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It will take Few minutes but for the future We request you to read all the facts till the end and act accordingly, We are a group of friends trying to fight the global climate crisis and we alone can not do that we need your help we need everyone's help "For our better future" We all can make a step and can change the cause

CO2 increasing GHG emission rise in the earth temperature
Approx 500 animal species got extinct in the past century and 650 plant species got extinct in the past 200 years
It's a mass extinction i.e. the sixth biggest Mass extinction named as Holocene extinction
Same as this there was one where 90% of the earth's species died which was millions of years ago which was due to increase in CO2
The global temperature has rose by 1 degree from 1910 and it's unstoppable , we have damaged the earth so much the 50% rise in the CO2 concentration has been in the last 30 years after industrialization
Due to this coral reefs which is the home to 25% of the ocean species are getting extinct and the economy will be affected too due to climate change , we can see droughts in some parts and excessive rainfall in some parts causing ecological disbalance leading to harming the agriculture and some of the metro cities temperature have risen a lot
If we talk about India it's estimated that in best case scenario the average temperature will rise by 2.5 degree Celsius and in worse case it will rise 8.5 degree , in 2015 the UN made the Paris accord according to which the global temperature can not rise above 2 degree Celsius and that means every country should keep strictness on the amount of CO2 emitted by the particular China is using solar energy
Africa using solar energy as Fossil fuels and coals are used to generate electricity which causes a huge amount of CO2 emission which leads in high temperature it is expected that the sea level will rise about 6 metres by the end of the century and most affected countries will be the south Asian and south east Asian countries
Glaciers are melting species are dieing wildfires the fresh lake water is disappearing day by day the Chad lake had 10000 km2 water 30 years ago which has reduced to 1290 km2 which is a great decrease nd the people who totally depend on these have to suffer due to increase in global temperature lots of field workers will stop working and people will start getting diseases due to rise in temperature by 2050 it's estimated that Indian cities will not be able to survive , floods , hurricanes , natural disaters all are due to climate change the sea water is getting hot due to which coral reef is getting extinct and sea plants supply a huge amount of oxygen which will start getting low and the oceans are getting acidic by excessive amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and which will cause the destruction of the sea plants Earth gets 173000 terra watt and 71% of it is absorbed rest reflected back and this energy is equivalent to 400000 Hiroshima bombs and this 71 % is absorbed due to the high level of CO2 , before industrialization the concentration of CO2 in PPM was 360 now it's 410 which is a great hike we have tk bring it down , it's very expensive project doing everything can also be less it should be done by everyone single entities cannot make change we have to adapt we have to test ourselves and get out of comfort zones
It is estimated that 1 in 6 species will get extinct by the end of this century 2015-2019 warmest years ever recorded , Arctic warming the northern ice is disappearing Greenland ice had lost 3.8 trillion tons of ice between 1992 and 2018 , CO2 rise ice sheet melt planet darker more heat ocean water warms releases CO2 more warming
The rich who have affected the most will be affected less and the poor who have affected the least will be affected the most
Humans are so powerful that they have changed the entire scenario of climate so they can also rebuilt the climate change crisis back and we have to act now if we wait another 10 years it will be much expensive or merely impossible to change what we have done we will have to reduce 15% of energy consumption to get back to normal which is enormous ,
It will cost 130 trillion dollars , solar plant over the Sahara desert can provide us that much energy which the entire world can use ,
We all are relying on fossils and we are extracting fossils at a very enormous rate leading to a catastrophe
Mumbai Delhi these city have seen great change in the temperature as it's rising , India and the south east Asian or south Asian countries will be the most affected , coastal areas will be vanished as 40% of the total population lives near by costal areas they will have to shift , we will have less land and more population , economic crisis estimated that 10% GDP will decrease of India till the year 2050 due to climate change
A misconception is made that climate change is an activity very slow and of many generations but a single generation has damaged as much the entire humanity has damaged ,
End of the century temperature will rise by 4 degree
Half food double war
Cement second largest carbon emitter
Cities with 10 , 20 million population will not be able to get out of there houses without getting impacted due to heatstroke
2015 to 2019 hottest 5 years 2016 on top
Average sea level around the world rose about 8 inches (20 cm) in the past 100 years
The productivity of rice, the staple food of more than one third of the world’s population, declines 10% with every 1° C increase in temperature

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