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Help with treating Jimmy the dog that had a bone stuck and slit his throat.
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Jimmy, the dog was rescued on 19thFeb2018 after a call from his pet parents reporting that he  has not been eating much and is crying in pain. Once rescued he was taken to a veterinarian who suspected a "probable bone stuck in throat."  An x-ray was ordered and the vet confirmed that there is a bone stuck in his throat. He also said that the surgery is secondary as manual augmentation will solve it, if the bone is pushed down the throat to his stomach and did the same.
We all were very happy to hear the "no-surgery needed" advise.  Little did we know or realise and really wish we knew, that Jimmy is being pushed into an extremely life threating painful situation.
Alas! The vet said that bone was pushed down to his stomach and nothing to worry at all , contended, grateful and  happy, Jimmy was dropped back at his home.
On 25th Feb 2018 We got a call from Jimmy's pet parent who is a daily wage bread winner of the family (auto driver) ,worried and anxious about jimmy coughing blood, Crying and howling in pain all night & day, not eating much since last 3-4 days  and  now he has refrained from drinking even water. One of the animal rescue volunteer (individual) again took Jimmy for a recheck.
To our horror came a news, a news that sent a chill down our spine.
The vet said that the bone is lodged to his throat and has slit cut open his throat from the inside. Much more trembling was the "only" solution, a need of the hour, advise.
" Jimmy has to be taken in for an emergency life saving surgery which is a very risky one, there are bleek chances for him to make it out of the operation theatre,  and if things go well and operation is succesful, he would need a special care until his wound heals and he would need Intravenous antibiotics and Intravenous fluids, intravenous pain killers, daily sterile wound dressing for 2-3 weeks minimum depending on how quick his wound closes and heals.
 Total parental nutritional feeds (ID puppy or dog feed) 2-3 feeds a day for a time period varying from 1-2months minimum , which may extend depending on how quick he would be allowed to slowly start eating by mouth.
All of this has to be religiously followed with persistence for Jimmy to not succumb to reduce the chances of secondary complications.
Jimmy's parents broke burst into loud cries hearing to this.
With great courage and support the consent for Jimmy's surgery was given.
Jimmy underwent a lifesaving emergency surgery to dislodge the bone and reconnect the torn tissues in 25th Feb 2018, the very same day. His blood tests are to be performed every week to keep a check on his  liver and kidneys profiles as he would be on pain medications and other special tests if any, advised by the attending veterinarian.
A feeding tube has been connected direct to his throat to aid parenteral nutritional feed. So that the ID food can be directly pushed down to his stomach.
 He is now at HAWT- Haven Animal Welfare Trust in Bangalore, hoskote.
In all this ailment, diagnosis, treatment and surgery and concerns going on, I can not even gather the courage to imagine the hell Jimmy- the voiceless soul had been through tolerating the stabbing pian for 7 days straight.
Jimmy needs our support. He needs us to get back to his pet parents healed, happy and healthy.
His post surgery care and treatment costs starts from Rs  22000 and soar up toRs 36,000 if he fights through this.
It's hard to even make a rough calculation for the kind of care he needs, which may vary on a daily basis as per his progress.
I have tried to put a break up which might prove sufficient or (god forbidden)miniscule.
ID dog/puppy feed costs Rs.~200/156gm package= Jimmy needs atleast two feeds a day and for an adult dog of his built the 156 gms pack will go for 3feeds.
ID feed- 20*200= 4000/month
 Rs 12000 for three months
Lab invetigations- Rs- 700-1500/-every week* 6weeks=  9000
Dressing costs including dressing materials, antibiotic solution and ointment- Rs-400/- per day * 14 days= 6400
Injection antibiotics, injection painkillers, injection saline drips costs 600/- per day for 7-14days=8400.
A total of 36000 + is the expected expense.
All the above mentioned calculations are as per  stipulated period of  2- 3months as applicable to aid jimmy have a good immunity in order to avoid interference in his recovery. To avoid complication such as a severe infection and a favour good healing.
Will update Jimmy's progress on a regular basis.
Thanks for the prayers.

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