Support 'AaKanKsha' in promoting Digital Education in Rural India

I would like to support "Digital AaSha" project of AaKanKsha VFABS. My love towards my country lies in my wish to make the dreams of 600+ rural students of India come true.

'Digital Aasha' is the project of AaKanKsha VFABS, an NGO striving to promote quality education for the less privileged kids of India, under which around 600+ kids of Rural India will be provided with functional digital literacy.

These 600+ kids are from the government run schools which lack the basic facilities to help those kids realize their dreams of availing access to the digital education.

Digital Aasha is an unique project which aims at digital empowerment of the students as well as teachers with functional digital literacy. Under this project students will be provided with the digital education with the state of the art functional digital lab as well as digital content that would be tuned according to the academic syllabus.

In the later phases, this project aims to fight the teacher shortage in the rural government run schools by connecting the urban based volunteers to those schools via internet tools like skype.

The genesis of the project lies in efficient resource utilization. Government of Andhra Pradesh had invested heavily in promoting e-literacy, in 2008, in rural government schools. But the very basic nature of utter disregard towards the public assets made the infrastructure eat dust as the government ended its budgetary allocation from 2011.

"Digital AaSha" would like to get the installed infra functional with few repairs and modifications and give the benefit of digital education to those million minds in rural government schools.

Action Steps of the project include -

1. Getting the minor repairs to the computers.
2. Buying new computers where there is shortage of PCs.
3. Restoring the power connection to schools as well as provide power backup
4. Preparing/Collecting the digital content in vernacular medium for the benefit of the school students.
5. Appointing the full time/part time Computer Tutor to train the students as well as the teachers on the functional digital literacy.
6. In the later phases, to connect urban volunteers with the school students via Skype and other internet tools.
7. Providing the fully equipped schools with digital tools like LED TV and Projector for the fuller utilization of the lab and digital content.

It is expected that it may cost around Rs.1Lakh to Rs.1.25Lakhs per school for two complete academic years.

I could see "Digital Aasha" would be a revolutionary idea in filling the gaps persisting in the rural government schools. 
This Project File gives the complete details of 'DIGITAL AASHA'.
This Project File gives the complete details of 'DIGITAL AASHA'.
Project Requirement are clearly depicted in this poster
Project Requirement are clearly depicted in this poster
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24th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Summer Camp - 2018

The concept of summer camp has been urban centric for a very long period. Lack of public spaces and busy dual working families led to mushrooming of organizations running summer camps based on certain amount of fee per student.

Off late, some charity organizations started running free summer camps with the support of some media houses.

Whatever be the way, they have been helpful for students to involve in extra academic activities in the summer. They are helping students come together and bring our their extra hidden talents.

Trained teachers in art, calligraphy, crafts, music, dance etc are helping urban kids hone their talents and keeping these urban based students a step ahead.

This has been a privilege that many rural students could not afford. They have been spending their summer vacation in their own ways like swimming in ponds, Wells, visiting relatives etc in olden days. But now a days it's the mobile gadgets and TV that has occupied the time of the rural  students in their summer holidays. Extreme summers, dried up wells and distress migration of rural communities are making the students loose an opportunity to effectively use their summer vacation.

So, for the second time in a row, AaKanKsha is conducting a summer camp in our project village THIMMANAYUNIPETA, KOLIMIGUNDLA MANDAL, KURNOOL DISTRICT.

Last year, we have experimented with a computer course for around twenty students.

This year, along with our V25 Learning center students, we have been running a summer camp where students are being shown or being encouraged to try their hands on science experiments that their academic courses entails. Schools are lacking labs and so experiments are least encouraged. So, we thought of trying them at our learning center.

Apart from science experiments, we are teaching them art and crafts based on YouTube videos.

I think, this is the first time that students here are doing experiments and making some crafts.

They are not afraid of failure in the experiment, but curious to learn by experimentation.

Pic -  fun games in the evening.

Pic - different age groups of students involved in different activities.

Pic -  create crafts and some fun in between.

Pic - we work in teams.

They are curious to learn new things from YouTube and make the crafts on their own hands.

Thanks to our Project Digital AaSha, which helped us deploy some digital tools in our rural school to learn new things.
Thanks to our Project V25, which brought some young inquisitive minds to a place and build a community of change makers.

Thanks to all our donors and supporters with out whose support this may not be possible.

Their schools reopen in second week of June and our summer camp my end by the end of this month.
We plan to take our students on an entertainment trip in the first week of June if everything goes fine.

Team - Aakanksha Vfabs.

19th August 2017
Dear Friends,

I would like to update you that we are conducting Launch Trials of Project Digital AaSha in one more government school - ZPHS, Chintalayapalle Village, Kurnool district.

Pic1 - Tutor speaking to girl stduents

Pic2 - Tutor with the students

Pic3 - Students hearing to the instructor.

This would be our second school under this project. This particular school is filled with 120+ students whose parents are mainly daily wage earners.

Digital AaSha will help these rural students access to digital tools to enhance their learning efforts. This project will help us better utilize the existing government resources with minimum possible financial and physical efforts. This project also helps us in utilizing the digital projector in a better way than ever. Digital Projector was contributed by the local villager. Project Digital AaSha would become the final step to make this school completely smart augmenting the efforts of the teachers to improve the skills and learning outcomes of the students of a very remote village in Kurnool district.

Your contribution will surely bring a positive change in the learning outcomes of the students of this school.

Thanks for your contribution and patience. We hope to fulfill every promise we made while launching this project.

V Sai Vamsi Vardhan,
Founder and First Volunteer,
AaKanKsha VFABS.
18th May 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thanks to all for your hearty contributions.

I would like to introduce our team which has been actively involved in getting this project run effectively.

Rajesh, Vinay, Zakeer, Muniswamy, Pravallika and Shahin from the left most person in the picture.

I would like to update you on this project's reach and utility to the rural students.

Summer vacation started from the last week of april and the school was shutdown officially. But on our request, school principal allowed us to run a summer camp to provide the basic computer skills to the rural youth who are not the students of the school now.

Our summer camp in this Digital Lab is providing the digital education to students who are now pursuing 11th, 12th, Degree courses as well as girls who dropped their studies after their 10th class.

Right now we have around 30 students enrolled (in two batches) in this summer camp and are attending the class and lab regularly.

You can see our Governing Board Member Mr. Vinay Kumar inspecting the summer camp and suggesting ways to improve the utility of the lab.

This effective utilization of available resources could not have been possible with out your support - financial as well as moral.

Thanks once again.

Please spread the word and help us extend this project to few more schools in the rural areas. Keep supporting.

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