek-gupta.wistia.com/medias/w6xpx7d8hl?wtime=38ms7

Key extracts:

“So as I started showing the film to people, people clearly saw, you know, the transformation that happens. People clearly saw that this father represented the Delhi’s population that is getting positively impacted by the changes that are happening in education. So the, the narrative moved from, from just numbers of how many schools have you transformed, how many toilets have been made, to the real impact on the family. Right? And they could see that immediately that this is how it, and, and everyone was like, we haven't seen this before, in the film.” @31m 45s

“And I think, to a large extent, I can say that at the end now that a year and more has passed, this is probably one of the most shared films on our platform. The film has been probably watched almost by 700,000 people. The film, I think, is one of our most watched films so far with more than 15,000 shares, more than 35,000 likes, and still going strong.” @40m 04s

Annexure D - Performance of Kal Ki Army: Select audience comments

Annexure E - Field tests

*Interpretation of answer

Summary of Field Test #1 - Ashok & Shikha Mittal
Watch video: https://a-better-world-field-tests-summaries.wistia.com/medias/c7pkhswkl8

Summary of Field Test #2 - Lata & Neelam Rawat
Watch video: https://a-better-world-field-tests-summaries.wistia.com/medias/0y9q7ecjqf

Summary of Field Test #3 - Ajay & Meena Yadav
Watch video: https://a-better-world-field-tests-summaries.wistia.com/medias/k81dunbqa2

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