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IMPORTANT: If you plan on making a donation, please connect with me personally first! Thanks!

My name is Eureka and there is an exciting (un)learning adventure awaiting me in November this year!

A bit about me

I graduated in Architecture in 2012 and for 3+ years thereafter I practiced in an established architectural firm in Goa. At some point, I started to feel an intuitive urge to explore architecture and design that was more socially and environmentally aligned. This led me to venture into a personal journey around the country to experience on-ground issues and initiatives. Almost a year into my travels, I found Project Potential - a grassroots organisation in Bihar, but more importantly a group of people with a far vision and drive to take action regardless of challenges!
Since then, together with my awesome teammates, we co-founded the vision for eArthshala - a space for rural youth to explore sustainable living and be involved in creative and transformational experiences in an environment free from judgement.

I look forward to a world, where the complex challenges and solutions to climate action is discussed in common parley and not limited to global conventions. Where the fight for respect and dignity, is a thing of the past - invalidated by the abundance in natural resources, opportunities, and social happiness. I also dream of a social environment, where the rural-urban variation is merely one of differences in culture, and not of opportunities; where urban communities are more in tune with our earthy connections and rural communities are powerhouse contributors to global solutions and the human story!

To know more about my work and what drives me:

The opportunity that awaits me

I’ve been accepted and offered a 50% scholarship to be part of the UnSchool Fellowship. The fellowship brings together a cohort of 16 driven changemakers from diverse experiences in a “7-day immersive brain-activating adventure”. The aim of the fellowship is to empower us with tools, techniques and knowledge to catapult our impact journeys, amidst a nurturing community of local and global movers-and-shakers in the space of design, systems and sustainability.

We will be engaging in aspects such as environmental and sustainable design, food production, waste prevention, social change strategies, leadership and gamification - a powerful way to convert hard concepts into fun games!

Why I chose the UnSchool Fellowship?

What we hope to achieve for rural India, does not have a precedence I’m aware of. On one hand, it cannot afford the luxury to catch up on its own pace, and on the other, inorganic growth can be disastrous for any community. And so, doing something and doing it right is the only scope we have. Our vision, to build rural leadership from the inside out, requires an influx of thinking tools and model at a depth and sensitivity to local context like no other.

My three years on the ground has been about creating products, spaces and systems to motivate individuals toward an environmentally conscious lifestyle. I scavenge for resources, put on my ‘choice architect’ hat and try to creatively nurture a team toward environmentally rejuvenating practices and initiatives. This means, I’m constantly striving toward bettering myself in behavioural observations, questioning and unraveling local strengths and bursting my own confirmation biases.

I've seen firsthand, how each of us can individually contribute toward climate action and a healthier community! In the next phase of my life, I see myself contributing to behavioral change at a larger scale - in the public realm. This requires sensitivity to local context, technical know-how and an influx of thinking tools and models for skillful facilitation.

I look at the UnSchool Fellowship, not just as a rich learning experience but as one, critical for my cognitive and leadership growth, and a key contributor toward the quality of my future social impact. It would be an incredibly special gift towards my vision for our shared environment!

More about the organizers:
  • The UnSchool (based in New York) is a leading organization in experiential learning programs for a sustainable and regenerative future
  • Its Founder Leyla Acaroglu has received the UN Environmental Program's highest honour for science and innovation: 2016 'Champion of the Earth', for her work as an influencer
  • Leyla's approach can be understood succinctly in this popular TED talk on sustainability and circular economy

Your support

The fellowship is between 17-23 November 2019, at Kuching, Malaysia. My belief in all of the above has compelled me to choose to invest in this experience. Despite working partially pro-bono for the past three years, I’m willing to invest my savings to go there. If you’d like to support my journey (fellowship and impact beyond), please read on.

Cost breakdown
IMPORTANT: If you plan on making a donation, please connect with me personally first! Thanks!

The following is my cost breakdown for the fellowship. The amount in red is what I hope to raise through this campaign:Gratitude rewards
In appreciation of your support, I’d like to share some rewards in exchange:

Sample of sketches (6x8”)

Examples of conceptual drawings

Closing Note

If instead, you’d like to contribute to our work at Project Potential and eArthshala directly, please connect with me.

Regardless of your contribution, I invite anyone to reach out to me for any conversation, support or networking in this space. I’m eager to exchange notes and learn from your experience and personal journey today - toward a sustainable and regenerative tomorrow!

My wholehearted Thank You!!

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